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1  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Classes & Workshops / Solo Performance Workshop – Registration Ending Soon on: January 08, 2018, 03:04:41 PM
Solo Performance Workshop

Registration ends Monday Jan 8th. Develop a short one person performance piece during this eight week course where we will published long form monologues and videos of performances as you build your own solo piece. Perfect for writers who want to perform and performers who want to write their own material. Culminates in a showcase of work.

To read more about the course, go here:
To register, go here:
2  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Classes & Workshops / Playwriting Class this Fall at North Seattle College on: September 14, 2017, 02:30:12 PM
North Seattle College is offering the Page to Stage  Playwriting Class Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30 pm, October 10 - November 28. Learn the fundamentals of playwriting in a friendly and supportive learning environment. The class involves exercises, lessons in playwriting principles, workshop sessions, and activities to get you submitting your plays as soon as you leave class. For more information, see here:
3  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Discussion / PWYC Woyzeck Industry Night – Monday September 19 @ 8pm. on: September 09, 2016, 09:56:23 AM
Join Seattle Theatre Works for our Industry Night performance of Georg Buchner’s classic German surrealist masterpiece Woyzeck st Stage One Theatre, North Seattle College. Pay-What-You-Can with TPS membership card. Find out more on our FB event page:
or by visiitong our website:
See you at the theatre!
4  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Classified Ads / Stage Manager and Design Resumes for Ionesco’s Rhinoceros in September on: March 07, 2016, 03:59:06 PM
Seattle Theatre Works is seeking resumes and portfolios from stage managers, scenic designers sound designers, and props designers for our upcoming production of Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros, directed by Daniel Tarker, playing through the month of September in the Erickson Theatre.

This production of the play will examine how ideology in the internet age can spread like a contagion, transforming people into rigid Rhinoceroses. Will be typing the production into issues surrounding the upcoming presidential election.

Stipends available. Interested designers and stage managers should email:
5  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Classes & Workshops / North New Works Lab for Playwrights and Actors on: March 02, 2016, 01:27:54 PM
North New Works Lab for Playwrights and Actors
Now Enrolling Students

Want to learn what it takes to bring a new play to life on stage as an actor or writer?

North Seattle College’s Continuing Education department is launching an innovative new program during the spring 2016 quarter called the North New Works Lab for Playwrights and Actors in which we are linking a playwriting class and an acting class together to create a learning community of student playwrights and actors, so they can develop their craft while also collaborating on the exhilarating process of creating new work for the stage. The resulting work will be presented in a showcase production at the end of the quarter.

How does the class work? The playwriting and acting classes will be staggered over an eleven week period with each group of students attending class for eight weeks. The program will begin with the playwriting course, so the writers can get their scripts ready to share with the actors.  Once the plays are ready, the writers will bring them to the acting class where the collaborative rehearsal process will begin. Through the process of workshopping the scripts, the actors and playwrights will learn how to speak and listen to one another in order to develop the short plays to their fullest potential.  
North New Play Lab is taught by two seasoned veterans of the Seattle theatre community.

Playwriting instructor Daniel Tarker holds an MFA in Playwriting from San Francisco State University and has had his work produced across the country and internationally with such companies as Santa Cruz Actors Theatre, Portland Theatre Works, The Pocket Theatre, 14/48: The Worlds Quickest Theatre Festival, Seattle Theatre Works, Seattle Playwrights Collective, The Western Stage, Pacific Play Company, AD Charade, and Spokane Radio Theatre to name a few.

Students taking his Art of the Short play class during fall quarter shared the following comments:

The one-act playwriting class positively exceeded my expectations.  In the course of the quarter I completed two plays, a shorter one of 10 minutes and a longer one-act of approximately 25 minutes.  Both plays are currently in submission to competitions nation-wide. To have gotten that far in the space of 8 weeks is (for me) remarkable." – Stephen Thompson

“Dan is a dynamic teacher; he "knows his onions", condensing a torrent of insights into eight short meetings. He gets you writing, and when he hears your work read, he laughs out loud - in all of the appropriate places.” – Dan Bernhard

“Dan Tarker's ‘Playwriting and the Art of the Short Play’ was a great way to explore the short form and work on the skills needed for longer works. Highly recommended.”- Scott Stolnack

Acting instructor José Amador is a local playwright/director/actor who has been actively involved in the Seattle Theater scene for the last two decades. As a playwright, he has written two solo plays, A Walk in the Dark and El Hijo Prodigo, along with numerous full-length, short- plays and sketches featured at or by 14/48, Disgruntled Bit Players, Death/Sex, Greetings from Styx, among others.

