Rex Carleton, TPS technical director and Seattle Theatre Wikipedia himself answers monthly questions in this new feature of our Newsletter. Program Assistant Libby Barnard sits down with the man himself to ask him one of your many questions.

4. What was the best portrayal of a couple or relationship you’ve seen onstage?

REX: I know it’s old history what we did back in the 80s and the 90s (with the Group Theatre), but there was some awfully powerful stuff that of course I was intimately involved with, so of course I remember that more than the passing “other” show. And the one that comes to mind was a production we did called “The Kiss of the Spider Woman,” which is just an extraordinary piece of theatre. And an extraordinary examination of two lost souls, and you know, in an extreme circumstance, finding each other and finding some connection.

It was a love note.
It was not a love-relationship but it ran deeper than that.

And the two actors that played the roles in that show were Todd Jefferson Moore and Billy Ontiveros. Both extraordinary accomplished actors. But that show, they did as convincing a job at leaving their own identities behind in order to portray those roles than any performances I’ve ever seen. It was one of the most moving, emotional experiences I’ve ever had watching theatre. There are plenty of others I could list, but let’s pick that one today.

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