Board Spotlight: Amrita Srivastava

Get to know Board Member Amrita Srivastava with our monthly Spotlight!

1. Who are you? Tell us about yourself!

I am an attorney, mother of two rambunctious kids, and a supporter of various non-profit causes in the community. Currently, I am in-house counsel at an exciting Korean e-commerce company called Coupang.

2. How long have you been on the board?

I joined the TPS Board of Directors in 2018.

3. What’s your relationship to theatre?

An admirer and supporter- every time I watch a play, I am enriched by a new perspective. Theatre performances are very intimate and thus impactful for individuals and society.

4. What excites you about TPS in 2019?

Many new projects that are going to support our membership- from revamping our website, to relaunching the MAC, to boosting our support to EDI.

5. What’s one of your favorite pieces of theatre you saw in 2018?

Hamilton, for sure!  I also loved “Queen” by Madhuri Shekhar for its portrayal of many complicated issues in very relatable manner.

6. If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

Avocado – defies classification!

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NOW HIRING: Part-Time Bookkeeper

Job Description: Bookkeeper

Part time, Non-exempt | Reports to: Executive Director | Location: Seattle Center

Compensation: $22-25/hour, 6-8 hrs/week

Summary: Performs the bookkeeping related tasks that provide finance and accounting support to the Executive Director and Finance Committee.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Weekly entry of deposit information by account
  • Weekly or as required check runs to pay invoices and expenses.
  • Journal entries for transferring funds between accounts as directed by the Executive Director and/orTreasurer
  • Payroll management (twice per month pay periods) and related IRS compliance
  • Prepare and file all necessary taxes and tax documents
  • Reconciliation of deposit and expense information against bank statements
  • Periodic review and maintenance of donation/pledge records in conjunction with Development Manager
  • Additional tasks include maintaining records related to all finance and other related activities.
  • (Bi-monthly) Prepare financial forecasts and meeting with Finance Committee in collaboration with Executive Director
  • Maintain accounting paper files
  • Maintain confidentiality of the all internal information
  • Stay informed and abreast of any policies, taxes, or funds which affect the financial requirements and responsibilities of the organization

Ideal candidates will possess advanced knowledge of basic accounting skills, Quickbooks (Standard and NonProfit edition), Intuit Payroll, general knowledge of pledge and fundraising procedures, and be technologically savvy. Candidates will be able to set their own hours and have a flexible schedule which also reasonably accommodates deadlines and reporting needs.

Work Environment: The work environment is an open concept office arrangement with regular engagement with membership and visits from all clientele.

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter and a list of three references to

We value a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. We are committed to diversity in all areas of our work and encourage applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability, and veteran status. We strongly encourage those from groups not normally represented, to apply.

Posted: 3/28/2019

PDF version of job posting available here: Bookkeeper job description

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Join the Membership Advisory Council! (MAC)

Theatre Puget Sound is inviting interested members to apply to join the Member Advisory council (MAC) — a committee intended to offer members an official channel to contribute and raise concerns regarding TPS operations. 

 Click to Apply! — or read the MAC Charter below for details.

Theatre Puget Sound Member Advisory Council Charter

The Member Advisory Council (“MAC” or “Council”) is a committee of Theatre of Puget Sound (TPS) authorized by the TPS Board of Directors. It is established to provide TPS members an official channel to contribute to and raise any concerns regarding TPS operations.

I. Purpose

The MAC is a standing assembly of committed volunteers created to represent and empower the TPS membership in evaluating and providing feedback on TPS governance, planning, and programs. The MAC will give TPS members a direct, official voice in TPS operations.

