Each year, The Center House Theatre/Carleton Playhouse at Seattle Center hosts three exceptional days of regional theater programming co-curated by Theatre Puget Sound (TPS).

From its launch in 2003, over 2,000 enthusiastic people each year have witnessed a performance on the TPS Stage @ Bumbershoot.

Venue/Tech Notes:The theatre performance occurs in the Center House Theatre/Carleton Playhouse. The venue seats 195 with typical Bumbershoot audiences spilling over to floor seating and standing room. Theatre Puget Sound is only able to provide a piano and standard sound reinforcement. The Center House Theatre grid will be hung with a repertory plot. Each group will be allowed no more than 4 specials.

The production is festival production, which means that tech time will be extremely brief, and turnaround time between shows at a necessary minimum. Your entire show will likely need to be struck immediately after the performance.

Interested?  It’s easier for the Bumbershoot committee to consider performances by companies whose work we have seen. If you can offer a pair of comps for use by staff, we would be happy to attend a production in the next few months.

Questions? Contact Shane Regan at shane@tpsonline.org.

For more information on applying to the TPS Bumbershoot stage, click here for the application.

For more information on the festival, go to www.bumbershoot.com

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