Infinity Box Theatre Project

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Saving the world through science and theater.


Our primary way of fulfilling our mission is to ask: what does it mean to be human in the face of rapidly changing technology, and scientific development?  To that end, we offer Thought Experiments on the Question of Being Human, a festival of original plays created by scientist-playwright teams; Centrifuge: Science News meets Science Fiction, this time pairing science writers with playwrights; Psychlotron, which pairs two speakers from disparate fields, each of whom gets 15 minutes to talk about whatever they want, then the audience smashes the ideas together, just to see what happens; and The Galileo Dialogues, examining the intersection of science, religion, politics and art.






Infinity Box is about exploring the many relationships that arise when scientific discovery or technological innovation impact our daily lives, and posing these questions in the form of high quality theater. We invite writers, actors, scientists and audience members to become participants in a think tank. We see the creation, presentation and discussion of a play as an integrated, multidimensional collaborative research project into questions about our future. The centerpiece of each Infinity Box season is a project called Thought Experiments on the Question of Being Human. Each year we invite scientists, playwrights and writers to produce short works about diverse aspects of a single theme. These stories will be developed into an evening of short plays followed by stimulating discussions. In addition we will be producing plays about science and technology, and how they impact our lives, as well as events intended to stimulate discussion on the intersections of science technology and art.


  • Artistic Director - David M. Mills
  • Managing Director - Catherine Kettrick

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