The MAC will take a hands-on, working approach to its responsibilities, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Acting as representatives of smaller groups within the TPS member community
  • Assisting and advising the TPS Board with respect to programming or other needsexpressed by the at large membership
  • Researching and developing new programs, while implementation & budget willremain the responsibility of the TPS Staff and Board
  • Developing a structure to help harness and mobilize membership-driveninitiatives or serve other member-driven priorities
  • Outreach to other potential member organizations
  • Providing human power (or finding such) in support of TPS programming
  • Attend membership meetings or request observation of Board Meetings
  • Ensure and uphold the core values of TPSBenefits to MAC members include:
  • Ability to inform the direction of TPS in support of its membership and the greater theatre community
    Public acknowledgement of participation on the TPS website and in relevant publications
  • Invitation to VIP receptions hosted by TPS
  • Two complimentary tickets to the annual Gregory Awards

II.Relationship of MAC to TPS Board of Directors

The MAC will make recommendations and/or provide key information and materials to the TPS Executive Director and Board on matters of policy, programs, and assessment. A Board member may attend Council meetings to ensure accessibility and accountability. The MAC may nominate one of its own members to attend TPS Board meetings. Such MAC member will not have voting rights on the TPS Board of Directors. The MAC will officially represent TPS membership, with a defined constituency focus, in a fair manner. The Vice-President of TPS Board will serve as a liaison for MAC.

III. MAC Membership

Composition: The Member Advisory Council shall consist of up to fifteen (15) members and no fewer than five (5) members. Should the number drop below the minimum, the Council will be disbanded until the minimum requirement is met.

  • The initial MAC members will be selected by TPS Staff and Board from an application pool, to ensure a variety of professional and personal backgrounds. They must be active TPS members in good standing both in their year of application and through the duration of their MAC service.
  • MAC members will constitute a cross-section of the TPS community, with an equitable breakdown between freelancers, artists, and administrators from large-, medium-, and small-sized organizations and clearly defined representation focused on TPS’s primary member constituencies, representing any or all of the following disciplines, or any other theatre adjacent field or work-group not listed below:
    • Artists (Union, Non-Union, Individual, Member of Artistic Ensemble)
    • Designers (Lighting, Scene, Sound, Costume, Makeup)
    • Development/Fundraising
    • Director (Artistic, Executive, Managing)
    • Dramaturg / Literary Manager
    • Educators and Students
    • Marketing / Communications / PR o Playwright / Translator
    • Producer
    • Technician

Term: All MAC members shall serve for a period of one (1) year and may apply for another two (2) year term after their initial term. Application for new MAC members will open up once every year. The term of a MAC member may not exceed three (3) years. TPS Board and Staff shall have exclusive authority and responsibility to select MAC members.

IV. Procedural Rules

MAC Chairman: A TPS Staff member shall serve as the MAC Chairman. Chairman’s responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Organizing the quarterly MAC meetings
  • Setting agendas for MAC meetings
  • Taking minutes and notes from the meetings
  • Organizing other MAC meetings or sending around announcements or other communication as requiredGuidelines: The Council will draft and adopt a set of written guidelines, or group agreements. This will serve as a living document to assist in creating structure in support of the MAC’s efforts.

Meetings: The Council will meet formally at least one time per quarter, or additionally as needed. Notice of upcoming meetings will be delivered to members at least ten days before a meeting and will be scheduled as best as possible around member schedules. Members have 48 hours to respond to the scheduling request. To remain in good standing Members must attend a minimum of three meetings in addition to volunteering a total of 15 hours per service year at TPS events.

Minutes: Minutes of each meeting will be kept. Copies will be delivered to the TPS Board, Executive Director, and Council membership within two weeks after a meeting.

Program Proposals: Council proposals will be submitted in writing to the Board no later than 7 days prior to the next Board meeting. Documents will include both suggested action and justification for suggestions. The TPS Board will respond to such recommendations/reports in writing.

Dismissal: Members who are absent without reasonable cause from two successive meetings will be considered to have resigned their seat. Members who misrepresent TPS Staff, members of the Board, or fellow members of the MAC will be dismissed. TPS Board will fill open positions promptly with alternate applicants.

