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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


TPS Space is for Arts Use ONLY. The use must be of an Artistic nature or a meeting in the support of an Artistic organization. If you have questions regarding this policy, or any others contained in this agreement, please contact

1. DEFINITIONS This agreement covers space managed by Theatre Puget Sound at The Armory (formerly Center House) located at 305 Harrison Street, Seattle Washington 98109. Spaces include (but are not limited to) the Center Theatre, the Black Box, the Conference Room, Studio B, Studio C, Studio D, Studio E, Studio G, Theatre4 and Studio I. Hereafter, the two parties in this agreement shall be referred to as "TPS" (Theatre Puget Sound) and "CLIENT" (any group or individual booking space from TPS).

2. RESPONSIBILITIES Failure to perform any of the actions listed could result in (a) monetary fines (b) the release of any remaining booked space, and (c) the loss of future booking privileges.
At the end of each booked period (period = each day) CLIENT agrees to the following:

  • Remove all props, set pieces, and other outside equipment (unless previous arrangements have been made with TPS staff.)
  • Remove all trash.
  • Sweep floors and perform any other cleaning necessary - leave room exactly as it was found.
  • Close all windows and turn off any lights.
  • Leave the door UNLOCKED (Except Theatre4.)
  • Place all tables, chairs, rehearsal cubes, screens, chalkboards, music stands, or other equipment found in the room against the walls in an orderly fashion.
  • Do NOT remove any chairs, tables, or other equipment from the room or place any chairs, tables, or other equipment from any other location into the room (unless previous arrangements have been made with TPS staff.)
  • SIGNS: CLIENT may install temporary signs in the hallways and rooms of The Armory containing information including, without limitation, program information, special announcements and way-finding. Temporary signs shall not be affixed to painted surfaces with tape. CLIENT may not display, post or distribute ANY material (including posters) on any part of the Seattle Center excluding the interior premises that are not visible from the exterior.

3. MARKING FLOORS Tape for marking purposes may only be placed on the floors with prior permission from TPS. Only spike tape is to be used on the floors. No masking tape or any other type of tape is allowed. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in additional fees assessed and may result in the loss of future booking privileges. Tape placed on the floors must be removed at the end of each rehearsal period (unless previous arrangements have been made with TPS staff.)

4. ARMORY RULES Groups or individuals booking space from TPS agree to the following list of rules set forth by the Seattle Center for occupants of The Armory (formerly Center House). Failure to adhere to any of the policies listed below may result in possible fines or other disciplinary actions as set forth by Seattle Center Security.

  • No bicycles are allowed inside. (For your convenience, bicycle racks are located in front of the first floor, north side entrance and at various other locations on the Seattle Center grounds.)
  • No animals (with the exception of licensed service animals) are allowed inside.
  • No smoking is allowed inside.
  • All occupants leaving the premises after 9:30pm agree to exit The Armory through the first floor, north side exit.
  • FIREARMS POLICY (Rev. Jan 2010) All occupants, except for law enforcement and on-duty security personnel, are prohibited from possessing firearms on Seattle Center grounds.

No rehearsals, meetings, auditions, or other group activities are allowed in any spaces outside of the space rented. This includes (but is not limited to) hallways, stairwells, or the food court area.

6. BOOKING TIME PERIODS Minimum booking time is one (1) hour. Booking times may be booked starting and ending on the hour and half-hour only.

7. UNUSED BOOKED TIME TPS does not issue credit or refunds for any unused booked time.

8. NO SHOW POLICY CLIENT is financially responsible for all booking fees regardless of whether or not CLIENT made use of booked space.

9. ADDITIONAL ROOM USAGE FEES TPS reserves the right to assess additional room usage fees for non-compliance with any of the terms in this booking agreement.

10. REFUSAL OF SERVICE TPS reserves the right to cancel any reservation and refuse admittance to any individual or organization.

11. TPS reserves the right to reassign rooms without notice.

12. ACCESS TO BOOKED SPACE There is NO early access allowed and you must complete all the duties listed in Section 2 (RESPONSIBILITIES) of this agreement and completely vacate the booked space by the end time stated on the invoice. You must book any needed set-up and tear down/clean-up time.

13. CANCELLATION POLICY Cancellation of booked space must be made at least seven (7) days prior to the date of booking. For cancellations made with LESS than seven (7) days advance notice CLIENT is financially responsible for all fees. For cancellations made with seven (7) days notice or more, a credit will be issued on the account.

