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1  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Discussion / Re: Shows I saw in 2017 on: January 03, 2018, 08:39:48 AM
Yay Agastya! My goal was 52, and I ended up at 97!

My personal rules!
Each separately ticketed event counts as a show. For example, Friday night at 14/48 counts as 1, not 7. Friday and Saturday night of 14/48 counts as two.
Shows I see more than once count as two. Two tickets=two shows (for me.)
Shows I participate in (as an actor/director/crew) count, but again only as one.
Burlesque shows and Drag shows count.
Variety shows count.
Improv, sketch comedy, short play festivals – all count.
Staged readings count.
*Named denoted with an asterisk are female identifying playwrights/directors.

Alysha's 2017 Plays Seen

1. Trojan Women, Civic Rep
adapted by Caroline Bird* after Euripides
directed by Leah Adcock-Starr*

2. 14/48, 14/48 Projects, ACT Theatre

3. The Curious Case of the Watson Intelligence, Ghost Light
Playwright: Madeleine George*
Director: Steven Sterne

4. Every Five Minutes, Washington Ensemble
By Linda McLean*
Directed by Ryan Purcell

5. Every Afternoon: A Dialogue: a Play(s), FILAMENT: A Collab Lab
Brittany Allyson*, Nathan Brockett, Sophia Franzella*

6. The Curious Savage, Yelm High School
Playwright: John Patrick
Director: Beth Olson*

7. My Man Godfrey, Theater Schmeater
Playwright: Eric K. Hatch
Director: Doug Staley

8. Let the Right One in, National Theatre of Scotland
Stage adaptation by Jack Thorne
Based on the Swedish novel and film by John Ajvide Lindqvist
Directed by John Tiffany

9. Bright Half Life, New Century
Playwright: Tanya Barfield*
Director: HATLO

10. Scary Mary and the Nightmares Nine, Annex
Playwright: Amy Escobar*
Director: Eddie DeHais

11. When Love Speaks, Thalia’s Umbrella
Playwright: David Wright
Director: Daniel Wilson

12. Well, Seattle Rep
Playwright: Lisa Kron*
Director: Braden Abraham

13. Waning, Annex Theatre
Playwright: Kamaria Hallums-Harris*
Director: Sadiqua Iman*

14. Bring Down the House Part 2, Seattle Shakespeare
Adapted by Rosa Joshi* and Kate Wisniewski*
Director: Rosa Joshi*

15. A Moveable Feast, Cafe Nordo/Book-It
By Ernest Hemingway
Conceived by Jane Jones* & Judd Parkin
Adapted by Judd Parkin
Director: Jane Jones*

16. Macbett, Ghost Light Theatricals
Playwright: Eugene Ionesco
Director: Emily Harvey*

17. Unmuted, MonoMyth
Playwrights: Joshua Hardwick, Lojo Simon*, Britt Hobson*
Directors: Sarah Richard*, Sam McHale, Karen DeMasters*

18. A Proper Place, Village Theatre
Book by Leslie Becker* and Curtis Rhodes
Music by Curtis Rhodes
Lyrics by Leslie Becker*, Additional Lyrics by Curtis Rhodes

19. Carry We Openly, amador/stokes
Playwright: Nick Stokes
Director: Jose Amador

20. A Tribe Call Yes!, Jet City Improv
Creator/Director: Steve Lange

21. Dragon Baby, Sara Porkalob Production
Playwright/Director: Sara Porkalob*

22. Shakespeare Dice: Twelfth Night, Dacha Theatre
Director: Kate Drummond*

23. Cuddling With Strippers, Fringe Fest
Creator/Director: Nik Doner
24. What Would Our Mothers Think?, Bohemian Dream
Playwright: Brent Solomon
Director: Terry Boyd