Public Announcements: All announcements will go through the MAC Chair for release. While members are expected and encouraged to discuss the MAC activities and priorities within the community, members shall not report opinions expressed in meetings, nor shall they report independently on Council action, as required under the terms of their non- disclosure agreement.

PDF of the M.A.C. Charter available here: Member Advisory Council Charter

 Click to Apply!

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Staff Spotlight: Sky Darwin – Technical Director

The beloved Rex Carleton retired at the end of 2018, and Theatre Puget Sound is proud to announce our new Technical Director, Sky Darwin!

1. Who are you? 

Doer, maker, fixer, dreamer, student of life.
Jack of many trades, master of one:
Avid sailor and traveler. Storyteller, musician, songwriter.
Former mechanic/metalworker, retired professional dancer/teacher, fine woodworker, scenic carpenter, sound/scenic/lighting designer, production manager, technical director.
Journeyman’s Degree in Automotive Diagnoses/Repair and a B.A. in Dance with a minor in literature and sports medicine.


2. Where are you from?

Born in California to hippie parents, mostly raised on the road and in backwoods coastal Oregon. 

3. What will you be doing at TPS?

Day to day facilities and event management while keeping the spirit and feel of the performing arts valued and supported.


4. What’s your relationship to theatre?

Found it by accident and it saved me from a bleak and dull life. Have been paying it back ever since.

5. What are you looking forward to in this job?

Creating a mentor-ship program for younger folks who want to get into technical theater. I miss teaching very much. (More on this program to be announced soon!)


6. What’s the last play you saw?

Recently designed/built set, sound and lights for a friends original play which was a contemporary riff on Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was really fun to back up the energy of the piece with subtle design decisions.


7. If you were an animal, what would you be and why? 
Because they sing and dance while going about their lives. 

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SIGN UP – Fundraising Bootcamp!

After a successful round of Fundraising Bootcamp, this program is back for interested organizations and individuals!

Last year, TPS had the opportunity to do an in-depth assessment with the consultants at Campbell and Co.  They walked us through every detail of what healthy fundraising systems and activities look like in a non-profit arts organization, and then helped us create a practical work plan that we are using to get on track.

TPS wants to share our knowledge and these resources with you.  Join us for the “Fundraising Bootcamp.”  In five 2.5-hour sessions, we will take a deep-dive into the core competencies needed for successful fundraising.  We will hear from professionals in the field and have many opportunities to share learnings and resources among peers in the world of fundraising for theatre and the arts.  The curriculum includes case studies, articles and other relevant materials to be consumed in preparation for each session.  Participants will also have the opportunity to create a giving campaign unique to their organization or specified event in collaboration with their peers (with the help and feedback of the group), execute the campaign as part of the end of year giving season, and then return to the group to debrief and share findings.

The “Fundraising Bootcamp” is for you if:

  • You are the development representative at your organization: staff member, volunteer, or board member.
  • You have been in the field less than 5 years or currently have little to no access to technical training or support for fundraising.

It is not for you if:

  • You are a seasoned development professional.
  • Your organization has a robust fundraising staff.

Due to the collaborative nature of this project, a commitment of participation will be necessary as part of enrollment. We will meet on the following dates from 6:00p – 8:30pm:

May 14, 2019

May 28, 2019

June 11, 2019

June 25, 2019

July 9, 2019

Topics will include:

  • Organizational Planning
  • Building a culture of philanthropy in your organization
  • Fundraising staffing and systems
  • Fundraising activities, outcomes, and evaluation
  • Managing board and volunteer fundraising
  • Donor communications, management, and stewardship
  • And more!

Cost is $300 for TPS members and $400 for non-members. Fill out the attached form (below) to register and return to TPS with payment no later than Friday, May 3, 2019!

2019 Fundraising Bootcamp Registration

Any questions/comments? Contact us at or (206)770-0370.

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Board Spotlight: Jeannine Clark

Get to know our new Board President Jeannine Clark with our (somewhat) monthly Board Spotlight!

