Staff Spotlight: Heather Refvem

  1. Tell us about yourself and your relationship to theatre!
    I grew up in Sammamish. When I was eight, my parents signed me up for a Kidstage Class at Village Theatre. Back then, Steve Tomkins taught the Kidstage classes. We did a couple of songs from Oliver and I played “Oliver”. After that, I spent the summer working on the Kidstage production of Bye Bye Birdie.
    During that show, they were looking for kids for the mainstage production of Babes in Toyland, which was the first show produced at the Village Mainstage. I got cast as Jill, as in “Jack and Jill,” and totally caught the acting bug. Determined to get a BFA in Musical Theatre, I attended The College of Santa Fe in New Mexico. After graduating, I was set on moving to New York City. I played that game for seven years, before deciding if I wasn’t going to be on Broadway… I didn’t need to be in New York (where I wasn’t very happy anyway), and I could probably do more professional theatre back home in Seattle. So far, that is proving itself to be true.
  2. What are you doing at TPS?
    All sorts of things… my title is Programs Assistant. The biggest project we are working on right now is the UGAs, so I’ve been helping with logistics and various other projects as they come about.
  3. Have you done them? How have you been helping with them this year?
    I have done the UGAs many times! I remember the days where we had to show up with like 50 headshots and resumes, then the auditors returned what they didn’t want to keep at
     the end of each hour, or you came back another day to pick up the extras… I don’t really remember… what I do remember was feeling like it was a bad thing that not EVERYONE wanted to keep my headshot… oh, poor high school Heather… Before moving back from New York, I came back for a couple days just for the UGAs. It was a great way to get myself out there in one fell swoop.
    This year, I’ll be auditioning again, but I’ll also be around each day to help facilitate the event. I scored some sweet coffee donations for the auditors. I’m making arrangements for our auditor dinner on Tuesday… hope you all like tacos! Wait, who doesn’t like tacos? (Special shout out to Blue Water Taco Grill, Caffe Laudro, Uptown Espresso and Fonte Coffee Roasters for the hook up!)
  4. Any advice for actors attending the UGAs this year?
    Treat it as a general audition and don’t worry too much about a particular theatre or show. Think of it as an opportunity to show the community who you are as an artist.
  5. What do you like about the Seattle theatre community?
    I love that you can actually feel like a part of the community here. Don’t get me wrong, New York is amazing, but it is SO big! It’s overwhelming to keep up with all that’s going on and you only feel like a very small speck in the community. Going to auditions is WAY more enjoyable here. For one, you don’t have to show up at 5am to put your name on a an “un-official list”, then go kill 3 hours at a Starbucks to come back and find out there are 500+ people on the list and they are going to “type” or cut everyone’s audition to 8 bars, and you still aren’t going to get in before 4pm…Yup, that’s what it’s like. Here you always see people you know. I also love how the community is always working to be better, especially with social change. I am really proud and inspired to be among so many movers and shakers.
  6. Anything you want to say?
    Not really… I gotta get back to work… 3 days til UGAs, so it’s like tech week here in the office!!! See you all next week!
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