3330 E Republican St
Seattle, WA   98112
3330 E Republican St
Seattle, WA   98112

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Azeotrope's mission is to create a space where audiences confront the marginalized and obscured, bringing visibility to the invisible. We hope to broaden Seattle's cultural and artistic environment with vital, urgent, and exciting projects that would otherwise be underrepresented.


Founded by Richard Nguyen Sloniker and Desdemona Chiang, Azeotrope aims to build its relationships with collaborative professional theatre artists in order to create vital, urgent, and relevant productions. In fulfilling our mission we will move toward that which we fear, the private, the perverse, the dangerous, the strange and odd, the beauty in the grotesque, the hope in chaos, in hope of understanding. We understand there is a difference between what we believe and what we profess, or confess. (The act of confession; the implication of guilt, culpability, accountability.) The transition from thought to vibration and physical motion giving thought substance. Once released, it can then be witnessed. You have audience. We are responsible to that audience. Because there is power in the act of articulation.


  • Artistic Director - Richard Nguyen Sloniker
  • Managing Director - Serin Ngai
  • Marketing Director - Richard Nguyen Sloniker

Umbrella Memberships

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  • Performer compensation: Stipend
  • Tech & Production compensation: Stipend
  • Designer compensation: Stipend
  • Internships offered: no
  • Accept script submissions:
  • Classes: adults;

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