1. Who are you? Tell us about yourself!

I’m a fundraiser, performer, director, and producer. I’ve worked in non-profit arts fundraising for about 7 years now. I’m a company member of Unexpected Productions at the Market Theater and 4&20 Improv. I also founded and run Seattle Experimental Theater, which produces 2-3 shows a year. 

2. How long have you been on the board?

I joined the TPS Board of Directors in 2017 and became Board President in 2019.

3. What’s your relationship to theatre?

Went from “just friends” to “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated” and now back to “in a relationship”. To be serious though, I’ve been a bit of a jack of all trades, and I like that. 

4. What excites you about TPS in 2019?

Many, many things. We have some significant projects coming up this year. I’m excited about the new website that will be launching in a few months. 

5. What’s one of your favorite pieces of theatre you saw in 2018?

Oh, this is tough. I was so lucky–I saw a lot of good stuff last year. And I got to perform improv in Hawaii and Victoria, so I saw great stuff at those festivals as well. I really liked “Prelude to a Kiss” at Strawberry Theatre Workshop and “Familiar” at the Seattle Rep. I saw a show in Washington DC called “45 Plays for 45 Presidents” that I really liked. I think it was written by a couple former members of the NeoFuturists, and performed by an all female cast. 

6. If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

Anything that could be put into a pie.

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Actor Advice from a UGA Volunteer

Before she joined the TPS staff, Facilities Manager Libby Barnard volunteered at the Unified General Auditions — she has also auditioned numerous times, and plans to do so again this year. (Haven’t signed up yet? Click here to register!)

This is a post she put together in 2014 about what she learned as a UGA volunteer. (Want to be a volunteer? Click here for info!) We post this as an additional resource that may be helpful for those preparing this year. The following are Libby’s personal opinions and do not reflect those of Theatre Puget Sound or our UGA auditors.


Obviously you can’t please every auditor. What follows is just my own opinion and lessons I decided to take, as a fellow actor (and I know people, including those that do casting might disagree, especially on the topic of calling time).

I think what is most important is to own the room. Those are your 2 or 3 minutes. Have fun and don’t feel like you owe anything to anyone. Seriously. This is YOUR time, you get to do what you want with it.

From 3/11/14:

Alright, here are my thoughts after sitting in on some TPS general auditions. Many thoughts will be applicable to all auditions, but some are specific for timed auditions. I was pretty lenient with my timing ( I let people finish their thoughts) but I know the person after me was super strict in her 2 min (or 3min depending). I won’t mention everything like know the pieces you are doing (duh).

  • VOCAL/BREATH SUPPORT and DICTION. Do your warm-ups, guys. Also, if you get nervous, be aware of how that informs your breath and support, you may need more of it than when you rehearsed . . . this may include VOLUME too. 50 bodies and curtains will absorb so much sound, in addition to construction outside.
  • Short and confident INTRO. This is the one time we get to see who YOU are. My preference is that you move chairs/boxes after we know who you are and what pieces you are doing, but that’s just me. Also, TAKE YOUR TIME before you begin your first piece (more on this later). Seriously take your time.
  • Can you actually walk in those heels? Is the sound of them clicking too distracting?
  • MOVEMENT: Everything must be DELIBERATE. We had a lot of “dancers” today, meaning they swayed back and forth. It is the equivalent of saying “um” when you take tiny steps back (that aren’t the intention of the character). Don’t underestimate one good solid piece where you are planted and then a good movement piece.
  • Let your pieces land.
  • TRANSITIONS between pieces: Ok. So with the timing, you may feel the pressure, but I really think its in your best interest to have a long beat or two in between your pieces. What this means is that you should plan to have at least 15-20 seconds buffer time, if not more if you have a really funny piece that you might have to hold for laughter (true story). You are lucky because the time doesn’t start until you start your first piece. Guess what that means? You get the time to breathe, spot your point of focus, breathe again and begin with purpose.
    * So you built in a good buffer, this means you get to land your first piece, hold it for a bit, breathe it out, and place yourself for the second one. This means you get to change your POINT OF FOCUS from one piece to the next and not loose who you are talking to. Don’t forget THE MOMENT BEFORE and WHAT YOU WANT!!!
  • I always thought that I needed to find a piece with a solid beginning, middle, and end. I still think that, but it is less important in a timed audition. Instead of thinking like that, the solid pieces had a beginning, at least one tactic shift and a button. Those are different.
  • TIMING: I called time on almost everyone with a 2 min slot. I even let people go over. TIME your pieces. Also, I noticed that people with a 30-45 sec piece (usually comedic piece) were always golden. Those people that started with a piece that went over 1:10 always always went over by a lot. I honestly don’t care if I called time, its when you try to finish even after time has been called. Just stop and say thank you.
  • Comedic pieces. I felt that a lot of people did monologues that felt like a stand-up routine. That may be fine if you want to show good comic timing, but beyond that I felt many lacked the WHY are you saying this and WHAT do you NEED.
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Headshot Days January 2019 Info & Registration

