Staff Spotlight: Keiko Green

  1. Where are you originally from?
    Marietta, Georgia. It’s a suburb of Atlanta. I never had an accent, but I do say “y’all” and call people little pet names like “darlin'” and “sugar” sometimes.
  2. What do you do at TPS?
    My job is officially “Program Assistant,” but I mostly work in Communications here — which means I’m the one attempting to write funny Facebook posts and trying to make sure our membership communications are as fun as possible. I hope everyone else agrees… 
  3. What’s your favorite part of your job/TPS?
    I love our office! We have some design/remodeling dreams that we keep shooting out (hello, beanbag loft!), but overall — everyone is really friendly, and we get along really well. The radio is always playing, and we love having artists pop in during rehearsal breaks. Also Ariel keeps our snack bin full, so OBVIOUSLY that’s a plus.
  4.  What was your favorite moment from the the Gregory Awards this year?
    The ceremony was especially incredible to me this year because I got to take home the Outstanding New Play Award for my play Nadeshiko! As a part of Bring Down the House, it was also exciting to stand on that big stage with all those incredible women again and see all the beautiful faces in the audience. Our community cleans up real good.
  5. What’s something most people don’t know about you?
    I can’t whistle. I have double-jointed thumbs. I’m afraid of the dark.
  6. The holidays are coming up — What do you most look forward to?
    I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS. This year I’m performing in A Christmas Carol over at ACT, so mostly I’m excited about that. My family has a tradition of eating cheese fondue on Christmas Eve, but since I’ll be performing, my parents are planning on coming to see the show that night. I’m excited for that performance.
  7. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a theatre artist new to the area?
    See everything. Get to know all the artists in the area. Learn who’s working and what they offer to the community. Then figure out what you offer that is unique to the area. Present that. Work. 
  8. Are you working on any fun projects you’d like to share?
    As a playwright, I’m working on two separate scripts that I’m REALLY excited about. One will be presented at NCTC’s Pipeline Series at Solo Bar on Mon 11/20. It’s about Two half-Japanese sisters who reinvent themselves after a car accident, called Ballad of the White Tiger
    The other play is a bit of a docu-play about the organizers and events of the Womxn’s March. That play is currently titled White Noise. I have big plans for both projects 😉


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