Request for Proposals: TPS Website Design and Development

Website Design & Development
Request for Proposal


Theatre Puget Sound is requesting proposals for design and development services for a new  website.

Send proposals and questions on the RFP to:​ Ariel Bradler, Executive Director,

Budget for new website: ​We anticipate this project to be completed in three phases. The  budget for phase 1, to be completed by the date below, is $30,000.  

Goal for new website launch:​ January 2019 

Project Timeline Details  
RFP release date: August 22, 2018 
Responses Due: by midnight September 21st  
Project Kick-off : between October 8​th​ and November 1st  New Website Launch Target Date: January 2019

About Theatre Puget Sound 
Theatre Puget Sound is a leading performing arts service organization in the Puget Sound.  Founded in 1997, TPS seeks to provide resources and programming to strengthen the diverse  theatre community present in our region and to be a leader in advocacy efforts for topics which  affect our cultural infrastructure. TPS currently serves 1,500 organizations and individual artists  in and around King County.  

Our Audience 
Our current audience consists of organizational members representing theatre and performing  arts organizations and individuals working independently as actors, directors, choreographers,  designers, playwrights and students. This demographic ranges widely from individuals new in  their careers to seasoned arts professionals, and organizations ranging from small fringe  companies to larger organizations with multi-million dollar annual operating budgets. The  website offers networking and promotional opportunities for both through individualized  profiles and discount opportunities and rental space reservations. 

New Website Objectives 
Our website must perform two key functions: to serve as a rental platform, including a calendar  of current bookings or events, and as a networking tool for our individuals and organizations. 

Networking can include activities such as demographic search, promotion notices, audition or  job postings, or community meet-up notices. Members should be able to update their profiles  independently with both images or PDF’s. Key-word search functionality should also be  available for casting or employment purposes or for organizational event search. TPS should  be able to add or subtract search field functionality in order to grow and change with our  shifting community and clientele.  

Rental functions must be immediate and paid for at the time of booking for most rental types.  TPS must maintain the option to approve certain categories of activity or performance types  before booking is confirmed. TPS has invested in development of a new rental site which can  either be integrated into the current development or used as a structural example for the new  site. More information regarding current rental website needs is available upon request. 

TPS seeks to expand upon our services to include members of our community not currently  participating in our services such as teaching artists, arts administrators, and patrons. The  website should be an integral part of that expansion with flexibility to grow and adapt as  needed for an individual membership group. 

Current Website  
Built in 2002, our current website helped individuals and organizations collaborate on a  meaningful level at a time when social media was not yet part of the community framework.  The current website no longer supports upgrades or changes making new membership models  or new product and programming additions impossible to advertise online. The older  technology no longer meets current standards for security and infrastructure making us  susceptible to potential cyber-attacks.  

With our small staff, website interruptions become work-stopping as needs for updates often  occur outside of that person’s job scope and bandwidth. Easy updates and maintenance  schedules on the new website are a must.

Phase 1 New Website Functionality Requirements 
Our new website will need: 

