West of Lenin/Ethereal Mutt

203 N 36th St
Ste. 1
Seattle, WA   98103
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WEST OF LENIN - A project of AJ Epstein and his production company The Ethereal Mutt, West of Lenin is an 88 seat black box theatre and studio space located literally a 5 minute walk west of the Lenin statue in Fremont. We exist to offer a venue for Seattle's most interesting and adventurous artists, as well as the re-establishment of a permanent, live performance venue in Fremont. West of Lenin is primarily a rental venue but also serves as the Seattle home for Ethereal Mutt and AJ Epstein Presents productions. THE ETHEREAL MUTT - LTD. (Emutt) produces theatre, music and indie film – often with an eye towards the exploration of Science through Art. West of Lenin:  Lonely Planet, American Hwangap, Demon Dreams, Master Harold... and the boys, Life = Play, I Never Betrayed the Revolution Off Broadway: Tim Crouch’s An Oak Tree, Mike Daisey’s How Theatre Failed America, Regional and Touring: The Flying Karamazov Brothers’: L’Universe; Starball: A Dreamy Musical Astronomy Show; Saving Tania’s Privates; Muffin Face; Buzzer. TV and Film: Lynn Shelton’s We Go Way Back; Guy Maddin’s Brand Upon the Brain!; Tim Crouch’s England at The Henry. In 1995 Emutt presaged the webcam revolution when they broadcast Rich Howard's Cowboys in Love: The Hank Plowplucker Story live to the Internet. Emutt also co-produced the 3 films for the gala opening of Marion Oliver McCaw Hall in 2003; Scot Augustson's Gilgamesh Iowa and Brent or Brenda? as well as Keri Healey's Parrot Fever (Or, Lies I've Told in Chat Rooms).


  • Artistic Director - AJ Epstein, el Presidente
  • Marketing Director - Liza Comtois
  • Bookkeeper - Bernadette Scheller
  • General Manager - Liza Comtois
  • Venue Manager - Jessilee Marander
  • Technical Director - Mig Mrizek

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  • Performer compensation: Stipend to full union contract depending on size of show
  • Tech & Production compensation: Stipend to full union contract depending on size of show
  • Designer compensation: Stipend to full union contract depending on size of show
  • Internships offered: no
  • Accept script submissions: No
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