Theatre Puget Sound Unified General Auditions

About the General Auditions

Since 1999, The Theatre Puget Sound Unified General Auditions are once-a-year regional auditions, well attended by Auditors from across the Northwest region and both Union and non-Union actors from all over the United States. Last year featured organizations large and small, musical and non-musical, with a majority of auditors theatre and also a few film agents/directors. 

In 2011, The General Auditions 390 Auditioners and 55 Auditors from around the Puget Sound area.

How it Works

The Actor Application Process


Eligibility rules

  • Held at TPS' Theatre4 (4th floor of the Seattle Center Armory)
  • Headshots and resumes are submitted digitally and given to each auditor in packet form



Auditors representing all types of theatre and film are invited to attend.

  • Auditors receive a printed packet (along with a data CD) of all headshots and resumes, along with a "production packet" of technical resumes
  • Teachers and schools are welcome to attend, but will not be allowed to contact actors who choose to opt out of receiving solicitation