25. Fringe Fest Is Such a Drag, Arson Nicki
Creator/Director: Arson Nicki

26. Sex With Strangers, ReAct Theatre
Playwright: Laura Eason*
Director: David Hsieh

27. Perfect Arrangement, ReAct Theatre
Plawyright: Topher Payne
Director: Rachel Rene*

28. Grounded, Seattle Public
Playwright: George Brant
Director: Kelly Kitchens*

29. Dr. Ballard’s Vaudeville Players, Ghost Light Theatricals
Director: Allanah Raas-Bergquist*

30. The Fog Machine Play, Copious Love
Director/Playwright: Brendan Mack

31. Frozen, ArtsWest
Director: Mathew Wright
Playwright: Bryony Lavery*

32. Nadeshiko, Sound Theatre
Director: Kaytlin McIntyre*
Playwright: Keiko Green*

33. The Secret Garden, 5th Avenue Theatre
Book & Lyrics by Marsha Norman*
Music by Lucy Simon*
Directed and Choreographed by David Armstrong
Based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett*

34. ACME, Annex
Director: Mary Hubert*
Playwright: Andrew Shanks

35. The Addams Family Musical, Yelm High School
Director: Beth Olson*
Music & Lyrics by Andrew Lippa
Book by Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice

36. Private Lives, Reboot Theatre Company
Director: Jasmine Joshua
Playwright: Noel Coward

37. Pilgrims, Forward Flux
Director: Emily Penick*
Playwright: Claire Kiechel*

38. Gutenberg! The Musical!
Directed and Produced by Pauls Macs
Music Direction by Julia Thornton*
Additional Staging and Choreography by Hattie Claire Andres*

39. Let’s Be Silver, The Pocket
Book by Jasmine Joshua
Music and lyrics by Heather Ragusa*

40. Money & Run: Of Nuns and Ninjas, Theater Schmeater
Creator/Director: Wayne Rawley

41. Money & Run: Money, Take Run, Theater Schmeater
Creator/Director: Wayne Rawley

42. Money & Run: Save the Last Dance For Run, Theater Schmeater
Creator/Director: Wayne Rawley  

43. And Starring Claire From Hollywood, Macha Monkey
Playwright: Jim Moran
Director: Amy Poisson*

44. Grand Concourse, Seattle Public Theater
Playwright: Heidi Schreck* Director: Annie Lareau*

45. Into the Deeps!, DangerSwitch
Director: Eddie DeHais & Alyza DelPan-Monley*

46. Medicine Ball: Playwrights v. Poets, Seattle Theatre Works
Directors: Sarah Rodriguez Giese*, Ellen Graham*, Dan Tarker
Playwrights: Kelleen Conway Blanchard*, Gretchen Douma*, Dan Tarker, Jim Jewell, Greg Brisendine, Heidi Heimarck*, José Amador

47. The Realistic Joneses, New Century
Director: Paul Budraitis
Playwright: Will Eno

48. Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion, 5th Ave Theater
Book by Robin Schiff*
Music & Lyrics by Gwendolyn Sanford* & Brandon Jay
Director: Kristin Hanggi*
Choreographer: Peggy Hickey*

49. SHAKE THAT TREE! A Sweet and Tangy Burlesque Revue, The Stay Up Late Show/The Rainier Cherries

50. Downstairs, T22/ACT
Playwright: Theresa Rebeck*
Director: Julie Beckman*
51. Coyote Tails, The 14/48 Projects
Playwright: Zoey Cane Belyea*/Pilar O’Connell*
Director: Emily Purington*

52. The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, Theater Schmeater
Adapted by le Clanche du Rand* from C.S. Lewis
Director: Samantha Gilworth*

53. Statements After An Arrest Under The Immorality Act, Theater Schmeater
Playwright: Athol Fugard
Director: Emily Harvey*

54. Persuasion, Taproot Theatre
Based on the book by Jane Austen*
Book by Harold Taw
Music/Lyrics: Chris Jeffries
Director: Karen Lund*

55. Hoodoo Love, Sound Theatre Company
Playwright: Katori Hall*
Director: Malika Oyetimein*

56. Greensward, MAP Theatre
Playwright: R. Hamilton Wright
Director: Richard Ziman

57. 14/48, The 14/48 Projects

58. Ice Cream, The Can Can

59. Fool For Love, ACT
Playwright: Sam Shepard
Director: Alex Bodine

60. American Archipelago, Pony World
Playwrights: Holly Arsenault*, Kelleen C. Blachard*, Tré Calhoun, Vincent Delaney, Brendan Healy, Maggie Lee*, Sara Porkalob*, and Seayoung Yim*
Directors: Bobbin Ramsey* with Marissa McKown*

