TPS ED Search: Forum Transcripts and Feedback Form

Thanks to all TPS Members who attended the open forums today, meeting our final three candidates for Executive Director of Theatre Puget Sound.
At the request of the candidates, we are maintaining as much anonymity as possible during this stage of the process. We understand this may be frustrating for our members, and our intent is not to cloud the situation with more secrecy, simply to grant the request of our candidates, as job transitions can be sensitive.
The presentations were scheduled for a Monday, to fit the schedules of all the candidates. We understand this meant many members were not able to attend, but we have provided the transcripts below. We encourage you to submit your feedback via the online form at the bottom of the page.
We thank you for your patience and understanding.
Transcripts of the presentations and Q&A sessions are available here [PDF]:
11:10am – Candidate 1 – Presentation Transcript – Powerpoint Presentation
2:10pm – Candidate 2 – Presentation TranscriptPowerpoint Presentation
3:10pm – Candidate 3 – Presentation TranscriptPowerpoint Presentation
So, what do you think? Please fill out this online form to include your thoughts for consideration during the final selection: COMMUNITY FORUM FEEDBACK FORM
Please submit these forms by 11:59pm Tuesday 7/18/17, so they can be used as reference during the final interviews on Wednesday.
Thank you for your continued support and involvement in TPS. 
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