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1  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Employment / Seattle Musical Theatre seeks carpenters, designers, helpers - Save the Stage! on: July 02, 2017, 05:56:39 AM
Seattle Musical Theatre has raised over $8,000 to rebuild the stage at our theatre in Magnuson Park.  The demolition is scheduled for July15th, 16th.  Construction begins July 17th and must been done by July 31st for our annual meeting.  Although we have a preliminary design and some talent on hand, we need a full crew.  Contact Tom Ansart,
2  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Employment / Seattle Musical Theatre is recruiting - POSITIONS CLOSE MONDAY AT MIDNIGHT! on: May 02, 2017, 11:15:06 AM
As we approach our 40th season, Seattle Musical Theatre has the following new position openings:

Business Manager - An independent contractor responsible for monitoring and reporting the financial health of the organization, fund development, human resources management and lease negotiations.  This position supervises the marketing/special events associate, volunteer coordinator/development associate and book-keeper (Compensation = $1,000 per month).

Volunteer Coordinator - A half-time, hourly employee responsible for recruitment, retention, recognition, and training of artistic, front of house, administrative and board/advisory council volunteers as well as assisting with grant-writing and organizational development (Compensation = $15/hour, 20 hours/week).

Technical Director - An independent contractor responsible for the technical operations and maintenance of the theatre equipment and physical plant and maintaining the theatre production calendar (Compensation = $1,200 per month).

Artistic Director - An independent contractor responsible for implementing Seattle Musical Theatre's mission, ensuring all productions are engaging and entertaining, consistent with the company brand and artistic vision.  Directs one show per season.  (Compensation = $1,000 per month.)

Full position descriptions are available upon request. Please respond, by May 15th, with resume and cover letter to:
3  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Classified Ads / Seattle Musical Theatre seeks board operator for Monday, May 2nd on: April 29, 2016, 09:16:11 AM
Seattle Musical Theatre is hosting an event for the Waldorf School on Monday, May 2nd, at our theatre in Magnuson Park.  May involve some set-up in the afternoon, event starts at 6:30 pm.  We need help running lights and sound board.  Stipend. 
Tom Ansart, Secretary
Seattle Musical Theatre
4  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Employment / Announcement closed: Managing Artistic Director, Seattle Musical Theatre on: March 17, 2016, 04:57:05 PM
We are no longer accepting applications.  Thank you for your interest!

Position Opening:  Managing Artistic Director, Seattle Musical Theatre

Civic Light Opera Association (dba Seattle Musical Theatre) is pleased to announce the opening of a newly created position of Managing Artistic Director.  Position start date is July 1, 2016.  Compensation negotiable, DOE.

The Managing Artistic Director will assume all the duties and responsibilities of the Managing and Artistic Directors (job descriptions available upon request) until those positions are permanently filled, including:

•   Staffing the board of directors, including the development and monitoring of the annual budget;
•   Supervising the Volunteer Coordinator/Office Manager, Front of House Manager and Box Office Assistant;
•   Creating and staffing a newly assembled Artistic Development Committee (charter available on request), or recommending an alternative process of selecting shows for the annual season;
•   Updating the 2015 Strategic Plan;
•   Representing the interests of Seattle Musical Theatre to external stakeholders and the Seattle performing arts community;
•   Negotiating a long term lease of the Magnuson Park facility with the City of Seattle by September 1, 2018.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume and list of references to:

Last date for acceptance of application materials: April 1, 2016.
5  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Project Proposals / Re: new works at Eclectic Theater on: April 30, 2013, 12:43:01 PM
"Light in a Vacuum" has been cast and is in rehearsal!
Meredith Binder
Ji Shin
Brandon Brown
David Friedt
Chris Mathews
come see us at Eclectic Theatre, Saturday, June 8th at 7:40 pm.
6  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Project Proposals / Re: new works at Eclectic Theater on: April 22, 2013, 03:57:15 PM
Steeplechase Productions will be stating "Light in a Vacuum" at Eclectic Theater on the evening of Saturday, June 8th.  There are still a couple of roles to fill (one male, one female).  Here's a link to the script:
Floyd Reichman (AEA) is directing.  Stipend.
First reading the evening of Monday, April 29th.
7  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Project Proposals / new works at Eclectic Theater on: March 05, 2013, 08:14:29 PM
I have submitted a short one act (ten pages), "Light in a Vacuum," to be staged in early June at Eclectic Theater. 

Would also like to discuss festival marketing plans with other participating playwrights and companies. 

