Applying as an Actor

The Unified General Auditions showcase the best talent Seattle has to offer. While actors of varying degrees of experience are welcome to apply, TPS gives prority to experienced and veteran actors. We feel strongly that inexperienced and unprepared actors will not benefit (and may even be discouraged) by attending these auditions.

Eligibility Requirements

Consult the table below to see if you are eligible to apply for the Unified General Auditions.

The Actor Application Process


  AEA/EMC Non-Union Veteran Non-Union new
Definition Actor in good standing as AEA member, or Equity Member Candidate (EMC)

Actor with 4 or more professional stage credits

-OR- Actor who participated in 2012 or 2013 UGA and did not go over time

Actor with less than 4 stage credits
Costs 2014 TPS Individual Membership
$15 printing fee
2014 TPS Individual Membership
$15 printing fee
2014 TPS Individual Membership
$15 printing fee
Audition Dates Monday, March 10
(Other dates available on request) 10am-5pm
Tues-Thurs March 11-13 10am-5pm
Tues-Thurs March 11-13 10am-5pm
Audition Dates (Musical) Monday, March 10 2-5pm
(Other dates available on request)
Tues-Thurs March 11-13, 2-5pm
Tues-Thurs March 11-13, 2-5pm
Audition Dates (Youth) Monday, March 10
(Other dates available on request)
Thurs March 13, 2-5pm Thurs March 13, 2-5pm
Audition Time Limit 3 minutes 2 minutes 2 minutes

Priority Registration 

Union, EMC and non-union with 4 or more stage credits receive first priority when scheduling auditions.  Scheduling for these categories begin on February 3.  Actors will be able to choose their time online.


If you are non-union and have less than 4 professional stage credits and did not attend the General Auditions in the last 2 years or went over your alotted time, you will be accepted based on availability of timeslots.  There will be no pre-screening.




  • There are limited spaces available for youth and student actors (see table above.) Appointments outside of that time frame will only be made if spots are still available after all eligible adults have been scheduled.
  • Our schedule is packed tight and any unavailable dates or times can impact your chances of getting a spot.
  • Those on the waiting list will have the option to remain on the waiting list until the day of the auditions. If so, you must pay the $15 fee to have your headshot/resume printed into the auditor packets. Cancelations often happen up to the last minute so keep your schedule open!

In order to accomodate as many schedules as possible, we do not begin the scheduling process until after the application due date. (Feb 3, 2014)

Headshots and Resumes

A headshot and resume must be uploaded to your online profile by Feb 17, 2014. You will not need to bring any with you to the audition as each auditor will receive a packet containing every actor's headshot and resume.