2018 Unified General Auditions: Actor Feedback

You already saw what the auditors had to say.
Now here’s some feedback from our amazing TPS Member performers who auditioned at this year’s 2018 Unified General Auditions.
159 of 389 auditioning performers responded to this survey.

Have you been contacted by an industry professional that saw you at the Unified General Auditions?

45% – Not yet
55% – Yes 

(Performers have been contacted for Talent Representation, Theatre Production Audition/Callback Invitations, and Play Readings.)

Is your willingness to audition dependent on knowing which organizations are in attendance?

40.9% – No 
49.7% – Yes 
9.4% – No Response 

For those who auditioned in the new Tuesday evening slot, why did you attend the evening session?

75% – I was NOT ABLE to attend the UGAs during the day.
10% – I WAS able to attend during the day, but chose this slot for another reason. 
15% – Other 

Would you recommend the Unified General Auditions to other actors?

5% – No
85.5% – Yes
9.5% – No response

How did you hear about the UGAs? (Check all that apply)

40% – Friends/Word of Mouth
9.4% – General Internet Search
12.5% – Facebook
29.3% – TPS Website
44.4% – TPS Member Announcement
0% – PATA Website
0% – Theatre Company Website
0.6% – Acting Studio
7.5% – Acting Coach
2.5% – Agent
3.1% – University Drama/Theatre Program
1.3% – Other

Selected general comments, notes, suggestions:

A great experience. The survey feedback from auditors really varies. For instance, over and over auditors liked reworded satirical songs or original monologues which has never been something I would have considered doing, and would likely cause my acting coach to have a coronary if I suggested doing just that. But then scan down a few comments and it seems some auditors want more conventional pieces. Hard to know what to do. The statistical compilation of monologue and song info was very helpful. Thankfully I chose
Again, just want to commend the staff, particularly Shane.  Everything was smooth so I didn’t have to focus on anything other than my own audition.
Everyone was so nice and helpful! The girls at the front were so sweet, really made me feel at home!!
Everything was perfect!
Having been a member for many years, Shane’s instructions have been great every year!
Having done UGA before, additional instructions weren’t needed since the process remained very similar to years past
I would say TPS in general has opened so many doors for [my daughter].  It’s so nice to receive audition announcements and to be able to connect with other aspiring young actors, directors, dialect coaches etc.  The General Audition is such a wonderful opportunity to both keep up her skills and let the greater theater community know she’s excited and serious about becoming an actor;  thank you!

One thing I’d love to see altered (and I know you’ve received this comment already I’m sure) is a filter for auditions. 

I like that everything is the same every year. It helps with the nerves to feel like I’ve been here and done this before.
I like that there was a quiet and noisy warm up room.  Next time I’ll choose the quiet room.
I look forward to UGA’s! I’ve only been in Seattle for a year and have attended two rounds of Generals…I always love a chance to audition and even with the short amount of time I’ve been in Seattle, I’ve personally known a couple of auditors in attendance, so it’s a fun opportunity to share what I can do. 🙂
I love TPS so much and this event is especially spectacular and I have so much respect for the amount of time and care it takes to organize something so epic. Thank you so much to Shane!
I would recommend, if this does not already happen, to rotate the accompanist throughout the day to give their brains & hands a break, so as to give each auditioner a positive experience.
I’d done Generals two years prior and so I wasn’t too nervous this time around. Still, I think I’d like to find a coach to prep for next year.
In every way this is run perfectly, with attentiveness, attention to detail and respect. Coming from the east coast it has been a joy to do the General Auditions and to be handled in such a kind way.
It seemed tp be running even more smoothly than in previous years!
It would have been easier to respond to this if it had come out in a more timely manner….6 weeks later??
It’s always so seamless. Such a pleasure…always.
It’s been a while now so I can’t remember if I received information and wasn’t able to attend or simply didn’t know about the orientation in January, but I think I would have found that helpful. I had some issues with my account as well as questions about audition registration itself and Shane Regan was very gracious and helpful. Thank you!
I’ve been doing this for a long time so I don’t need much.  Newbies would be better judges of this.  Mainly the final reminders of – wait 10 seconds, best light is here, exit far side – are always useful in the anxious moment before going on.
Love you!
Lovely on site experience. Loved the warm up rooms, snacks and efficient but kind personnel.
Reception was wonderful, all the volunteers so positive and helpful.  Instructions on the day of and prior to the audition date were all very clear.  And I loved the warm up rooms provided.  Very professional and accommodating.  I will definitely come up to Seattle to audition again next year.
See previous.

More signage as to where the auditions could also have been provided.  ( For instance in the food court) The information booth in the food court could also have been alerted.
Who needs to have the extra stress on not finding space with ease? Maybe I was the only one.

Shane and all the volunteers are ROCK STARS!
Shane Regan is an absolute gem and makes the process so smooth for the actors.
So organized and put together
Some of the prior notes to generals would have made my audition better. Do they want to see people do there best or the best people right now? Investments make more than one person successful.
THANK YOU for organizing all of this! I’m still new to Seattle theatre and appreciate the opportunity to get in front of this many people.
The logistics have to be a nightmare.
Thanks for making it such an easy and smooth experience!
Thanks for the food!
The backstage / backdrop of the audition was kinda ‘goofy’ and that kinda distracted my focus before entering the stage and facing the audience.  Perhaps, add black free-standing portable walls as a backdrop between the actor and the actual backstage?
There should be a floor mark to indicate optimum lighting and distance from the audience. The chair provided should be a simple wooden straight back chair, not a metal framed office chair. I find the previous year’s auditor feedback very helpful. The Non Equity time limit should be extended to two and a half minutes.
This is a great service to all the theater artists who attend.   Info is clear, the space feels welcoming, and I love the followup information  you put out there for all to see.  Thank you to the TPS staff for organizing, and to all the volunteers who keep things running smoothly.
This was my first time attending UGA’s and I had a great experience! Everything was so organized and I felt well informed right up to the minute I walked out on stage to audition. The only thing I was confused about was the sign-in board for auditors in the lobby. I auditioned in the afternoon but when I arrived it looked like not a single auditor had checked in for the PM column. Obviously someone was there, but it would have been nice to know exactly who was in the room. I really have no idea if I was seen by certain organizations or not. Other than that I was very pleased with everything!
Very well run and organized.  A great experience.

Thank you to all of our amazing performers and to everyone involved in making the 2018 Unified General Auditions a success!

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