Harlequin Productions

202 Fourth Avenue E
Olympia, WA   98501
202 Fourth Avenue E
Olympia, WA   98501

TPS Member Discount: Offering TPS members $10 tickets limited to two tickets per member per production.


Harlequin seeks to invigorate, educate, and empower our community and all people to feel more, think more, play more, and judge less through the mirror of real live theatre.


Our Vision

Harlequin strives to define itself as a major American regional theatre, to be known nationally for high artistic values and expressive, enriching work, and to be a valuable member and leader of the South Puget Sound community in creating high quality work and encouraging positive change.

Our Values

Artistic Excellence. We strive to program work that is engaging, challenging, and forward thinking, to test the bounds of theatre as an art form, and always bring our very best work to the table.

Community. We aim to serve as a valuable leader and collaborative member of our regional community. We value our social responsibility to create a safe and sustainable workplace where our own community can work towards our goals with respect and compassion, and with trust and accountability.

Inclusion. We are committed to the priorities, policies, and practices necessary to promote the equal opportunity, diversity, gender parity, and inclusion that will empower a just, inclusive, and equitable future both for our own human capital, and for our community.

Responsibility. We recognize the need for careful stewardship of the resources entrusted to us, including the artistic legacy of our founders, our long-standing financial stability, our philanthropic partners, our facilities, our community, our audience, and our planet.


  • Artistic Director - Aaron Lamb
  • Managing Director - Hap Clemmons
  • Casting Director - Maggie Doyle
  • Production Manager - Gina Salerno
  • Marketing Director - Helen Harvester
  • Technical Director - Marko Bujeaud
  • Operations Director - Ashley Chandler
  • Development and Advertising Sales Coordinator - Amy Shephard
  • Volunteer Coordinator - Ashley Lewis
  • Interim Finance Director - Joe Hyer
  • Box Office Manager - Olivia Burlingame

Umbrella Memberships

Associate Memberships

  • Tours: n/a
  • Performer compensation: contract with stipend
  • Tech & Production compensation: contract with stipend
  • Designer compensation: contract with fee
  • Internships offered: yes
  • Accept script submissions: year-round
  • Classes: kids;

Member in:

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