About TPS

TPS provides an enormous amount of valuable services to our membership. However, our benefit from TPS membership is much greater than the sum of services rendered. As a member of TPS you are investing in the future of our region’s theatres and artists. TPS does a great deal of advocacy work on behalf of the Puget Sound performing arts community, through which all involved in that community benefit.

  • Zhenya Lavy – Interim Executive Director [email]
  • Rex Carleton – Technical Director [email]
  • Shane Regan – Programs Manager [email]
  • Catherine Blake Smith – Membership & Communications Specialist [email]
  • Jeanette Sanchez – Facilities Program Assistant [email]
  • Karen Lund – President
  • Tony Beeman – Secretary
  • Jane Martin Lynch – Treasurer
  • Shawn Belyea
  • Agastya Kohli
  • Paul Levy
  • Bryan Mize
  • Liisa Spink


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