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Pratidhwani's mission is to empower south Asian performing artists by creating performance/participation opportunities and providing the infrastructure required to produce a show.


Pratidhwani is a non-profit cultural organization based in the Seattle area. We are, at our core, a group of professionals of Indian heritage, who are extremely enthusiastic and passionate about the artistic traditions of our homeland. The main objective of the organization is the promotion and cultivation of the performing arts of the Indian subcontinent. Pratidhwani recognizes that the performing arts of India encompass a vast and varied number of styles, genres and traditions. To better organize our efforts, Pratidhwani functions as a collection of artistic wings, each with independent missions, but with cross-wing interaction and cooperation. The present wings of the organization are Light music, Classical music, Dance and Drama. Since its inception, the Pratidhwani Drama Wing has been working on carving out a niche for itself. Unlike some other performing arts, drama is heavily dependent on language. In order for a team to perform a play and more importantly for an audience to enjoy it, every one involved must understand the language the play is performed in. While on first glance, this may seem like an hindrance, the drama wing sees this dependence as an advantage and a strength Like our audience, our members are also multi-lingual and from different cultures. This multi-cultural background gives us a unique perspective. Not only does it give us an opportunity to stage plays in different languages from the Indian subcontinent (Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, etc), but it also provides us a platform to experiment with plays based on the experiences of Indians outside India This one giant melting pot that our world is becoming every day is what we at Pratidhwani drama wing are best positioned to represent and express in our words.


  • Artistic Director - Agastya Kohli
  • Managing Director - Moumita Bhattacharya
  • Casting Director - Agastya Kohli
  • Marketing Director - Charuta Fadnis

Umbrella Memberships

Associate Memberships

  • Tours: Only on request
  • Performer compensation: Sometimes, stipends
  • Tech & Production compensation: Sometimes, stipends
  • Designer compensation: Sometimes, stipends
  • Internships offered: no
  • Accept script submissions: Yes, year round.
  • Classes:

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