61. Much Better, Really-Really Theatre Group
Playwright: Elisabeth Frankel*
Director: Henry Nettleton

62. Revelry, Naked City

63. Dragon Lady, Intiman
Created by Sara Porkalob*
Director: Andrew Russell

64. The Who & the What, ArtsWest
Playwright: Ayad Akhtar
Director: Samip Raval

65. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, Book-It
By Maya Angelou*
Adapted by Myra Platt* and Malika Oyetimein*
Directed by Malika Oyetimein*

66. Why We Have A Body, WET
Playwright: Claire Chafee*
Director: Rhonda J. Soikowski*

67. Teh Internet is Serious Business, WET
Playwright: Tim Price
Director: Wayne Rawley
Choreographor: Alyza Del-Pan Monley*

68. Closer, SSR
Playwright: Patrick Marber
Director: Alicia Mendez*

69. Gemini Season, New Century ~ staged reading
Playwright: Nelle Tankus*
Director: Emily Harvey*
70. Amplitude, Theater Schmeater ~ staged reading
Playwright: Sage Martin*
Director: Maggie Rogers*

71. Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom, Theater Schmeater
Playwright: Jennifer Haley*
Director: Andrew Shanks

72. No More Sad Things, Forward Flux
Playwright: Hansol Jung*
Director: Wesley Frugé

73. las mariposas Y los muertos, Forward Flux
Playwright: Benjamin Benne
Director: Pilar O’Connell*

74. King of the Yees, ACT Theatre
Playwright: Lauren Yee*
Director: Desdemona Chiang*

75. Relativity, Taproot
Playwright: Mark St. Germain
Director: Scott Nolte

76. Smut the Bottle, Annex
Curated by The Libertinis*

77. Next Fall, Fantastic Z
Playwright: Geoffrey Nauffts
Director: Buddy Todd

78. Happy, Happy, Happy, Macha Theatre Works
Playwright: Lisa Every* & Jenn Ruzumna*
Director: Amy Poisson*

79. The World of Extreme Happiness, Seattle Public
Playwright: Francis Ya-Chu Cowhig*
Director: Desdemona Chiang*

80. Butch Alice’s Tea Party, STAGEright/Copious Love

81. Last Stop on Lilac, Annex
Playwright: Kelleen Conway Blanchard*
Director: Keira McDonald*

82. Deers, Annex
Playwright: Marcus Gorman
Directors: Tootsie Spangles* and QuiQui Dominguez*

83. Murderlesque, OK Fine Productions

84. The Inappropriate Suitor, Ghost Light Theatricals
Director: Steven Sterne
Playwright: Erik Hammen

85. The Crucible, ACT
Playwright: Arthur Miller
Director: John Langs

86. Spin the Bottle: 60 Seconds Max, Annex Theatre

87. Burn This, T22
Playwright: Lanford Wilson
Director: Corey McDaniel

88. The Last Croissant, Many Hats Theatre
Playwright: Veronica Tjioe*
Director: Amelia Wade*

89. The Twilight Zone: Live!, Theater Schmeater
Playwright: Rod Serling
Director: Monica Galarneau* and Darien Torbert

90. The Frogs, Yelm High School
Playwright: Don Zolidis
Director: Beth Olson*

91. Ballad of the White Tiger, NCTC Pipeline
Playwright: Keiko Green*
Director: MJ Sieber

92. Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas, Jet City Improv
Creator and Director: Douglas S. Willott

93. The Secret and Impossible League of the Noosphere in The Baltimore Plot, Live Girls Theater
Playwright: Darian Lindle*
Director: Meghan Arnette*

94. Howl’s Moving Castle, Book-It
Adapted and directed by Myra Platt*
Music and lyrics by Justin Huertas

95. Building the Wall, Azeotrope
Playwright: Robert Shenkkan
Director: Desdemona Chiang*

96. A Charlie Brown Christmas, Taproot
Playwright: Charles M. Schulz
Director: Sam Vance

97. The View From Santa’s Lap, Cafe Nordo
Written and Directed by Scot Augustson
2  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Discussion / Re: Shows I saw in 2016 on: January 03, 2017, 09:33:17 AM
I saw 82 shows. If I saw a show twice, I count it as two shows. Sorry, I do what I want  Wink Tongue

I also made an effort to try to track which shows were easily identifiable as directed or written by women. They are noted with an asterisk.

