Freehold Theatre Lab Studio

517 Maynard Ave. S
Seattle, WA   98104
517 Maynard Ave S
Seattle, WA   98104

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Freehold engages artists of all levels in training and experimentation so that they may become more innovative and heartfelt in generating theatre that has a lasting impact on the community we serve.


Freehold Theatre Lab Studio is a center for the practice of theatre and was founded in the fall of 1991.

Our Theatre Lab provides a forum for experimentation by professionals, the development of new performance material, and the rediscovery of classics. The Lab enables artists to explore new work - and new ways of working - in order to forge a deeper connection between actor and audience, self and community, life and art. Our Studio offers a safe place where anyone and everyone can take risks. Freehold’s students are encouraged to move theatre forward—to transform, deepen, and clarify new ways of working. From introductory sessions for the curious to master classes for practicing artists, the Studio offers an extraordinary range of disciplines and styles to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of theatre craft and acting, and to develop an artist’s greatest gift—a sense of truth—while developing the means to express this gift specifically and viscerally.  


  • Artistic Director - Robin Lynn Smith
  • Managing Director - Charlotte Tiencken
  • Marketing Director - Carolynne Wilcox
  • Registrar - Nikki Przasnyski
  • Venue Manager - Caleb Pierce

Umbrella Memberships

  • Tours: no
  • Performer compensation: contract
  • Tech & Production compensation: contract
  • Designer compensation: contract
  • Internships offered: yes
  • Accept script submissions: n/a
  • Classes: adults;

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