  • An easy-to-use content management system (CMS)
    • The CMS does not necessarily need to be custom built
    • Existing CMS interface options such as WordPress are recommended
    • CMS updates and/or plugins must be easily maintained by staff with ability to update or add pages, email templates, membership levels, etc.
  • Intuitive navigation for all membership types
  • Clean and focused design which conveys the mission, vision, and key stakeholders of the organization
  • Flexible means of recognizing funders, donors, or major contributors on home page and in content pages
  • Optimized with SEO best practices in mind
  • Optimized for ecommerce best practices
  • Social media integration (share buttons, follow buttons, etc.)
  • TPS “upcoming events” page
  • Email sign-up form with permission marketing opt-ins
    • This will act as a “free membership” for individuals to see basic information with the opportunity to purchase a membership in order to fully interact with the website. (see membership needs below for more details)
  • Advanced Search functionality with custom field flexibility
  • Connectivity with Little Green Light, CRM
  • Full access and rights to the customized site code, data, and image
  • Membership Portal
    • Flexible design to meet needs of different organization/individual membership types with varying membership levels within each category (i.e. student vs umbrella vs. patron or small vs large orgs)
    • Member “add-ons” for document and media (photo, video, sound) storage and display
      • This would involve the ability for members to create “micro-transactions” within their profiles and select from a menu of display types not offered in a basic profile which would enhance their profile, depending on their discipline or body of work
    • Privacy settings for public viewing opportunities based on login type.
      • Members should be able to opt in to allow certain personal information to be made viewable in a public setting
    • Bio information
    • Social media/external website links
    • Messaging platform or contact information with privacy settings
    • Annual registration options based on date of purchase rather than calendar year
    • Ecommerce integration for membership dues/donations
  • Donor management
    • Ability to take donations both one time and recurring.
    • Donor pages with easy management for additions and subtractions
    • Ability to highlight key donors
    • Logo and media placement for donor recognition initiatives
  • Discounts Portal including
    • Special offers for different membership sub groups
    • Messaging platform to convey new offers or last-minute deals
    • Advertising system to highlight individual businesses
  • Job listing, call board, or forum page
    • Multi-view to allow for membership to see details and non-members to see basic information for auditions, gigs, job postings, freelance opportunities, volunteer opportunities
    • Ability to filter by posting type (i.e. auditions vs job postings)
    • Ability for members to receive email alerts for specific posting criteria
    • Ability for non-members to “pay to post”
  • Rental portal (more detailed information regarding current and ongoing rental system progress can be provided if requested)
    • Room reservation and payment system with email templates and confirmations as needed.
    • Rate discounts and display
    • Calendar view functionality
    • Opt-in privacy settings for specific event or activity display
    • Room description and image display
    • Opportunities to advertise discounts for room use or special savings for members versus non-members.
    • Rate discount options for TPS members upon login
    • Storage or item rental “add-ons”
    • Donation opt-in
    • Compatibility with membership cart should an individual wish to rent and purchase a membership at the same time.

Phase 2 Functionalities/Wish List 
The following items we intend to add soon after the initial website launch however are not  required in the initial build phase.  

  • Customizable profile display
  • Individual member blogs or latest update section
    • Like Howlround, the individual would be able to post articles which can then be shared by TPS staff for general consumption, given the permission dictated by the individual
  • Connection to our existing blog, UGA, and Gregory Award sites with easy navigation to and from
  • Volunteer management system
  • “News” section to allow members to post articles or community needs
  • Ticket sales platform for internal and external events
  • TPS member calendar listing
    • This would be a go-to place to identify what is happening in the city. Members could search by keyword to find shows running in their neighborhood or by interest type (i.e. comedies, running today, within 5 miles of me)
    • Individuals would be directed to the theatre or community partner for ticket purchase or be able to purchase tickets directly through TPS should the producing entity not have a ticketing service software.

Budget Details 
As listed in the summary, our budget for phase 1 is $30,000 which must include conversation  from the existing SQL database to Little Green Light CRM. TPS is seeking individuals who may  be able to offer in-kind support or flexible billing. While we are unable to exceed this project  budget for any reason in FY18, we encourage proposals that offer solutions or suggestions to  non-required elements added to the website after initial launch. Fundraising for additional  phases and website updates will occur in fiscal years 19 and 20.

Proposal Requirements 
Please include the following in your proposal response: 

  • Overview of your company
  • Overview of successful initiatives with small non-profits or small businesses
  • A short explanation of your desire to work with Theatre Puget Sound
  • Explanation of your proposed platform/CMS
  • Outline of your website design & development strategy
  • Proposed website timeline from kickoff to launch
  • Details about your team
  • Recent design & development examples
  • References
  • Pricing with optional elements line-itemed
  • Terms & conditions

Thank you for your interest in this RFP. We look forward to your response with a proposal for  our new website. 

For a downloadable PDF version of the RFP:
Theatre Puget Sound – Website Phase 1 Request for Proposal

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