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Christopher Comte

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« on: October 29, 2013, 11:55:40 AM »

Last night, Annex Theatre won Theatre of the Year at the Gregory Awards, Seattle’s home-grown awards ceremony.  Which is a nice recognition by our community that great theater doesn’t only happen in million-dollar facilities; it happens on second-floor walk-ups with 99 seats (and in basements with 49 seats and former storefronts with 60-odd seats and all the other MacGyvered performance spaces out there).  Theater doesn’t need much to happen -- it doesn’t even need a theater.  It just needs human beings and imagination.

This Friday night, Annex presents one of the extreme proofs of that thesis:  60 Seconds Max!  The annual edition (this is our 9th!) of Spin the Bottle where all the performances are no more than 60 seconds long. 

When we first did this, we thought it would be a joke, a gimmick, we’d do it once and laugh about what a train wreck it was and never do it again.  Instead, what unfolded was a delirious live essay on creativity.  I don’t know about anyone else, but my jaw dropped and I thought, we have to do this again.  And again.  And again.  And every time, I walk out into the night reeling with the infinite possibilities of a single minute of our lives.

Come to Annex Theatre this Friday night, Nov 1, at 11 pm, and swim in the confined creativity of:

Chris Comte
Mark Siano
Val Brunetto
Chuck Leggett
Jodi James
Dartanion London
Ray Williams
Jana Hutchison
Bret Fetzer
Ryan Higgins
Sarah Kathryn Olds
Mark Brewster
Saskia Delores
Emmett Montgomery
D’Arcy Harrison
Chris Dietz
Becky Bruhn
Bunny Von Bunsmore
Cole Hornaday
E Ray Anderson
Kate Farrell
Jennifer Burdette
Daniel Finkel & Katherine Cook
Scot Augustson
Orla McGovern/Chuck Leggett
Opal Peachey
Danielle Radford
Noah Duffy
Katie Woodzick
Lazy French Teenagers
Jed Dunkerley
Amy Escobar
Becky Poole
W. Scott Davis
Seanjohn Walsh
Markeith Wiley
Josef Krebs
Scotto Moore
Dave Patnode
Zoe Wilson
Keiko Green
Laurel Ryan
Joel Dale
James Jordan
Jose Amador
Elizabeth Martin-Calder
Andy Buffelen
Eric Lane Barnes
Troy Lund
Catherine B. Smith
...and probably more!
All held together by the lean, mean, affable machine, BRUCE HALL!

Spin the Bottle takes place at Annex Theatre, just off the corner of Pike & 11th on Capitol Hill.  Only $10, and your ticket also functions as a free raffle ticket.  Good stiff drinks can be had at the bar for dirt cheap prices.  Want to know more about Annex?  Go to <>, where you can also buy tickets.

Yours, StB curator Bret Fetzer

“People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent.”
                Bob Dylan
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