1. 14/48, ACT
2. King Kirby, Ghost Light
Written by Crystal Skillman* & Fred Van Lente
Directed by Rob Raas-Bergquist
3. Medicine Ball, Seattle Theatre Works
Playwrights: Jennifer Jasper*, Nelle Tankus*, Brent Griffith, Jessica Andrewartha*, JC Pankratz*, Daniel Tarker, Anthony Lee Phillips
Directors: Maggie Carrido Adams*, Michael Ryan Blackwood, Daniel Tarker, Ellen Graham*
4. In Arabia We’d All Be Kings, Theater Schmeater
Playwright: Stephen Adly Guirgis
Director: Julia Griffin*
5. Twelfth Story, Annex
Playwright: Rebecca Goldberg*
Director: Amy Poisson*
6. Weird Romance, StageRight
Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by David Spencer
Book by Alan Brennert
Director: Brendan Mack
7. Buzzer, ACT
Playwright: Tracey Scott Wilson*
Director: Anita Montgomery*
8. Can’t Talk Right Now, Theatre22
Playwright: Scotto More
Director: Katie McKellar*
9. Blue Paint, Copious Love
Director: Joshua Jon
Playwright: R.H. Tyrrel*
10. Annapurna, Theatre22
Playwright: Sharr White
Director: Julie Beckman*
11. Kings to Controllers, Ghost Light
Playwright: Stacy D. Flood
Director: Jenny Crooks*
12. Kings to Controllers, Ghost Light
Playwright: Stacy D. Flood
Director: Jenny Crooks*
13. Parade, Sound Theatre
Book by Alfred Uhry
Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown
Director: Troy Wageman
14. Romeo & Juliet, Seattle Immersive Theatre
Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Emily Penick*
15. Evita, SecondStory Rep
Lyrics by Tim Rice
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Director: Alicia Mendez*
16. Oklahoma, Woodlawn Players
Composer: Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein
Director: Sarah Stillion*
17. Kings to Controllers, Ghost Light
Playwright: Stacy D. Flood
Director: Jenny Crooks*
18. Assassins, ACT
Book by John Weidman
Music/Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Director: John Langs
19. The Other Place, Seattle Public
Playwright: Sharr White
Director: Kelly Kitchens*
20. My Heart is the Drum, Village Theatre
Book by Jennie Redling*
Music and Concept by Phillip Palmer
Lyrics by Stacey Luftig*
Director: Schele Williams*
21. Solid is the New Stripes, Jet City
Creators: Britney Barber* and Mandy Price*
Director: Andrew McMasters
22. Belleville, MAP Theatre
Playwright: Amy Herzog*
Director: Peggy Gannon*
23. The Hat, Gay City Arts
Playwright: Greg Brisendine
Director: Roy Arauz
24. Belleville, MAP Theatre
Playwright: Amy Herzog*
Director: Peggy Gannon*
25. Assassins, ACT
Book by John Weidman
Music/Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Director: John Langs
26. Cotton Patch Gospel, Taproot
Tom Key & Russell Treyz, Music & Lyrics by Harry Chapin
Director: Karen Lund*
27. My Name is Asher Lev, NCTC
Playwright: Aaron Posner
Director: Sheila Daniels*
28. Chorestia, Ghost Light
Playwright: Beth Raas-Bergquist*
Directors: Jenifer Ross* and Steven Sterne
29. Becky’s New Car, Phoenix Theatre
Playwright: Steven Dietz
Director: Ted Jaquith
30. Eat Cake, Annex
Playwright: Nelle Tankus*
Director: Catherine Blake Smith*
31. Puny Humans, Annex
Playwrights: Bret Fetzer & Keiko Green*
Director: Gavin Reub
32. Death of a Salesman, ArtsWest
Playwright: Arthur Miller
Director: Matthew Wright
33. Caligula, Arouet
Playwright: Albert Camus
translated by Christopher Williams
Director: Joshua Jon
34. Creature, Theater Schmeater
Playwright: Heidi Schreck*
Director: Emily Harvey*
35. The Little Mermaid, Bainbridge Performing Arts
Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Glenn Slater
Book by Doug Wright
Director: Joanna Hardie*
36. Hairspray, Albuquerque Little Theatre
Music by Marc Shaiman
Lyrics by Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman
Book by Mark O’Donnell and Thomas Meehan
Director: Henry Avery
37. 9 Circles, Straw Shop
Playwright: Bill Cain
Director: Greg Carter
38. Hamlet, Wooden O
Playwright: Shakespeare
Director: George Mount
39. Raggedy Ann & Andy, Theater Schmeater
Playwright: Patricia Thackray*
Director: Monica Galarneau*
40. The Crossing, Theater Schmeater
