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Title: TWO Linklater Voice Intensives - June 9-11 & 16-18
Post by: Kim Douthit on April 20, 2017, 01:36:11 PM
Actors --

Early bird registration ends May 1st for two amazing Linklater voice intensives this June. (details below)
Both the intro and advanced/Shakespeare workshops are led by local treasures, Judith Shahn and Kimberly White. (Seriously there are less than 200 official Linklater teachers in the WORLD, and we have 2 HERE IN SEATTLE, leading workshops together.)
Get 10% off by signing up now with Kimberly White (

Linklater Voice will help you:
*Develop a rich, warm, resonant voice that commands attention
*Learn to identify and release the tension that keeps your voice flat, stuck, and not communicating what you feel
*Become confident, establishing a powerful, grounded presence in your body that compels listeners
*Speak easily and openly, clearly communicating your thoughts and emotions, even to large audiences, without straining or losing your voice
*Establish a dynamic, expressive vocal range, filled with emotional color and nuance
*In the Advanced Workshop, develop the range, power and clarity needed to embody and communicate Shakespeare’s text.

WORKSHOP BONUS: Attend either intensive and get a 40-minute recorded Linklater progression led by Judy Shahn, an invaluable tool to continue work after the workshop! (I continue to use it weekly.)


“I have done this workshop more than once and insist you check it out, whether you're a veteran of Linklater or a curious total virgin. It’s incredibly fun, playful, self-realizing and heartbreaking -- all at the same time."
--Kylee Rousselot, Actor
“Judy and Kimberly’s expertise and sensitivity helped us reach new and unforeseen levels of expressive ability.”
--Thomas H. Pruiksma, Poet & Musician
"For anyone interested in learning about the Linklater Technique the workshops offered by Kimberly White and Judith Shahn can't be beat.”
--David Mielke, Actor
“At the intensive, Kimberly gently and expertly helped me release the tongue and jaw tension that was keeping me from emotionally connecting with Shakespeare's text. My monologue was transformed."
--Chris Wolfe, Actor & Director

Express yourself with confidence and freedom. This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to find new depth and ease in their speaking voice. Learn the entire Linklater progression through expert guidance and one-on-one coaching. Great for people who are new to Linklater or who want to brush up. BONUS: Get the 40-minute recorded Linklater progression led by Judy Shahn to continue the work after the weekend is over.

Heightened text demands a heightened voice, expressive, powerful and clear. In this workshop, you’ll re-awaken and develop your emotional, imaginative, and sensorial responsiveness to language through an in-depth exploration of what it means to embody language. Physical and vocal exercises will help you connect more deeply to the text. At the center of the workshop is the voice: developing the range, power and clarity needed to embody and communicate the depth, subtlety and magnitude of Shakespeare.

Judith Shahn and Kimberly White have 50 years combined experience teaching and coaching voice. They have led workshops together for 20 years, developing a unique team approach to teaching Linklater Voice. Judith’s experience includes teaching at UW’s School of Drama for 26 years and Kimberly was Seattle Shakespeare’s Text & Voice Director from 2004-2012. Together they partner with you to identify what’s blocking your voice and how to release it.


Intro: June 9-11, 2017
Advanced: June 16-18, 2017
Both intensives are 7p-10p Friday, 10a-5p Saturday & Sunday

University of Washington, Hutchinson Hall, Room 202

Early Bird: $250 / $475 for both
Regular: $275 / $500 for both
Student Discount: $225

Please note: There is a $100 deposit required to hold your spot.
To reserve your spot, or to ask a question, please contact Kimberly White (