3301 27th Ave S
Seattle, WA   98144
3301 27th Ave S
Seattle, WA   98144

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Parley is a collective of Seattle playwrights committed to the long-term development of one another's work. We provide a protected space in which to welcome the unguarded, authentic expression of our differences on the stage.

Faire du théâtre, pas la guerre.


Make plays, not war. 

Parley is a weekly playwrights' group as well as a producing entity.  The term parley derives from the French verb parler: to speak.  Historically, a parley was a meeting between adversaries in order to negotiate an end to battle. To signal a willingness to talk peaceably, armies would run up a white flag.  Writing is a solitary act.  It's easy for playwrights who feel isolated to become defensive.  Our group seeks to cure that condition.  By committing to a process of reading, discussing, and producing one another's work, we surrender the lone struggle and move creatively forward together. Parley is a Theater of Access.

  • Parley is accessible as an organization to playwrights of new work who find it difficult to get in the door and get their stories heard.

  • Parley's playwrights pay dues on a sliding scale based on an honor system, and membership not contingent on income level. This also helps keep us diverse, which is a priority for us.

  • Parley's productions are accessible to patrons of all ages, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, physical ability/disability, and ability to pay. We offer at least 10 seats at no cost on a first-come, first-served basis to any patron who requests them an hour before the performance. 

  • Parley values the simple immediacy of good storytelling. We limit our design elements in order to allow the story to reach the audience without mediation or distraction; to encourage the imaginative transformation that is the most exciting feature of live theater; and to keep production costs down so that our plays are accessible to all.

  • Parley's plays are written locally -- to, for, and about our community -- and thus further themes and characters that are immediately relevant to what is happening right here, right now. Ours is theater in which our patrons will recognize themselves and the people around them. Our art strengthens the community it engages while also challenging the status quo, directing attention to cultural suppression/oppression, and envisioning/inspiring change.

  • Parley is a rare organization that invests in writing talent and sustains its support in developing that talent over months and years: from the false starts and tender beginnings of the creative process to the complete manuscript, all the way through casting, rehearsal, revision, production, and beyond. 






  • Artistic Director - Rebecca Tourino Collinsworth
  • associate artist - Kiki Abba
  • associate artist - Eleanor Withrow
  • associate artist - Emily Pike
  • associate playwright - Susan McNally
  • associate playwright - Amber Hughes
  • associate playwright - Ryan Fields
  • associate playwright - Tré Calhoun
  • associate playwright - Lenore Bensinger
  • associate playwright - Hannah Merrill
  • associate playwright - Greg Brisendine
  • associate playwright - Celeste Mari Williams
  • associate artist - Gretchen Douma
  • associate playwright - Barbara Lindsay
  • associate playwright - Jessica Andrewartha
  • associate artist - Heather Posten
  • associate artist - Cara Romanik
  • associate artist - Anabel Hovig
  • associate artist - Christopher Crawford
  • associate artist - Brandon Collinsworth
  • associate artist - Julian Garcia
  • associate playwright - Brian Dang
  • associate playwright - Julieta Vitullo
  • associate artist - Colleen Carey
  • associate artist - Sydney Maltese
  • associate artist - Mark Gladding
  • associate artist - Isis King
  • associate playwright - Katherine Jett
  • associate playwright - Drew Combs

Umbrella Memberships

  • Tours: no
  • Performer compensation: stipend
  • Tech & Production compensation: stipend
  • Designer compensation: no
  • Internships offered: yes
  • Accept script submissions: year-round, with membership application
  • Classes: adults;

Member in:

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