Music and Lyrics by Paul Lewis, Book by Paul Lewis and Carissa Meisner Smit*
Director: Doug Staley
41. The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Sound Theatre
Playwright: Stephen Adly Guirgis
Director: Teresa Thuman*
42. Siblings Grimm, 14/48
Playwright: Jim Jewell
Director: Shawn Belyea
43. Things you can do, Live! Girls
Playwright: Kristen Palmer*
Director: Meghan Arnette*
44. Daisy, ACT
Playwright: Sean Devine
Director: John Langs
45. Suffering Inc., Pony World
Conceived and directed by Brendan Healy
46. Turn of the Screw, Seattle Immersive
adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher
Director: Beau Prichard
47. Macbeth: The Shakesperiment, Slate Theater (does it have a company?)
Playwright: Shakespeare
Director: Beau Prichard
48. The Fantastic Misadventures of Twisty Shakes, The Libertinis
Playwright: The Ensemble & Marcus Gorman
Directed by: Hattie Hellkat*, Tootsie Spangles*, Woody Shticks, Kiki Penoyer*
49. You Asked for It, Feelings, Dollhouse, Ghost Light
50. Girl, Annex
Devised by the ensemble (women)*
Director: Mary Hubert*
51. Do It For Umma, Theatre Off Jackson
Playwright: Seayoung Yim*
Director: Sara Porkalob*
52. Terra Incognita, Annex
Playwright: Benjamin Benne
Director: Pilar O’Connell*
53. One Man Two Guvnors, Sound Theatre
Playwright: Richard Bean
Director: Ken Michels
54. 14/48 Outdoors, 14/48
55. Duels, Amador/Stokes
Playwright: Nick Stokes
Director: José Amador
56. Songs for a New World, SecondStory Rep
Composer: Jason Robert Brown
Director: Adam Minton
57. Scab, Many Hats Theatre
Playwright: Sheila Callaghan*
Director: Caitlin McCown*
58. Bad Apples, ACT/ArtsWest
Playwright: Jim Leonard
Music by: Beth Thornley* & Rob Cairns
59. Trump the King, or POTUS DRUMPH, Theater Schmeater
Playwright: Nick Edwards & Alfred Jerry
Director: Joel Waage
60. Feelings & Felicity, Feelings Improv/The Pocket
61. Ghosts, ArtsWest
Playwright: Henrik Ibsen
Director: Mathew Wright
62. Revolt. She said. Revolt Again, Washington Ensemble
Playwright: Alice Birch*
Director: Bobbin Ramsey*
63. The Wedding Gift, Forward Flux
Playwright: Chisa Hutchinson*
Director: Wesley Frugé & Pilar O’Connell*
64. Woyzeck, Seattle Theatre Works
Playwright: Georg Büchner & Dan Tarker
Director: Dan Tarker
65. Red Rover, Red Rover Theatre Co
Playwright: John C. Davenport
Director: Pavlina Morris*
66. On Clover Road, Seattle Public Theater
Playwright: Steven Dietz
Director: Kelly Kitchens*
67. The Lost Girls, Annex Theatre
Playwright: Courtney Meaker*
Director: Kaytlin McIntyre*
68. Harvest, Seattle Immersive Theatre
69. Unexpected Wilderness, Annex Theatre
Playwright: Jaryl Draper
Director: Jen Moon*
70. Fly By Night, ReBoot Theatre Co
Conceived by Kim Rosenstock*
Written by Will Connolly, Michael Mitnick, and Kim Rosenstock*
Director: Harry Turpin
Music Director: Joel Kurzynski
71. Spontaneous Human Combustion, Ghost Light Theatricals
72. Big Bad, Ghost Light Theatrics
created by DangerSwitch!*
Director: Eddie DeHais*
73. The Big Meal, New Century
Playwright: Dan LeFranc
Director: Makaela Pollock*
74. The Pride, Theatre22
Playwright: Alexi Kaye Campbell
Director: Corey McDaniel
75. Christmastown, Seattle Public
Playwright: Wayne Rawley
Director: Anita Montgomery*
76. Controlled Burn, MonoMyth
Playwright: Lojo Simon*
Director: Cady Smola*
77. The Little Mermaid, 5th Ave Theatre
Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman & Glenn Slater
Book by Doug Wright
Directed by Glenn Casale
78. Austen Translation, Jet City Improv
Created and directed by Andrew McMasters
79. Short Shorts, Parley Productions
80. The Untitled Play About Art School, Copious Love
Playwright: Nelle Tankus*
Director: L. Nicol Cabe*
81. He Sees You When You’re Sleeping, Blood Squad
82. Krampus, Seattle Immersive
Playwright: Kelleen Conway Blanchard*
Director: Paul Thomas 
3  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Discussion / Re: Shows I saw in 2012 on: January 02, 2013, 11:45:49 AM
I agree with your rules except if I saw the same show twice, I still counted it. I still attended it in full, so it counts in my book!

