How to become a TPS Business Affiliate

Business Affiliates:
Rachel Alves Photography

Rachel is a portrait, headshot and commercial photographer in the Seattle City Area.

Inspire by Danielle

Danielle Barnum will showcase your vibrancy and spirit. Specializing in wedding photography and portraits.

Michael B Maine Photography

I use photography, video, and audio to work with people to find, develop, and share their stories. Everybody has a story, and I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to know that story, play an active role in it, and share both the process and product with the world. I feel most alive when working with people to bring out and share their authentic selves and stories. I feel personal evolution in each photograph we (”we” meaning the subject and I) make, interview we conduct, or stroll we take—as I find some piece of inspiration from them.

JMC Photography

JMC Photography specializes in commercial headshots for performing artists. Photographer Jennifer Tucker's work is well recognized on the west coast and her work garners many jobs for actors, as well as appears nationally. Exceptional quality, personal service and rapid turnaround define JMC Photography. TPS Members received a 10% discount.

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