Weasel Production

15625 42nd Ave. S.
Unit #29
Tukwila, WA   98188

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We are in fact a very new group who is still finding ourselves and our direction in the Seattle Theatre Scene. There is a lot of boilerplate in mission statements and we don't want to come off as lip service. So we applying for membership in TPS while we continue our conversation of discovery.   


Weasel Productions is the brainchild of Corynn Carignan and John Tyndall. Having worked together on a number of projects during their time at Cornish College of the Arts, including John's ambitious Senior Project The Victorian Hotel, by Angus Oblong, they decided they were a perfect fit. They also shared an escapist ideology for theatre. Seattle is brimming with great companies that dive deep into social issues and present works of great modern importance for all walks of life. In short a real meal for the mind.

We are dessert! We delight in providing a brief escape from the world for Seattle theatergoers and believe in the significance of laughter. So our focus is scripted comedies and the fantastical. All those deep dives into social issues we to put them to work on and off stage. We are an inclusive company and always strive to toe the line for human rights and equality. This is reflected in our hiring, auditioning practices and our daily operations. You know, as it should be. 


  • Artistic Director - John Tyndall
  • Managing Director - Corynn Carignan
  • Production Manager - Corynn Carignan
  • Marketing Director - John Tyndall

Umbrella Memberships

  • Tours: No
  • Performer compensation: Stipend
  • Tech & Production compensation: Stipend
  • Designer compensation: Stipend
  • Internships offered: no
  • Accept script submissions: No
  • Classes:

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