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Theatre Puget Sound is a trade and service organization founded in 1997 to promote the spiritual and economic necessity of theatre to the public, and to unify and strengthen the theatre community through programs, resources and services.

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Rentals by TPS :: Rehearsal Space for Rent
NOTE: Effective June 1 2012 our rates are changing. Click here for more details.
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1st Floor Studios Sizes/Features/Rates 4th Floor Studios Sizes/Features/Rates Directions

Studio 4 offers the Puget Sound community rehearsal rooms

  • Have rehearsal for your production
  • Teach Voice, Music, Dance, or Acting
  • Use as a writer's retreat or for playwright's critique sessions
  • Book a playwriting or theatre design conference
  • Use for your monthly board, association or union meetings
  • Well-organized staff available to help with your planning needs
  • Prices below market rates
  • Centrally located

What are TPS rental policies? See this link for complete rental terms and conditions

Rehearsal Room Information and Rates
In working with Seattle Center, we are committed to maintaining rental fees at or below market rates. All of our rehearsal rooms have tables, and rehearsal cubes. All rooms have a piano. Some have mirrors. Be sure to mention exactly what your needs are at the time you submit your rental request.

Our spaces are for artistic use ONLY. Examples are theatre, music, film, dance, rehearsal, auditions. TPS reserves the right to deny any rental they feel does not meet this requirement.

Food Court is located on the 2nd floor. Arts Resource Room with a script library is located on the 4th floor, by appointment only. Bathrooms and water fountains are located on the 4th floor.

There is a $5/hr surcharge for any rental charging a fee to participants (i.e. workshops, classes, lessons.)

Questions? Please check our Rental Frequently Asked Questions.

1st Floor Studios Sizes, Features, and Rates
Black Box 32' x 22' (704 sq. ft) wood floors, piano, 3 screens,
6 blocks, 2 tables, 20 chairs
Conference Room 25.6' x 26' (663 sq. ft) carpeting, tables, chairs,
1st floor rooms are located in the Center Theatre
4th Floor Studios Sizes, Features, and Rates
NOTE: There are various tables, chairs, actor blocks in every room; however we do not keep track of them and a specific number cannot be guaranteed for your rental.
Studio B 30.3' x 30.1' (910 sq. ft) wood floors, piano, wall mirrors $10/hour
Studio C 30.3' x 34.5' (1043 sq. ft) wood floors, baby grand piano, wall mirrors $10/hour
Studio D 30.3' x 28.1' (881 sq. ft) wood floors, piano, wall mirrors $10/hour
Studio E 30.3' x 28.1' (881 sq. ft) wood floors, baby grand piano $10/hour
Studio G 28.5' x 40' wood floors, piano, wall mirrors $12/hour
Studio H (aka Theatre 4) 74.7' x 28.5' (2123 sq. ft) wood floors, piano, wall mirrors $12/hour
Studio I linoleum floor, piano $10/hour
Rehearsal spaces are located on the 4th floor of The Armory (formerly Center House).

Our Vision Statement

TPS exists to:
  • nurture a healthy and vibrant theatre community
  • to develop strong ties among the region's theatre professionals
  • to raise visibility of this region's theatre scene at the local, national, and international levels

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