Theatre Puget Sound Cooperative Advertising Program

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As part of our collaborative marketing efforts, Theatre Puget Sound is pleased to offer a cooperative advertising campaign exclusively for its members. TPS has developed a program to make cultural advertising in the Greater Seattle media market more affordable for TPS members, both large and small. Using "" as an umbrella, TPS members have an opportunity to participate in print advertising in The Stranger at rates less than what they could purchase on their own.

What is cooperative advertising?

Cooperative advertising is a joint effort between two or more businesses (in this case, TPS member organizations) to pool advertising money for more buying power. Ads feature all of the participants' information under one umbrella that promotes the common benefits of all of the companies' products or services.

How does cooperative advertising advance the goals of TPS?

Cooperative advertising, first launched in August 2005, is one of the essential components of our audience development initiatives. It represents a major step in the fulfillment of the awareness-building portion of our mission. Our research identified a number of barriers to greater consumer participation in arts and culture events, including a lack of consistent, easily recognizable information. In addition to our online effort,, the TPS co-op advertising program serves to leverage in-region media buys to develop an advertising presence for institutions that cannot afford it on their own, or to help extend the reach of other members' advertising efforts.

How does cooperative advertising benefit my organization?

Your organization gains access to cost effective advertising rates within a high visibility, high frequency, large format advertisement. Participants not only receive specific promotion for their event, they also contribute to promoting the entire theatre community, thereby assisting with the development of new audiences and the cultivation of increased media coverage for the entire theatre community. Participants also benefit from being represented with other organizations. For example, a Seattle Rep show might catch someone's eye based on name recognition, but it's the ad for ArtsWest or WET that sparks action and generates a ticket sale.

Why is this only available in The Stranger?

The goal for the cooperative ad program has always been to spread to other media outlets in order to create advertising packages that provide maximum exposure at minimal cost.

The program was launched in The Stranger as they proved to be the most cost effective and cooperative publication representing our desired age demographic of 18-34. The Stranger has been incredibly supportive of this program and has been a large contributor to its survival.

TPS is investigating expanding the cooperative advertising program into other media.

What can my organization purchase?

The cooperative ad program offers members a block of individual ad space within a full color Half Page ad for each week of the year. Each company would receive their own 2.025"w x 5.5"h space, for which they are entirely responsible for design and submission. Only 4 companies may participate in a given week.

How much will it cost to participate in cooperative advertising?

The cost of one week's participation is a flat rate of $150.

When does the Co-op run?

The print co-op runs every Wednesday in The Stranger.

When do I need to register, pay, and send images for my ads?

Reservations are due by the specified date listed in the booking e-mail. Artwork is due no later than ten days prior to insertion date - unless noted otherwise. Once reservation requests are submitted, you will be contracted and invoiced accordingly.

How often can my organization be included in the cooperative ad?

There is no limit to the number of ads you may request, though if there are more requests than space for any given week, first preference will be given to first-time advertisers. After that, space is on a first-come first-serve basis.

Do we control ad copy or does TPS?

Each organization is responsible for the design of their 2.025"w x 5.5"h ad space. TPS assumes no responsibility for proofing or designing these individual ads.

However, to ensure quality and consistency of presentation, TPS reserves the right to refuse artwork that does not meet required specifications or standards of quality.

Is this really a better rate than if I purchased advertising on my own?

Absolutely! To give you a better idea of what a deal this would be for each of you...the individual ad space you would receive is closest in size to a standard Eighth Page ad in The Stranger which is currently valued at $213 for a 1 week contract (rate given to all arts organizations) plus a $65 fee for full color...for a total of $278! Through the TPS cooperative ad program you can get this for $150 - that's a savings of over $100! So, needless to say, that's a lot of bang for your buck! AND, that does not even begin to cover the value of being placed within a highly visible, consistent, larger format ad that gathers more attention and benefits the entire community!

This program is completely reliant upon every single one of your organizations for its continued success. It benefits every one of you, regardless of your participation. As with the Seattle Performs website and Arts Crush - the cooperative ad program serves to showcase our theatres' diverse range of programming, promote and increase theatre attendance and increase the visibility of the entire theatre community. The only way that this program can continue and expand to other markets is through all of us working together and knowing that if one of us grows stronger then we all grow stronger.

For more information about this program, e-mail Shane Regan at or call him at (206) 770.0370.

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