Theatre Puget Sound is proud to announce some details for Headshot Days January 2019, a chance for TPS members to have their headshots taken by industry professionals at a fraction of the cost!

30-minute headshot sessions

1/27 (Sunday), 10am – 7pm
1/28 (Monday), 10am – 7pm

How Much:
$60 for members
$80 for non members


Michael Blatner: All day Sunday/few slots on Monday
(view his portfolio)
Michael Maine: All day Monday
(view his portfolio)


Times are given on a first-come, first-serve basis so reserve your spot now!  Fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Forms can be received via e-mail at, by mail (addresses below), or in person at our offices! Reservations are not confirmed until payment is received. 

This form must be returned to TPS by Wednesday January 23, 2019, to reserve your spot.

Payment can be made via:

  • Mail (check)
                      PO Box 19643
                      Seattle, WA 98109
  • In-person at the TPS office (check, cash, or credit card)
                      305 Harrison Street Ste. 401A
                      Seattle, WA 98109
  • Phone (credit card)

Any questions/comments? Contact or (206)770-0370.

Contact us at or (206)770-0370.

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NOW HIRING: Racial Equity Initiative Manager



Job Description: Racial Equity Initiative Manager

Salary Exempt | Reports to: see below for details | Location: Seattle Center  Compensation: $60,000 annual salary


Do you have a passion for social justice?  Are you interested in working towards dismantling systems of oppression and white supremacy?  Do you want to create systems of accountability within Seattle and our community?

The Seattle Center Racial Equity Cohort (SCREC) is seeking a Racial Equity Initiative Manager to work with them on the Seattle Center campus. The SCREC seeks to empower member organizations to A) Implement organizational frameworks that are anti-oppressive and racially equitable B) Create and maintain a safe, welcoming, and supportive workplace for staff, volunteers, and interns of color and C) Serve and engage communities of color authentically in our work.  Funding and resources for the SCREC, and for this position, are coming from a grant specifically named to fund Racial Equity Access & Community Engagement work.

Seattle Center serves as an extraordinary, regional arts, civic and family gathering place in downtown Seattle. The 30+ cultural, educational, sports and entertainment organizations residing on the 74- acre campus, together with a broad range of public and community programs, offer nearly 500 events, attracting 12 million visits each year.

This position would engage with and provide support for the non-profit organizations that are located on the campus or are affiliated with campus arts and culture organizations at Seattle Center. The members of the SCREC are committed to ensuring that their board members, staff, programming and audiences are reflective of and serve the rich racial and cultural diversity of this region.  The manager would report to representatives of the Cohort that represent a collective of shared governance.  Theatre Puget Sound (TPS) will serve as the Fiscal Agent for this position and will therefore be classified as the employer for this manager. The position is full time, grant-funded and is being created with the intention of existing through 2019. Funds are being secured to extend this through 2020 with the goal of continuing the position as a full time role beyond 2020.



