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Musical Show-Case


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  • Musical Show-Case
  • Non-Union Theater
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  • Non-Union; Other Union
  • Tacoma, WA
  • Project Begins: Sep 21, 2019
  • Project Ends: Oct 13, 2019
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  • Contact Person: Stephanie Brooks
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    Prefered method of submission: Email

    Audition Location:
    Email for appointment and information. The auditions will be held in Tacoma, WA. If you have any questions please let us know.

    Submission instructions:
    please send an email to to request an audition slot.

Scheduling Additions in Tacoma, WA on Sept 21 (Sat) from 12:30pm- 5:30pm for a developmental workshop leading to a showcase presentation of a musical (see character descriptions). This will be filmed.

ReSi is a new musical in development, inspired by true events. This social dramatic original musical is a stark portrayal of the topics that we as a society tend to misunderstand or avoid most: suicide, sexuality, and sexual assault. An opportunity has been afforded to submit a sizzle reel and video of the show to an executive producer in NYC, but the team needs it within the next month. I am currently working with Broadway actors, but for this project we are in need of volunteer actors who are willing and available to be a part of this project. More information will be released to those who are selected and committed. The schedule will be determined based on availability between Sept 21 - Oct 13.

If you are interested in auditioning please fill out the application and provide a link to dropbox with a digital headshot, resume.

Resi has meticulously re-sculpted her delicate and immeasurable scars, crafting an outer shell of confidence, poise, charisma and beauty. But as she chases love, her father’s acceptance and her place in the world, her past continues to crack its veneer. Caught between the traumas of her past and the realization that her future may hold everything she fears, Resi must find the strength to acknowledge a life that she never expected.


Other details:
Thank you so much for your interest. Please go to:
or contact
I look forward to meeting you.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
RESI, principal [LEAD]: (MEZZO,BELTER) the daughter of Bossten and Brogan Lient, Resi strives to be better than her best as she competes for her fathers approval. She is a 24-year old poised, intelligent, hardworking, and classically beautiful woman who can also be a bit flaky. She is dominated by anxiety and perfectionism as she works endlessly to keep a balance between wanting to make her father happy and avoiding the guilt of her mother's suicide, denying feelings of shame about her attraction for the newly hired specialist, Brandi, and personal blame she secretly holds about a date-rape . After graduated college, she joined her family's firm as a marketing specialist. She lives on her own in a studio apartment in East Lyme, Connecticut and is a vegetarian.

BOSSTEN, principal [LEAD]: (BARITONE) The husband of Brogan and father of Resi, he is 39 & 49 years old, respectively, (2010-2020) and the successful business co-owner of Social Dimensions. He enjoys making money and being right. A bright and hardworking man, he can also be a bit rude, arrogant, and awkward, using humor when he feels uncomfortable. He believes there is an exact order to life and he has little tolerance for anyone who steps outside those boundaries and tends to struggle with finding emotional intelligence.

BROGAN, principal [LEAD]: (ALTO) The 38 year old wife of Bossten Lient, mother of Resi, and the successful business co-owner and executive marketing director of Social Dimensions. She is an outgoing, strong, intelligent, ambitious, and a loving woman. Her life is dominated by anxiety and suicidal ideations. Suffering in silence, she is witty; using humor as a distraction to her pain. A master of self-deception, things take a turn for the worse when she refuses to acknowledge finding herself attracted to a now estranged woman, Samantha. Unable to accept the feelings she experiences, she shuts down and unknowingly pushes everyone away, including those she loves the most. She writes to keep her thoughts preoccupied, but when Brogan's repressed feelings take control, she decides to take that secret to her grave.

BRANDI, principal [LEAD]: (MEZZO-SOPRANO) A 25 year old young woman who is full of optimism and tends to have a fatalistic and a relativist mentality. She doesn’t openly share her feelings or private life with others, but has no problem speaking out, but sometimes becomes tongue-tide around Resi. She doesn't seem to take life too seriously. She works for Resi's father, Bossten at Social Dimensions and finds herself falling in love with Resi, but is secretive and cautious about crossing any boundaries that could interfere with their friendship. Unsure of Resi's feelings and confused by many of her actions, Brandi just goes along for the ride. When her feelings for Resi become overwhelming, a serious accident interferes with her ability to tell Resi how she feels.

YOUNG RESI,[SUPPORTING]: (SOPRANO) Young Resi Ann Lient, is the young teen child of Brogan and Bossten Lient. She is inquisitive and full of energy, optimism, kindness, and love. She enjoys dancing, talking, and making people smile.

LUKE LISPEN,[SUPPORTING]: (TENOR) A 27 year old, charming, arrogant pompous opportunist; who will exploit any circumstance to gain immediate advantage over anything that will benefit him. He works for Bossten as a marketing specialist at Social Dimensions and is favored by Bossten. He is manipulative and alluring and easily fools most people about his intentions with his charisma. Luke works diligently to make it appear that he is the best at everything and has every intention of doing what it takes to get promoted to an Executive Director. Despised by Devon, another specialist at Social Dimensions, he resorts to immature tactics around her and others when Bossten is not looking.

DEVON,[SUPPORTING]: (ALTO) A woman in her mid to late forties. She was hired by Bossten after the loss of his wife, Brogan. She has a candid relationship with Bossten and a bit of a crush on him. She is strong, confident, outspoken, sarcastic, funny, and protective of those she cares about. Not too connected with her own feelings, she means well, but doesn't have much of a filter. She loathes Luke and likes motorcycles and marijuana.

DR. KRIS KNOZLOT,[FEATURED]: (TENOR) A Psychologist. A transgender male in his mid 30's who doesn't advertise his sexuality.


Audition/Interview Dates:

Callbacks or second audition/interview?
By Appointment

Audition Requirements:
Please bring a resent head shot stabled to your resume. All experiences welcomed. Prepare to sing up to 32 bars of a contemporary song. An Accompanist will be provided. You may also be provided a side from the musical script for a reading.

Sides/Script download:

Monetary compensation:
This stage of the developmental reading is looking for volunteers.

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