José provides a full experience from warm-up exercises to one act performances, providing individualized attention that allows actors to progress from whatever stage they began. He pays particular attention to stage awareness and fine details that allow actors to become engrossed in the process and the characters they portray.José draws upon a broad range of contemporary and classic stage works, while providing a light touch on stage direction so that actors may fully explore their character choices. His good nature and sense of humor add further to an enjoyable experience from which real growth as an actor occurs”.-Anthony Floyd

“Right from the start I loved José’s class, and not just because of the acting techniques that we were learning. I really appreciated the way he interacted with the class. A lot of students in that first class were still growing their English skills. The patience that he showed them, and the creative ways he adjusted assignments for the particular student made it clear from the beginning that this was a safe place to try new and unfamiliar things. The Continuing Acting classes were an absolute gas! I can't wait to come again. The play from my second class was hilarious and performing it at the end of the quarter was about as much fun as I've had in years” - Gerard Menendez

Students wishing to enroll in the North New Works Lab for Playwrights and Actors can do so online at or by calling Continuing Education at North Seattle College at 206-634-3705.
6  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Project Proposals / Seattle Theatre Works Seeks ASM for Medicine Ball: Playwrights v. Poets on: November 24, 2015, 07:46:42 PM
Seattle Theatre Works is looking for an ASM for our next Medicine Ball: Playwrights v. Poets event taking place Feb 5 – 7 at the Erickson Theatre. This is a unique event that brings playwrights, poets, visual artists, and actors together for a writing competition between two genres – and the audience gets to vote on the winner of the competition. Stipend available. Interested parties should email
7  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Employment / Seattle Theatre Works Seeks Designers on: January 20, 2015, 05:48:40 AM
Seattle Theatre Works seeks a scenic designer and sound designer for our upcoming production of Six Characters in Search of an Author slated to run the month of July at the Erickson Theatre on Capitol Hill. Tech week runs July 5-9. Interested parties should send their resumes and links to their portfolio to
While we have a costume designer for this production, we are also always interested in seeing resumes from all designers for future productions.
8  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Employment / Stage Manager & Designer Applications for Six Characters in Search of an Author on: October 27, 2014, 07:41:29 PM
Seattle Theatre Works seeks applicants for the following positions for our upcoming production of Six Characters in Search of an Author slated to run at The Erickson Theatre on Capitol Hill July 10 – 24.

Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Scenic Designer
Costume Designer
Sound Designer

Originally premiering in Italy in 1921 before coming to Broadway for a one year run in 1922, Six Characters in Search of an Author thrust Luigi Pirandello onto the world stage as one of the most important dramatists of the 20th century. This new adaptation reframes this groundbreaking work in contemporary Seattle where a small, fringe theatre troupe is rehearsing yet another short play festival on Capitol Hill. Suddenly, an odd family – and we mean odd by Capitol Hill standards – bursts into their rehearsal claiming to be orphaned characters whose story their author for some reason was unable to tell, so they entreat this acting company to tell their story for them. The result is a complex meta-play that explores the nature of truth and reality as well as the limits of theatrical expression.   

Stipends available.

Designers interested in applying should submit a resume and portfolio to
9  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Classified Ads / Seattle Theatre Works Accepting Resumes/Portfolios on: September 09, 2014, 11:21:43 AM
Seattle Theatre Works – formerly the Seattle Playwrights’ Collective – is now accepting resumes from stage managers, designers, and tech crew for some 2015 projects including –

Medicine Ball: Playwrights v. Poets at West of Lenin Feb 13-15

Annual Explorations Short Play Festival at North Seattle College June 2015. Past festivals include Timepieces, Mating Games, and iPlayz.
Stipends available!

