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Author Topic: Costume and Set Pieces from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  (Read 2444 times)
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« on: June 13, 2016, 10:59:02 AM »

Dear Theatre Manager,

Would you like to produce “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” but are concerned about building a flying car? Well, we can help you. ASTRA is a community theatre in Puyallup, Washington and we would like to sell you our fabulous flying car and other high-quality set pieces for a very reasonable price. Call ASTRA at 253-579- 6192, or email to for all the details.
You can perform “Chitty” and benefit by our labor, since we have already created fabulous sets. Come see our performances also (July 22nd to August 6th , tickets at (, but don’t wait too long to decide if you want these items. 

Below is a quick summary of what we have for sale. We will gladly share photos with you and answer any questions.

1. Our Chitty car is 14' L x 4.5' W x 6' Ht and a beautifully constructed replica of the movie version. It is scaled accurately and impressively finished. It features folding wings, turning wheels, upholstered seats, and externally controlled LED lights (accent, internal/face, and head/tail lights). 

2. Chitty has a four-motion lift system engineered to be capable of full rotation, 3 foot rise, pitch, and bank. The battery driven turntable is joystick controlled.  [The car can be used without the lift system on a stationary stand or create your own dolly.]
Also available:

1. Breakfast Machine (solidly built motorized aluminum machinery with LED lights)

2. Inventor's Car (collapsible car with smoke)

3. Haircut Machine (featuring smoke and flashing lights)

4. Truly's old-style motorcycle (pedals, coasts, and has a decorative non-working engine)

5. Child Catcher Cart (transitions from-candy- to-cage)

6. Music Box (7 ˝ feet high, mirrored doors open to a motorized turntable platform)

7. Jack-in- the-Box (adult-sized box for Baron's gift)

8. Popcorn cart (for fair scene)

9. Baron’s flag and map (map works with electro-magnets)

10. Candy (hundreds of colorfully decorated fake candies)

Costumes: Our Costume Designer has created stunning garments. Each costume for every scene "truly" evokes the best from every actor. Our cast size is 41.

1. Male and female Samba costumes in red, white, and black satin, embellished with fabric paint and accented with tassels and gold trim.

2. Colorfully embroidered Vulgarian ladies with matching headpieces – each unique costume is a true work of art.

3. Striped, candy-colored Sweet Factory workers, including aprons and hair accessories

4. A pack of child sized furry dogs, complete with realistic masks.

5. Bamboo Dancers, complete with matching hats and vests.

These pieces will be available on August 7th , 2016 in Puyallup, WA. Want photos now? Just ask, or come see them now.

Prices will be negotiated to be fair for you and for us and depending on how many items you want.

ASTRA has been gifted with dedicated artists who create theater magic every summer in Puyallup. You can benefit by acquiring our artistry. Please call for more details. ASTRA message phone 253-579- 6192 or email


Nancy Morris
ASTRA Committee Chair for 2016
An all-volunteer program of All Saints Parish
Puyallup, WA
253-579- 6192 ASTRA message phone

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