Also, my number is off from what I said earlier on FB--I had counted some shows that I had intended to see, but upon review, realized I didn't see them!

1. 14/48 (Jan 6th at 10:30 pm), ACT
2. Coriolanus, Seattle Shakes
3. Spring Awakening, Balagan Theatre
4. Drowsy Chaperone, Bakersfield Starz Dinner Theater
5. Drowsy Chaperone, Bakersfield Starz Dinner Theater (2nd time)
6. Battle of the Bards VI, Ghost Light Theatricals
7. Thebes, Macha Monkey
8. Cocktails at the Centre of the Earth, Annex Theatre
9. All Through the Night, Artswest
10. Tartuffe, Taproot Theatre
11. Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, Seattle Public Theater
12. I Am My Own Wife, Seattle Rep
13. Freak Storm, Ghost Light Theatricals
14. The Foreigner, Sound Theatre Company
15. The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Ghost Light Theatricals
16. Amadeus, SecondStory Rep
17. Lifelines: Three One Acts, Confrontational Theater Project
18. The Art of Racing in the Rain, Book-It
19. Quiet Acts: Tryptonite & Lone Star, quiet theater
20. House of Bernarda Alba, Arouet
21. Team of Heroes, Annex
22. This Wide Night, Seattle Public
23. Jetcity Improv
24. Book of Liz, StageRight
25. Entertaining Mr. Sloane, Theater Schmeater
26. The Producers, Village Theater
27. One Slight Hitch, ACT
28. No Sex Please, We’re British, Driftwood Players
29. Henry VIII, GreenStage
30. Dirty Story, Intiman
31. Taming of the Shrew, GreenStage
32. Compleat Works, Pratidhwani
33. The Illusion, Sound Theatre Co
34. Cardenio, GreenStage
35. NunSense, SPU
36. A Mouse Who Knows Me, Annex
37. Medicine Ball, Pacific Play Company
38. Lawfully Wedded, Arouet
39. Butterflies are Free, Jewel Box Theater
40. Disco Pigs, Sound Theater Co
41. Is He Dead, Theater Schmeater
42. TheatreSports, Unexpected
43. Glass Menagerie, Seattle Rep
44. Cardenio, GreenStage (2nd time)
45. NunSense, SPU
46. Fallen Angels, Theater Schmeater
47. SantaLand Diaries, SPT
48. Best Christmas Pageant Ever, SPT
49. Sherlock Holmes & the Case of the Christmas Carol, Taproot
50. Woman in the Wall, Pacific Play
51. Wonderful Life, Wing It PRoductions
52. Jet City Improv
4  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Discussion / Re: Wanted: Opinions on live theatre & digital media on: July 17, 2012, 08:07:20 PM
You should contact the Satori Group here in Seattle. Not only do they do amazing work, but they marry technology with live theater in an incredible way. Their innovation with the two is truly inspiring.
5  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Housing / Room for rent in Magnolia available mid march/April on: February 24, 2012, 10:02:39 AM
This has been filled!
6  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Discussion / Re: Shows I saw in 2011 on: January 01, 2012, 12:43:02 PM
Here's mine! of course it pales in comparison to Patrick & Agastya, but I did beat my personal goal of 52!