  • Develop relationships with all Seattle Center Organizations and cultivate community on campus
  • Serve as a resource for each of the participating organizations on issues of race and social justice as they explore opportunities for improving their individual cultural competency and work on the challenges of moving forward
  • Assist individual organizations and the cohort as a whole in evaluating deficiencies, identifying areas for progress, and identifying appropriate strategies


  • Hire and act as the direct manager of the part time Racial Equity Initiative Coordinator that will assist with administrative and logistical tasks as needed
  • Act as the lead staff member representing the interests of all of the cohort members
  • Schedule, organize and lead meetings for all of the cohort committees and task groups
  • Maintain contact lists and ensure all members are informed of meetings and activities
  • Assist the cohort in identifying and securing technical consultants (i.e. trainers, facilitators, subject matter experts) to serve the collective needs of the group
  • Manage the contracts of technical consultants
  • Bring constituents together for joint learning opportunities
  • Provide timely reports and updates to cohort members
  • Assist committees and task groups in the design and implementation of cohort programs
  • Provide logistical support for created programs.
  • Manage the budget for the Seattle Center Racial Equity Cohort.


  • Creation and cultivation of a Racial Equity toolkit of resources that can be utilized by Seattle Center organizations
  • Creation and implementation of campus wide onboarding training strategies for new employees of Seattle Center organizations
  • Creation of a framework and roadmap for the continuation of the Seattle Center Racial Equity Cohort


The successful candidate will have:

  • Five or more years of experience working with organizations and/or communities that are addressing cultural competency and racial equity issues
  • Capacity to work with a wide range of personalities and workgroups that have different levels of experience around equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Ability to lead through a lens of racial equity, cultural awareness, and sensitivity
  • Excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills
  • Detail oriented with excellent project management and supervisory skills
  • Experience solving problems under pressure, managing multiple projects at once, and working on difficult organizational issues
  • Experience working with all levels of an organization (boards, management, staff) in a change management context
  • An awareness of the culture in and around Seattle Center and a desire to see it grow, become more inclusive, and thrive
  • Ability to work independently and demonstrate initiative with minimal supervision
  • Clearances/background checks will be conducted and employment will be contingent on successful completion of a pre-employment background and reference check


  • This is a full time exempt position.   Schedule is flexible and can be developed to best fit the needs of the position.  Must also be able to work some evenings and weekends.
  • Compensation package includes:
    • Annual salary of $60,000
    • Annual $3,000 available to be utilized for personal/professional development
    • Full benefit package through TPS-including medical, dental, and vision coverage.  
    • As an employee of TPS this position would be eligible for 12 company designated holidays and 15 vacation days annually.  Paid safe and sick time would be equivalent to 1 hour for every 40 hours worked.
    • A monthly ORCA card


If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit the following, via email, to Ariel Bradler at  Please include your last name and REI Manager Position in the subject line of your email.  No phone calls please.

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume including at least three professional references

This position will engage with a lot of individuals and organizations on campus about their Equity work.  We invite you to address in your cover letter (no more than two pages) how your lived or learned experiences with systemic inequities allows you to engage in these conversations and impacts your perspective.  We would also love to learn about your accomplishments in your Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion work.

Interviews will begin on January 14, 2019 with the goal of a start date for this position on February 1, 2019.  However, this position will remain open until we find the right colleague for this work.

We value a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture.  We are committed to diversity in all areas of our work and encourage applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability, and veteran status.  We strongly encourage those from groups not normally represented, to apply.

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NOW HIRING: Technical Facilities Manager



Job Description: Technical Facilities Manager

Part time, Non-exempt | Reports to: Executive Director | Location: Seattle Center Compensation: $23/hour, 30 hours per week.