And more going into fall 2015

Applicants should send a resume, letter of interest, and portfolio if applicable to

We'll be transitioning to a new email system soon.

10  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Project Proposals / SPC Seeks Lighting Designer on: May 20, 2014, 11:16:32 AM
The Seattle Playwrights’ Collective (SPC) has an emergency need for a lighting designer for our upcoming production of iPlayz: Short Plays about Life and Death in the Digital Age. Tech week is June 2-5 t Annex Theatre on Capitol Hill and June 25 and 25 for our performances at Tacoma Little Theatre. Stipend available! Contact
11  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Project Proposals / SPC Accepting Stage Manager and Designer Applications on: December 01, 2013, 08:08:56 PM
The Seattle Playwrights Collective is accepting resumes from designers and stage managers for our upcoming production of iPlayz: Short Plays about Surviving the Digital Age slated for production at Annex Theatre the first three weeks of June.


Stage Manager
– We seek an experienced stage manager who is responsible, able to provide rehearsal and production reports, capable of running a light and/or sound board, managing a large ensemble of actors, and creating a professional atmosphere during the production process. We do not require the SM to attend all rehearsals for the short play festival, but the SM must obviously be available the first week of June for tech rehearsals and all performances. $200 stipend.

Assistant Stage Manager
: We seek someone to assist our Stage Manager to help with back stage needs such as setting props, helping with transitions, and other technical duties. Not required to attend all rehearsals, but the ASM must obviously be available the first week of June for tech rehearsals and all performances. $175 stipend.

Costume Designer
– We seek an experienced costume designer able to pull together a look on a shoestring budget. Since our theme this year is iPlayz: Short Plays about Surviving the Digital Age, there will be ample opportunity for some wild design work. $200 stipend.

Set Designer - We seek a set designer capable of constructing a minimal, flexible container for our iPlayz. The ideal candidate should not only be able to collaborate with other designers to create a unified look for the show, but also build the set and find set pieces on a small budget. Stipend $200.

Sound Designer – We seek a sound designer able to collaborate with directors and designers to create sound effects and transition music for the show. Stipend $200.

Interested candidates should send their resume and, if applicable, their portfolio to

12  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Project Proposals / SPC seeking ASM and running crew for Medicine Ball: Playwrights v. Poets on: November 13, 2013, 08:31:31 PM
The Seattle Playwrights Collective is looking for an assistant stage manager and running crew for our next event “Medicine Ball: Playwrights v’ Poets” slated to be presented on January 24 and 25 at the Lab at the Inscape Arts Building in the International District. Interested parties will need to make a commitment all day for both days. We’ll be doing tech all day on the 24th and opening in the evening and we’re doing a double on Saturday. It promises to be a fun, avant-garde event. If you’re interested, please email
13  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Project Proposals / SPC seeking Submissions for iPlayz on: November 13, 2013, 08:21:56 PM

The Seattle Playwrights’ Collective (SPC) is currently seeking submissions from Northwest playwrights for our next short play festival “iPlayz: Short Plays about Surviving in the Digital Age” slated for production at Annex Theatre in June 2014. Plays should be 8-10 pages long, and run no more than 10 minutes. Please read the guidelines below before submitting.

What kinds of plays are you looking for?

We are open to all types of submissions from realistic drama to absurd comedy. Plays with strong, clearly defined characters that explore an aspect of our theme from an interesting angle tend to do better than more abstract pieces. However, our steering committee changes every year, so you never know.

Who is on the selection committee?

We change the selection committee every year, but also try to keep it balanced so it reflects a number of different perspectives and disciplines, This year the committee includes Glenn Blumstein (Playwright), Cate Foster (Stage Manager), Ellen Graham (Director), Jim Jewell (Playwright/PR guru) Madison Rengli (Actor), and Daniel Tarker (Playwright/Director).

What exactly is your theme?

