Twelfth Night Productions

Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
4408 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, WA   98106

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Building Community Through the Arts Twelfth Night Productions is dedicated to building an inclusive, strong, artistically sound West Seattle community through the performing arts. The TNP ensemble provides a home for local artists to develop and practice their craft, an environment for students of all ages to learn about the performing arts, and a place for community members to participate in the arts in a variety of ways. TNP offers high quality theatrical experiences and performances to community members outside the cultural hub of Seattle.


PURPOSE Twelfth Night Productions provides a process - based performing arts experience to a variety of performers, students, and community members. Our community is included and educated by our process giving all participants a sense of ownership and cohesion. This collaborative effort brings together artists and professional educators to enhance and support the community through the power of the arts.


  • Artistic Director - Mary Opland Springer
  • Managing Director - Mary Opland Springer
  • Production Manager - Kathy Ayer
  • Marketing Director - Anna Cronin
  • Operations and Devolopment Manager - Anna Cronin

Umbrella Memberships

Associate Memberships

  • Tours:
  • Performer compensation: volunteer, travel stipends are available upon request
  • Tech & Production compensation: occasional stipend for musicians or a tech person
  • Designer compensation: occassional stipend
  • Internships offered: yes
  • Accept script submissions: we have not done this at this point, but are interested in considering this in the future
  • Classes:

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