Is it possible to become a playwright in Seattle?


Rex Carleton, TPS technical director and Seattle Theatre Wikipedia himself answers monthly questions in this new feature of our Newsletter. Program Assistant Keiko Green sits down with the man himself to ask him one of your many questions.

3. Is it possible to become a playwright in Seattle?

REX: I was surprised they asked me this question.

KEIKO: Me too, actually!

REX: Well, the answer is it is not possible to become a playwright.
You either ARE a playwright or you’re not. Right?


K: Right. I love that.

REX: And if you ARE a playwright, what you have to do is write. And write more and write more. Don’t labour what you’ve already written too much, just keep writing. 
And then, share it. Network. Give it people. And give it to them with an open heart and an open mind and listen carefully to what they tell you. And that’s how you become a BETTER playwright. But you’ll never BECOME a playwright because if you are one, you know it.

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