1. Metamorphosis, Ghostlight Theatricals
2. 14/48 (January), ACT Theatre
3. No Snowflake in an Avalanche, Emerald City Scene
4. Anne of Green Gables, Village Theatre
5. The K of D, Seattle Rep
6. Crooked, Theater Schmeater
7. Jason and Medea, Theatre 9/12
8. The Odyssey, Taproot Theatre
9. Much Ado About Nothing, SecondStory Rep
10. Taming of the Shrew, quiet productions
11. NERDprov, Wingit productions
12. The Castle, Fathom
13. Hearts are Monsters, Macha Monkey
14. Of Mice and Men, Seattle Rep
15. Bones: The Tale of Callie Archer, Seattle Playwrights’ Collective*
16. Mervin and the Pirates, Seattle Playwrights’ Collective*
17. Distracted, Artswest
18. The Erotic Shorts, Little Red Studio
19. The Beams are Creaking, Taproot Theatre
20. The Clouds, Ghostlight Theatricals
21. The Merry Wives of Windsor, Seattle Shakespeare Company
22. Sleeping Beauty, StoryBook Theater
23. Fred Nietzsche, P.I, Ghostlight Theatricals
24. O Lovely Glowworm, New Century
25. The Wizard of Oz, Marysville Pilchuck HS
26. Fabulous Prizes, The Satori Group
27. High School Musical 2, Nathan Hale HS
28. Ladies of the Corridor, Woman Seeking...
29. Arms and the Man, Seattle Public Theatre
30. Elektra, Macha Monkey
31. Brownie Points, Taproot Theatre
32. Sense and Sensibility, Book-It Repertory
33. Reservoir Dolls, Theater Schmeater
34. JetCity Improv, Wing It Productions
35. Annie, Studio East
36. The Gene Pool, Arouet
37. Snakes & Ladders, Pacific Play Company
38. Jesus Christ Superstar, Village Theatre
39. The Tempest, Greenstage
40. Hellingham, Upfront Theatre
41. Riding the Bull, New Amerikan theater
42. Tartuffe, SecondStory Rep
43. Strange Misadventures of Patty, Annex Theater
44. Something’s Afoot, Taproot Theatre
45. Yellow Face, Re-Act
46. A Murder is Announced, Driftwood Players
47. Inherit the Wind, Strawberry Theatre Workshop
48. Charades, Ingraham Little theatre
49. An Ideal Husband, Taproot Theatre
50. Amy’s View, ArtsWest
51. Saving Aimee, 5th Ave
52. Vengeance at Sundown, Ghostlight Theatricals
53. Cryptogram, Seattle Public Theatre
54. Hedda, Ghostlight Theatricals
55. Two Angels*, ArtsWest
56. Bonsoir Lilliane, Teatro Zinzanni
57. Beasley’s Christmas Party, Taproot
58. Cinderella, 5th Avenue
59. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Seattle Public Theater
60. Sweet & Decent, Dark & Twisty, Copious Love Productions

*staged reading

7  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Discussion / Re: Scam email from "MAG Entertainment" on: November 09, 2011, 04:35:44 PM
Apparently some calls are going from Tracy George as well, similar scam. Be careful! I know about a dozen people who got those calls...
8  TPS Programs & Events & Services / TPS Unified General Auditions / Re: February 2010 Auditor Comments on: September 14, 2011, 11:37:45 AM
Personally, I'd say 3 months out-that's around the time I search for new material, and I'd like to see what pieces to avoid, etc during that time.
9  TPS Programs & Events & Services / TPS Unified General Auditions / Re: February 2010 Auditor Comments on: September 14, 2011, 09:34:20 AM
I agree, would love to see them, I feel they are very helpful to my preparation each year.
Also I worry that if they don't get posted, it will be even harder to encourage the 2012 auditors to fill them out if the 2011 comments were never posted. Just my thoughts!
10  TPS Programs & Events & Services / TPS Unified General Auditions / Re: February 2010 Auditor Comments on: July 21, 2011, 01:11:18 PM
Wow, I forgot all about comments from this year! I hope so too!
11  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Discussion / Re: Shows I've seen in 2010 - Part 1 on: January 02, 2011, 11:39:35 PM
Hi Agastya,

