Center Theatre, Rental Performance Space in Seattle WALocated on the 1st floor of The Armory (formerly Center House), the Center Theatre at the Seattle Center is most easily recognized as "the old Group Theatre space." The theater is also the administrative home to the Seattle Shakespeare Company and Book-It Repertory Theatre.


  • 36' x 56' (located 1st floor of The Armory)
  • Renovated in 1994
  • 192 seat performance space (2 obstructed seats)
  • Semi-thrust stage
  • Professional quality stereo
    - Cassette
    - Bose Speakers
    - 16 channel sound board
  • Lights:
    - Impression2, 24 channel, 2 preset dimmer board
    - # Dimmers: 96 (48 @ 2.4K / 48 @ 1/2K)
  • Dressing Rooms:
    - 2 (capacity for 20)
  • Large lobby with a ticket counter
  • Lighting/sound booth with a window overlooking the house and stage
  • Backstage area with a separate performer entrance and bathrooms.
Photo of lobby of seattle performance space Center Theatre Photo of seattle performance space Center Theatre


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