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Title: Turbo Turkey Sketch and Improvisation Workshop
Post by: Anna Richardson on July 29, 2017, 09:31:35 PM
Have you ever done an improv scene and thought "I really like that character" or "This could work well as a sketch"?  Or have you read a sketch and thought "I wonder where this scene could go if I improvised it"?  Interested in sketch and improvisation?  My name is Adam Hegg, the artistic director and founder of Turbo Turkey Sketch Comedy and Improv. I will be teaching a workshop Saturday, August 5th in Studio E at T.P.S from 3 pm to 5pm.   Both experienced performers and amateurs welcome.  It is a donation/pay what you can.  If interested, please e-mail--   

Turbo Turkey has been doing improv and sketch comedy since 2009, having performed at Burien Actors Theatre (BAT), Stone Soup Theatre, Eclectic Theater, Ballard Underground and the Pocket Theater.  Turbo Turkey has been a part of Improv and Sketch Month, as well as Sketchfest.  They also have written a few plays.   Hope to see you there!