Reboot Theatre Company

8112 5th Ave NE
Seattle, WA   98115

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Reboot Theatre Company tests new interpretations of established works through nontraditional casting, design, and methods yet to be discovered.


  • Theatre has the power to change hearts and minds

  • In theatre that provokes conversations both in the audience and the artistic community

  • In being collaborative members of the theatre community

  • Cultivating a diverse talent pool is essential to the evolution of the theatre arts

  • In creating a safe space for artists to be who they are and build who they want to be



It started with thirty women in an apartment common room reading from scripts and singing to a lone keyboard. After an extremely successful fundraising campaign, including a sold-out cabaret, a “What if” conversation turned into the nation’s first fully realized all-female production of 1776 in a 300 seat house at Magnusson Park.

After repeatedly hearing, “After the first five minutes, I forgot you all were women!”, we knew we had something special. If an audience could suspend its disbelief while watching a woman play Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin, what else could we attempt?

Reboot strives to find where context breaks the story. How far can we go? Let’s find out.

Founded in 2014, Reboot Theatre Company is a 501(c)3 non-profit theatre company based in Seattle, WA.


  • Artistic Director - Jasmine Joshua
  • Marketing Director - Jasmine Joshua
  • Associate Producer - Harry Turpin
  • Associate Producer - Angela Snyder
  • Associate Producer - Jeannette LeGault

Umbrella Memberships

  • Tours: no
  • Performer compensation: Stipend
  • Tech & Production compensation: Stipend
  • Designer compensation: Stipend
  • Internships offered: no
  • Accept script submissions: No
  • Classes:

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