3419 14th Ave W
Seattle, WA   98119

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To be a forum where artists and audiences alike are brought to the experience of awareness, understanding and healing of the human condition and the recovery of the spirit through the gifts of the performing arts and entertainment. 


To serve our culturally diverse area as a meeting ground for the enrichment and growth of the human spirit through the expression of thought provoking and belief challenging works.


We are here to serve as a home to self-producing artistic and technical visionaries to explore, contribute and expand for the betterment of their crafts and the enrichment of our society.


  • Artistic Director - Corey McDaniel
  • Managing Director - Alber Sucupira
  • Casting Director - Alber Sucupira
  • Production Manager - Katie McKellar
  • Marketing Director - Corey McDaniel
  • Artistic Associate - Julie Beckman
  • Associate Producer - Jennifer Ewing

Umbrella Memberships

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  • Performer compensation: Contracts and Stipends
  • Tech & Production compensation: Contracts and stipends
  • Designer compensation: Contracts and Stipens
  • Internships offered: yes
  • Accept script submissions: No
  • Classes:

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