We intend to curate an evening of plays that explore how technology affects our lives – for good or bad. Topics can include all the traditional stuff – sex, politics, love, war, family, and death – but digital technology must play a role in the play. How have tools like smart phones, social networking sites, video games, hook-up apps, and other digital technologies changed the way we interact with each other and the world at large?

Is there a character limit?

We prefer no more than 4 characters per script, but we will entertain 5.  Please make sure every character is important and has something to do. Every role should be juicy and fun for the performer.

Are there technical limitations?

If you want to flood the theatre with blood or simulate an airplane crash, we’ll certainly entertain how to make that happen, but huge technical demands may result in us passing up on your script. Keeping your plays simple and focused on character and story work better for this type of event.

What is my commitment as a playwright?

If your play is selected, we do ask that every writer attend the first rehearsal where we read through all the scripts and introduce the
company. We also like playwrights to attend the first rehearsal of their own play to make any adjustments before blocking starts. We
\also do like it when playwrights attend the show – and like it even more when they promote the festival to their friends and family.

How to I submit a play?

Since we want the selection process to be blind, please send a PDF copy of your script with only the play title to identify it and a second cover page with your name and contact information. Please, no more than two submissions per playwright.
Send all submissions electronically to with the following in the subject line: “iPlayz

Submission: Title of Your Play”.

Deadline December 15, 2013.
14  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Employment / SPC Accepting Applications for Stage Manager & Designers for Mating Games on: February 08, 2013, 03:36:24 PM
The Seattle Playwrights’ Collective is looking for designers and a stage manager for our upcoming production of “Mating Games: a Short Play Festival about the Science of Attraction” Slated to run at Annex Theatre June 7 – 22.

Project Details:This is our fourth festival in as many years.  We plan to present 7-8 short plays around the theme of “Mating Games” with the purpose of exploring love and sex through the lens of science. There will also be a one night talk-back with local experts on the subject of love and science as well as possibly some auxiliary events to support the festival.

What we are looking for?Professional lighting, costume, and set designers and stage managers with experience and interested in supporting new work that are available in May and during tech June 3-6. There will also be several TBA production meetings you’ll need to be available to attend.

PayYes, we will offer modest stipends for your efforts. 

How to ApplyPlease send a resume and letter of interest to We will schedule interviews during early March to make our selection.
15  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Project Proposals / Pacific Play Company seeks submissions for Mating Games on: July 05, 2012, 07:42:41 PM

Pacific Play Company seeks submissions for our short play festival “Mating Games” slated to run in summer 2013 at the Ethnic Cultural Center.

We are seeking plays that deal with the theme of mating – courtship, sex, and pair bonding – through the lens of evolutionary psychology or some other scientific paradigm. While we won’t preclude science fiction concepts, we are really looking for plays that engage scientific theories about mating in interesting ways.

Other guidelines

•Keep scripts to no more than 8 or 9 pages. We will be strict about the 10 minute limit.
•Keep technical requirements to a minimum.
•Tell a story with the piece. We’re looking for plays not dissertations. But do have something to say with the piece.
•Only one submission per playwright, so give us your best work.
•Playwrights must live in the Puget Sound region.
•No more than six characters per play.

Possible Subjects to Explore:
•How do people (or animals) select mates?
•How do technologies like Facebook or dating websites affect mating?
•Are people really hard wired for infidelity?
•How does homosexuality fit into the paradigm of Evolution?
•Are the arts an extension of our mating tactics?
•What is the scientific explanation for love and long term pair bonding?

These are just some ideas, but there are plenty more. Remember, keep it fun, not didactic.

What We Expect from Participating Playwrights

Based on experience with this type of festival, we do have some expectations of participating playwrights.

•Playwrights must attend the first rehearsal of their play to receive feedback for possible revisions. We are looking for playwrights to participate in the process.
•We do plan a Kickstarter campaign to help fund this event. While we do not expect contributions from playwrights, we would like help in promoting our fundraising efforts.
•We do expect playwrights to attend at least one performance and even help market the event to friends and family.

Interested playwrights should submit their plays to Please put “Mating Games Submission” in the subject headline. Deadline is September 1, 2012.
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