14. FINANCIAL TERMS Payments are accepted in the form of check, cash, credit card, money order, or PayPal.

  • Payment is due at least SEVEN days PRIOR to the first date reserved.
  • Bookings totaling $250 or more are required to pay a 20% deposit to reserve the space. Deposits are Non-Refundable even in the event the entire booking is cancelled.
  • Rehearsal Booking is $10-$12/hour
  • Class Booking (events for which participants are charged a fee) is $15 - $17/hour
  • A $25 fee will be added to accounts with a check returned for non sufficient funds.
  • Unscheduled Access Fee (IE Occupation in TPS Space NOT properly scheduled with TPS): $50 AND revocation of future space use privileges.
  • A cleaning fee can be assessed to studios, if not properly cleaned at end of client's use. Fees include: A flat rate of $10/studio affected, $12.50/half hour that TPS cleans, and a $5/group directly affected (this fee goes to the clients who use the studios after you.)
  • A fee may be assessed for any damage done to the interior & exterior of the studio spaces, assets or supplies. Fees will be determined based on repair needs. Immediate communication is needed to determine liability and potential fee.

15. GRIEVANCE POLICY All invoices must be paid by the due date specified. If there is a portion of the invoice which a client is disputing, they must: pay the portion of the invoice not in dispute by the due date specified; include with payment a narrative explanation of the portion they dispute and why; and agree to an in-person meeting with TPS staff within two weeks of written notification of disputed portion and suggest possible meeting times. The client will be notified by the TPS Office of a meeting time to discuss the dispute. If a resolution with TPS staff cannot be reached, the client will agree to mediation with the TPS Board of Directors Executive Committee. If the client does not agree to a resolution with the TPS Board of Directors Executive Committee, TPS will send the disputed amount plus any applicable fees to collections.

16. FIRE SAFETY CLIENT shall ensure all pertinent fire regulations are followed and shall keep all fire exits accessible at all times. CLIENT shall not, nor permit others to, bring to or keep in the premises of the Seattle Center anything therein which will in any way increase the rate of fire hazard. CLIENT shall not act in any manner which conflicts with ordinances, orders, requirements, rules, or regulations of the Fire Department or Board of Health or any other governmental department, commission, board, officer, or agency having jurisdiction. All equipment, props, scenery, or any other items brought onto the Seattle Center grounds must be fireproofed according to fire safety regulations.

17. INDEMNITY AGREEMENT In consideration of TPS and SEATTLE CENTER, a department of the City of Seattle permitting the undersigned and their members, employees, performers or agents to use the first or fourth floor space of The Armory located at 305 Harrison Street and further identified as Studio4, Theatre4, Black Box, Conference Room, or the Center Theatre. The undersigned, for its successor and assigns, or for itself and its partners or members, hereby agree to indemnify and save, protect and keep harmless, TPS and the SEATTLE CENTER, a department of the City of Seattle and said premises from any and all costs, loss, damage, liability, expenses, attorneys' fees, penalties and fines whatsoever which may be claimed against TPS and SEATTLE CENTER by any person or persons for any injury to person or property or damage of whatever kind of character suffered or sustained on said premises and consequent upon or arising from the use of said Studio4, Theatre4, Black Box, Conference Room, or the Center Theatre by the undersigned and its members, employees or agents or consequent upon or arising from any failure of the undersigned and his/her employees or agents or consequent upon or arising from any failure of the undersigned and the undersigned's employees or agents to conform with all laws, statues, ordinances and governmental regulations now or hereafter in force; and if any suits or proceeding should be brought against TPS and/or SEATTLE CENTER on account of any alleged violation thereof or failure to comply and conform therewith, or on account of any damage, omission or neglect in connection with the use of said Studio4, Theatre4, Black Box, Conference Room, or the Center House Theatre by the CLIENT and its members, employees, performers, or agents, the CLIENT will defend the same and will pay whatever judgment or judgments which may be recovered against TPS and SEATTLE CENTER on account thereof.


Groups or individuals booking space from TPS shall not cause, unreasonable levels of noise which may disturb neighbors or other building occupants, taking into consideration the multi-disciplinary nature of THE ARMORY and proximity to other facilities.

Further, RENTER agrees to notify TPS of any activities which may be in excess of noise levels assumed for shared space activities so that TPS may determine if alternate arrangements are required.

Activities that require notification:
Loud Dancing
Music Rehearsal
What sort of instruments will be used?
Amplification of sound
Microphones can only be used with the permission of TPS staff

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