Theatre4, Seattle Theatre rehearsal and performace space, administered by Theatre Puget SoundTheatre Puget Sound is pleased to offer an exciting performance venue centrally located in the Seattle Center and available at affordable rates. Whether you're producing your first play or are seeking a smaller venue to experiment with a new work, Theatre 4 will be well suited to your needs.

Located on the 4th Floor of the Seattle Center House, Theatre 4 is a 75-seat proscenium style performance space, fully equipped with raked seating, a curtained backstage area, lobby with a ticket counter and a dressing room area. The space is further equipped with a professional quality stereo, a NSI-brand, 24-channel, two-preset dimmer board as well as a separate eight-channel, two-preset dimmer board for house lights.

  • Rates for performances start at $145 per night.
  • Readings are $17 per hour, including basic lights and sound (by request.)
  • Liability insurance is included through the Theatre 4 program.
About Theatre 4 Size/Benefits
Reading Rates Performance Rates
Rehearsal Tape

About Theatre 4
Theatre 4 offers the community opportunities for risk and exploration in a supportive and accessible environment. Take advantage of the affordable rates and additional benefits to produce your own work. Theatre 4 is a great place to develop new works and increase audience exposure to developing companies.

Theatre 4 also holds potential for teachers and students to collaborate throughout the entire theatre production process. The professional quality lighting and sound system offers designers ample space to hone their skills online pokies nz while working in an intimate and creative space. Explore the possibilities of the creative and intimate environment, while working with professional quality technical system.

It is open to all disciplines of art and available to non-profit arts organizations and individual artists who wish to develop, teach, and/or perform their creative products, in a supportive and professional environment. Works ranging from one-person shows, school showcases, public readings, and full cast productions have and can be produced in Theatre 4.


  • 75 Seat Proscenium style theatre
  • Dimensions: 28' 5" x 56'
  • Ticket counter/concessions area
  • Separate lobby area
  • Tech booth with window overlooking the house/stage area
  • Backstage area with separate performer entrance
  • Separate dressing room area
  • Separate storage area
  • Online ticketing services
  • Technical consultations

Reading Rates   

  • $17 per hour

Rate includes use of seating risers. Limited use of basic stage lights sound equipment is available upon request. Reading rate requires a four hour minimum rental. A tour of the facilities is required prior to booking.

Performance Rates   

  • Basic performance rate: $145-$175 depending on number of performances
  • Load-in, Non-technical rehearsals: $12 per hour
  • Technical rehearsals: $20 per hour

Rate includes complete use of stage lighting and sound equipment. A tour of the facilities is required prior to booking. TPS will need to meet any technical personnel prior to allowing them access to light/sound equipment. TPS may require the presence of our Technical Director during load-in and technical rehearsals. Technical Director time will be billed at $20 per hour. Rates do not include deposits.


Theatre 4 is on the Seattle Center campus - on the fourth floor of the Center House.

Rehearsal Tape   

Since Theatre4 is primarily a performance space, taping is allowed only with prior notice and under the following circumstances:

  • "indicate" rather than "outline" the entire stage area
  • use ½" stage tape only
  • Remove the tape on your last day (or, if noted, before the next performance in the space,) and be very careful when doing so. TPS has a special tool available to help keep the tape from pulling up the paint on the floor.

How to rent Theatre 4?     

Contact: Shane Regan
Theatre Puget Sound
Phone: 206-770-0370

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