Business affiliate forms:
1) Affiliate agreement
2) Affiliate sign-up form

In an effort to build mutually beneficial relationships between the theatre community and the businesses which serve it, Theatre Puget Sound offers local businesses and industry service providers the opportunity to become a TPS Business Affiliate. Business Affiliates can include, but are not limited to, agencies and businesses providing professional services generally geared to the performing arts community.

By joining forces with Theatre Puget Sound your business will benefit from having access to a prime target demographic for your organization. You will also reap the benefits of having your finger on the pulse of the community which sustains you, as well as contributing to the overall health of that community via Theatre Puget Sound’s advocacy efforts.

Theatre Puget Sound benefits by increasing our visibility in the community and building relationships with businesses that have a direct link to our membership base.

The following are the specific requirements for Business Affiliation with Theatre Puget Sound:

Responsibilities of BUSINESS AFFILIATE

  • BUSINESS AFFILIATE agrees to pay the stated fee of:
    • $200.00 for all for-profit companies or self employed individuals.
    • $100.00 for all non-profit companies (please provide photocopy of your State of Washington non-profit status).
  • BUSINESS AFFILIATE agrees to place the TPS logo and link on its web page.
  • BUSINESS AFFILIATE agrees to participate in providing services to theatre community via collaboration with TPS at least one time annually and is encouraged to provide special TPS offers to card carrying members.

Responsibilities of TPS

  • TPS will place the BUSINESS AFFILIATE logo, web link, contact info, and company description on the TPS web page.
  • TPS will list the company name of the BUSINESS AFFILIATE on all appropriate promotional material.
  • TPS will offer the BUSINESS AFFILIATE promotional sponsorship opportunities to some TPS public events, including promotional tables.
  • TPS offers collaboration with BUSINESS AFFILIATE at least once a year on a program or informational session that provides exposure to BUSINESS AFFILIATE and serves TPS membership.
  • TPS will provide BUSINESS AFFILIATE one e-mail subscription to our TPS community listserv for advertising purposes and posting privileges to the TPS message boards.
  • TPS will provide once a year, upon request, secifically targeted mailing labels from our member database.

If you would like to become a Theatre Puget Sound Business Affiliate, simply complete the Agreement and Affiliate Form and mail with payment to:

Theatre Puget Sound
PO Box 19643
Seattle, WA 98109

If you have any further questions please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 206.770.0370.

Business affiliate forms:
1) Affiliate agreement
2) Affiliate sign-up form

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