Scripts available upon request.
8  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Employment / production rights, legal opinion on: August 20, 2012, 01:28:03 PM
I am working on an adaptation of a novel to a stage play and would like a written opinion from a law firm regarding production rights and crediting. Any suggestions? - Tom Ansart
9  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Employment / stage director for Mutiny! on: May 26, 2012, 05:33:25 PM
Steeplechase Productions, hosting an annual festival of plays in French language since 2006, is seeking a stage director for Mutiny!, a bilingual adaptation of Jules Verne's "Mutiny on the Bounty" ("Les Revoltés de la Bounty," ) and the intended main stage production for the 2012 Fall festival.
$500 director stipend, project budget $11,307.
Script available upon request.
10  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Employment / Mutiny! seeking artistic team to complement UW production on: April 23, 2012, 05:51:50 PM
Steeplechase Productions is collaborating with UW school of Drama to stage Mutiny! a bilingual (French/English)adaptation of Jules Verne's "Les Revoltés de la Bounty."  The project is currently under consideration for a 2012 production by the Undergraduate Theatre Society.  The deadline for student director applications is May 4th.  We are looking to supplement the UW student creative team with community artists.  Interested directors, choreographers, designers and actors please contact me ASAP to have your bio included in the application package.  Project budget $11,500, stipends commensurate with level of involvement.  See website for more info:
Tom Ansart
11  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / In Search Of.. / Re: renaissance doctor hat(s) on: November 04, 2010, 09:07:53 PM
Vintage Costumers is making us a hat.  Great shop, by the way (7011 Roosevelt, north of U district).
12  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / In Search Of.. / renaissance doctor hat(s) on: November 02, 2010, 03:01:18 PM
Looking for a black, wide brim, rounded point,hat (or two) for upcoming production of Moliere's "Le Médecin Malgré Lui" to borrow, rent, or possibly fabricate (cost plus stipend).  Please contact me, show opens 11/12.
Tom Ansart, Steeplechase Productions/Playing French Seattle
13  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Project Proposals / Re: Molière's Sganarelle - part for francophone male actor! on: October 14, 2010, 11:57:57 AM
The part of Sganarelle has been cast (Jad Kassouf).  There are still three smaller french speaking roles to fill, please contact me if interested; we're rehearsing at University Heights this Monday, 6 pm.  Show opens November 12.
Tom Ansart Steeplechase Productions
Playing French Seattle
14  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Project Proposals / Molière's Sganarelle - part for francophone male actor! on: September 29, 2010, 02:59:57 PM
Playing French Seattle will be staging Molière's "Le Médecin Malgré Lui" during its 2010 festival of plays in French (November 7th - 21st, Ethnic Cultural Theatre).  We are meeting at University Heights Center (50th and University, room 109) this Monday October 4th to begin casting decisions.  No parts are precast; we are especially seeking a male french speaking actor for the lead role of Sganarelle.
There are many other ways to join Playing French Seattle and work on this year's festival.  Come to the meeting on October 4 with questions and suggestions, or contact me at

Tom Ansart
Steeplechase Productions/Playing French Seattle
15  TPS Message Boards (requires ID & Password to post) / Project Proposals / Playing French Seattle 2010 on: September 04, 2010, 10:22:45 AM
Playing French Seattle 2010

Plans are now underway for our next festival of plays in French.  I hope you can participate in 2010. Beginning on Monday, September 27th we will meet weekly each Monday, starting at 6 pm, at University Heights (University Way and 50th) to read and select scripts, audition, cast and rehearse the shows and readings.
On the table right now are fifteen short plays and adaptations found in a 1919 anthology by Victor E. Francois, thus the working theme of the festival "Fifteen Plays in Fifteen Days!"  The last play in this little book is an adaptation of Molière's "Le Médecin Malgré Lui," (see character list below) to be followed by a new one act ("...Malgré Lui") presently in draft.

If you would like to work on this year's festival, as an actor, crewperson, supertitler, box office worker, usher, marketer, or otherwise volunteer, please come to the first meeting on Monday, September 27th at 6 pm (University Heights Center, room 109).
I will be in travelling through the south of France from September 12th - 23rd, so I may be a little slow in responding to messages, but please be assured that there's still lots of room for fresh talent and ideas!
I hope you will contact me with suggestions and to confirm your participation.
à bientôt,
Tom Ansart, Producer
Steeplechase Productions/Playing French Seattle

Le Médecin Malgré Lui
Géronte, père de Lucinde.
Lucinde, fille de Géronte.
Léandre, amoureux de Lucinde.
Sganarelle, mari de Martine.
Martine, femme de Sganarelle.
Robert, voisin de Sganarelle.
Valère & Lucas, domestiques de Géronte.

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