Staff Spotlight: Shane Regan

Meet the Man that Makes It Happen Behind-the-Scenes!

  1. Where are you from?
    Federal Way, WA
  2. How long have you been working at TPS?
    Since 2009 
  3. What do you do at TPS?
    I manage the major programs at TPS (Gregory Awards, Unified General Auditions, Bumbershoot) I also do all things computer (website, training, technology, IT, etc.)  I’ve also previously worked in facility and member management.
  4. What is your favorite part of the Gregory Awards/What are you looking forward to?
    I always look forward to the day of the ceremony.  More than an awards ceremony, it’s a night to appreciate the hard work of every local theater artist.  Plus we clean up real well.
  5. What is your favorite Gregory Awards moment?
    So many to choose from.  From Charles Leggett’s accepting the very first award in the 2009 ceremony, to Timothy McCuen Piggee’s powerful address for the 2015 Sustained Achievement Award, there’s been no shortage of inspiring acceptance speeches.  We also have had some great opening numbers, including original songs and a Hamilton parody.  No pressure, Sara and Justin!
  6. What will you be wearing to the ceremony?
    What will I be wearing?  Instead of figuring that out I’m procrastinating by filling out a survey.  Ummm… a suit?  Hopefully??
  7. Any advice to the nominees?
    We hope the awards graciously recognize your artistic work and achievements and that you pass that feeling on to other artists.  Everyone deserves to be recognized and appreciated, so pay it forward!  Also, write down what you want to say on stage because if your name is called you’ll forget everything. 

  8. Anything else you want to say to the membership?
    TPS is always happy to chat about what we can do to better serve you.  Drop by our office, send an email, invite us to your mansion or castle.. we want to hear from you!  We’re excited for the future
    of TPS and the local theater community. 
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