MAP Theatre

2915 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA   98144

TPS Member Discount: All tickets to all MAP Theatre productions are Name-Your-Own-Price with no ticketing fees.


MAP Theatre is a nomadic, independent and not-for-profit producing company with strong ties and deep roots in the Seattle community. We favor local work and comedy that hurts a bit. We find strength and satisfaction in a highly collaborative process with all team members at the table. MAP's goal is always to relish the creative journey from process to product and continuously push the boundaries of traditional theatre by busting the stereotypes of what theatre is for. With that always in mind, MAP actively strives to reduce the barriers to live theatre.


MAP Theatre has produced the following mainstage shows:

  • 3 Screams, by Vincent Delaney

  • A Behanding in Spokane, by Martin McDonagh (co-production with Theater Schmeater)

  • Soft Click of a Switch, by Carter W. Lewis

  • The Feast, by Celine Song

  • The Art of Bad Men, by Vincent Delaney

  • Belleville, by Amy Herzog

  • Greensward by R. Hamilton Wright

  • Year of the Rooster, by Olivia Dufault

In March 2019, we will produce Trevor, by Nick Jones at 18th and Union. As well as an off night show by local Seattle talent Jasmine Joshua



  • MAP Theatre has boldly chosen to move to a completely pay-what-you-can ticketing model and strives to reduce (and in most cases eliminate) ticketing “convenience” fees. When necessary, MAP Theatre will absorb those costs internally.

  • MAP Theatre cultivates atypical theatregoers to encourage them to consider theatre as a regular entertainment option.

  • MAP Theatre is dedicated to the openness and transparency of the creative process, and welcomes behind-the-scenes participation.

  • MAP Theatre encourages passionate discussion – whether in the rehearsal room, at a bar after the show, on social media, or anywhere in-between – and we make every effort to elicit and facilitate this conversation whenever possible.

  • MAP Theatre chooses quality over quantity.


  • Artistic Director - Brandon Ryan
  • Managing Director - Peggy Gannon
  • Casting Director - Brandon and Peggy and Zenadia
  • Production Manager - Peggy Gannon
  • Artistic Brain Trust - Zenaiad Rose Smith
  • Graphic Designer - Shane Regan
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Umbrella Memberships

Associate Memberships

  • Tours:
  • Performer compensation: 150.00 stipend
  • Tech & Production compensation: 150.00 stipend
  • Designer compensation: 100.00 stipend
  • Internships offered: yes
  • Accept script submissions: year round
  • Classes:

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