Way to go! Your list puts mine to shame, but I did meet my goal of seeing 52 plays in 2010! I do count seeing a show multiple times as different shows, at least for my list....
Here are the shows I saw in 2010:

1. 14/48 - January
2. Speech & Debate, Seattle Rep
3. Glengarry Glen Ross, Seattle Rep
4. Mr. Angelo, Odd Duck (performer)
5. The Great Divorce, Taproot Theatre
6. Alecto #1 Team of Heroes, Annex
7. Speech & Debate, Seattle Rep (second time)
8. Freehold Studio Series (performer)
9. Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean!, Woman seeking (performer)
10. She Loves Me, SecondStory Rep
11. Chicago, The Paramount
12. Legally Blonde, 5th Ave
13. The Cherry Orchard, Theatre 9/12
14. Brooklyn Boy, Taproot
15. Sunny by Kelly McAllister, SPC * reading (performer)
16. Paradise Lost, Intiman
17. Dying City, Seattle Public
18. Winky, The Satori Group
19. Fences, Seattle Rep
20. JetCity Improv
21. On The Town, 5th Ave
22. JetCity Improv (separate performance)
23. Henry V, Seattle Shakes
24. Twisted Flicks, Wing it Productions
25. On the Nature of Dust, New Century
26. Stone Soup's one act festival
27. Oedipus Cycle, Balagan
28. 13th of Paris, SPT
29. Candide, 5th Ave
30. Charley's Aunt, Taproot
31. Cider House Rules Part 1, Book-It
32. Nietzsche the Musical, Unexpected Productions
33. Quickies Volume 11, Live Girls! Theatre
34. The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Renton Civic Theatre (performer)
35. A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant & A Prayer (V-Day), Seattle Pacific University (performer)
36. Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, Balagan Theatre
37. Once in a Lifetime, Phoenix Theatre (performer)
38. Troilus and Cressida, One Shot Productions @ Odd Duck
39. Soiree-Cabaret, Phoenix Theatre/Woman Seeking
40. Old Times, Ingraham High School
41. Cider House Rules Part 2, Book-It
42. A Midsummer Night's Dream, Ghostlight Theatricals (performer)
43. Page to Stage Showcase, SPC (performer)
44. Anne of Green Gables, Village Theatre
45. The Scarlet Letter, Intiman Theatre
46. A Midsummer Nightmare Before Christmas on Elm Street, Ghostlight Theatricals
47. Shoreditch Madonna, Gesamtkunstwerk!
48. Sherlock Holmes, Taproot Theatre
49. Sleeping Beauty, Centerstage Theatre
50. Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol, Seattle Public Theatre
51. Jetcity Improv (separate performance)
52. Lyle the Crocodile, SCT
12  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Housing / Room for rent in Magnolia available late Jan/early Feb on: December 21, 2010, 01:20:18 AM

This has been filled. Thanks!
13  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Website & Technical Questions / Re: Help with new Seattle Performs site on: October 01, 2010, 11:28:57 AM
Hi Alysha, glad you like it!  Smiley  We're still in the process of porting stuff over so there aren't any reviews yet.. but they will be found under "media reviews" under each event.

Thank you! So just to clarify-there won't be a way to read all the reviews that are posted? Only by searching for individual plays and reading their reviews? Thanks again!
14  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Website & Technical Questions / Help with new Seattle Performs site on: October 01, 2010, 11:07:46 AM
First of all, it looks WONDERFUL! Truly wonderful!

However, I primarily use to read reviews (not user reviews, but reviews from the Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, etc) and cannot find that feature on the site. I was able to locate user reviews but not published reviews submitted. Is that feature still available? If so, can someone point me in the right direction. So sorry to burden you all with such a useless question, but I can't for the life of me find it! Thanks so much!
15  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Discussion / Re: This sounds creepy and like a scam (Audtion Notice on TPS) on: August 15, 2010, 11:01:38 AM
I'm pretty sure that post was just submitted, again-if you wanted to look into that one.

Maybe you can just ban the use of the e-mail they are registering with?

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