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Clementine's Big Weekend
Bolide Studios

  • Clementine's Big Weekend
  • Bolide Studios
  • Non-Union Short Film
  • High Definition
  • Non-Union; Other Union
  • Olympia, WA
  • Project Begins: Oct 19, 2019
  • Project Ends: Oct 20, 2019
  • Project Website

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  • Contact Person: David M. Davis
  • Email
  • Website

  • Prefered method of submission: Email

    Audition Location:
    CALLBACKS: Casting decisions will be made by early October, and desired applicants will be contacted via email for in-person callbacks in the SEATTLE AREA.

    Submission instructions:
    SUBJECT LINE: in your email, include the subject line: Clementine Casting - [ role interested in ]

"Clementine's Big Weekend" is about a group of new sorority pledges who travel to a remote cabin for a weekend of initiation challenges. Little do they know that the sorority they seek to join is actually a clan of vampires looking for an easy meal. Four girls from different backgrounds must band together to fight off supernatural forces, before they become another predictable horror movie tagline. *This is a proof of concept trailer.

*We will not be casting minors for these roles.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
ROLES: Casting for the following roles.

KELLI: Mixed race, 20’s, dressed conservatively with no flash and minimal effort. She doesn’t have time to worry about her looks while she’s spending every minute preparing her PHD application. Kelli is the kind of girl who has her hair is tied up into a pencil, because it was the fastest and quickest thing on hand. She is brilliant, resourceful, but also lost in an academic dead end. This weekend will push her to question her path.

LISA: Latina, 20s, dresses in leisure sportswear that is more leisure than sport. She is loud, proud, bold, and beautiful. She knows she is the center of attention, and wants everyone else to know it too. Her heritage is important to her, so she tries to maintain her Spanish as well as speaking English, (though she was born in the USA.) She has a younger sister that she adores and looks-out for.

DANNY: Lisa’s little sister. Latina, (18+, but able to play mid-teens). She is a confident-cool hacker-nerd, who proudly sports a gameboy cartridge as a necklace. She loves science, and has a million questions about everything; questions which she happily asks to other people’s annoyance.

SARAH: Caucasian, 20s. She is the perfect sorority sister. More than that. Sorority mother. Sorority queen. Sorority goddess. She has laser-sharp focus. Her goals become law. She’s used to being in charge of everyone around her, and easily commands a room. But she still knows how to have fun and let loose with her minions when it’s time to party.

ASHLEY: Asian, 20s. She stands at the edge, her arms folded and body closed to wall-off anything unknown and untrusted. Adorned in black goth-wear, she stands out against the others. Ashley is an art student who is well on her way to being accepted into an exclusive art program, but she’s joining a sorority for that added boost to push her over the finish line. She’d rather be sketching than talking to anyone; but if you bring out the karaoke, it’s her kryptonite. She can’t help but join in.

VICTOR: Hot, dumb, college age, vampire. Frat Bro with a big F and a big Bro. He’s there for the ride. He wants to have fun while he’s out on the hunt. He’s basically a minion for Jeff and Sarah, though he probably doesn’t know it. He sticks around for the ever-available beer and blood. They keep him around, because as dumb as he is, he’s weirdly good with machines.

JEFF: Hot, smart, college age, vampire. He’s Sarah’s brother, a deadly vampire, and a manipulative frat bro all rolled into one. He is dangerous. On the outside, he looks like another dumb frat bro. But if you underestimate him, you won’t live to brag about it.

TONY: Tall, dark, handsome, vampire. Dressed in all black. Tony has secrets, and he will never spill them. He’s there with his vampire family to partake in whatever nonsense they get up to; but he’d rather be off, walking the darkened streets of Paris, hunting amongst the drunken low-life tourists than picking off college-girls. He, long ago, lost the love of his life, which has left him brooding ever since.

Audition/Interview Dates:
Email video submissions by 10/01/19

Callbacks or second audition/interview?
After October 1, 2019

Audition Requirements:
FOR CONSIDERATION: Please submit a 1-2 minute video of a monologue performance to the email listed above. Show us your range. Please include your contact information / representation. ***Videos longer than 2 minutes will not be considered. ***Emails without the role you are interested in listed in the subject line will not be considered.

Monetary compensation:
PAY: We are a self-funded, low-budget production but are able to offer $100/day for these roles.

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