Theatre Puget Sound (TPS) is a leadership and service organization founded in 1997 which advocates for the region’s growing theatre community and administers much-needed services to the members. As part of the mission to foster and advocate for a robust and equitable theatre community, TPS supports 7 rehearsal rooms and 3 performance venues in partnership with the Seattle Center Armory.


The organization is currently seeking a Technical Facility Manager, a position that supports both regular facility maintenance projects while also serving as technical director for the performance spaces. This position will work in tandem with Seattle Center Staff in order to ensure regular maintenance and upkeep of all spaces and equipment. The ideal candidate will have knowledge of both regular facility maintenance processes as well as understanding of technical theatrical equipment. The ability to project manage and support individual productions within the TPS performance spaces is also a plus.


This position is split into two categories of need. While we hope to have one individual fulfill this position, individuals with direct experience in only once category may apply. Hours will be split accordingly between two entities, if necessary.


  • Manage and maintain all non-production related facility infrastructure, assets, systems and fixtures
    • “Non-Production” facility systems include management of facilities which are not related to the technical theatre production needs. This excludes theatrical production specific facility matters, technical production equipment, systems, and assets (sound, lights, intercom systems, etc)
    • “Infrastructure” includes: Electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fixtures, floors, walls, doors, windows, fire extinguishers, and exit/safety lighting
    • “Assets” include: Furniture, appliances, pianos, carts and dollies, fans, portable lighting, tools, studio specific items and equipment (including rehearsal cubes, screens, blackboards, storage cabinets, fans, bulletin and white boards, cleaning tools, drapes and mirrors).
  • Manage and maintain facility wide garbage management, coordination of cleaning schedule with Seattle Center custodians, general cleaning
  • Plan, supervise and conduct special facility/asset development projects (floor refinish or replacement, lighting fixture maintenance, etc.)
  • Maintain inventory of TPS provided facility supplies including research of alternatives as needed.
  • Replenish supplies as needed, to include: facility light bulbs, cleaning equipment and supplies, dressing room supplies such as paper towels, toilet paper and hand soap.
  • Ensure compliance with all fire and life safety requirements and regulations
  • Serve as the primary contact and liaison for all facility maintenance/development activities undertaken by Seattle Center crews and other personnel.


  • Manage and maintain all production related assets, systems and fixtures in three performance venues including lights, sound, etc.
  • Oversee, coordinate and support the activities of all production companies/clients in all three venues
    • Assess, troubleshoot and resolve issues with facility, equipment and systems during client production tech and performance
    • Provide training and guidance on use of venue systems and equipment as needed
    • Enforce “House Rules” on use of facility, systems and equipment by all clients
    • May include production specific tasks or support, as required/requested, including: design, construction, lighting, sound, projections and show operation.
  • Maintain performance facility, equipment and systems in production ready condition
    • Conduct routine and regular maintenance and repair of performance facilities, systems and equipment including: lighting dimming and control and distribution; lighting fixtures; sound equipment and systems, intercom equipment and systems, monitor (audio and video) equipment and systems, projection equipment and systems.
  • Maintain inventory of TPS provided production supplies. Research and purchase supplies as needed including: lighting fixture lamps; lighting fixture parts and repair supplies; lighting cables; sound adaptors and cable; projector lamps, adaptors and cable; expendable goods (tape, hardware, solvents, etc.)
  • Plan, supervise and conduct special infrastructure/system/asset development projects
  • Provide technical support for TPS managed/sponsored events in venues and rehearsal studios
  • Serve as Production Manager/Technical Director/Designer for the TPS stage at Bumbershoot and any other TPS sponsored production activities
  • Serve as primary contact for priority clients in order to ensure efficient transitions between productions
  • Serve as primary contact for Seattle Center Staff for projects, emergency management, or other performance related matters

Please send resumes and cover letters to

TPS values a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. We are committed to diversity in all areas of our work and encourage applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, national origin, citizenship, disability, and/or veteran status. We strongly encourage those from groups not normally represented, to apply.

PDF of Job Listing: Technical Facility Manager Position

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