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Australia kincannon

  • Bound
  • Australia kincannon
  • Non-Union Short Film
  • 35mm
  • Non-Union; Other Union; Open to All
  • Yelm, WA
  • Project Begins: Sep 15, 2019
  • Project Ends: Oct 31, 2019
  • Project Website

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  • Contact Person: Australia kincannon
  • Primary Phone: 3609902905
  • Email

  • Prefered method of submission: Email

    Submission instructions:
    Email video audition, headshot and resume if you have one.

Dark crime thriller.
CASTING CALL for the short film BOUND.
3 roles available; Teaser Trailer will be shot Sept 15th

"For 2 years, Homicide Detective Anastasia Branagh has led the investigation for the creative serial killer, known as Picasso. When her already unstable world avalanches, Branagh is forced to team up a former partner, La'Shana Deena. During the investigation it’s found there may be someone even worse at play, a Copy Cat. As the grip on her morality quickly dissipates, Branagh comes face to face with more truths than she sought after, making her question who she is and what she truly believes in."

We are shooting a teaser trailer to aid in funding for the short.

The Short is estimated to be shot in 2 weekends in October of this year and will be entered into festivals in hopes to gain funding for the feature.

Shooting in Yelm, WA.

Writer: Australia Kincannon
Director: Diana Lanham
DP for short: Aaron Castillo for sides, don't forget to mention the part you're are requesting sides for.


Other details:
-Slate (state agent if you have one)
-Full body shot
-Audition in midshot
-Submit 2 different takes. (I dont want to see same performance)
-Wetransfer to email.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
CAPTIAN IMALA: 50 yo or older. Native American/Pacific Islander/Hawaiian; FEMALE.
Preferably plus size but open to ALL bodies.
-Shes strong and has worked hard to get to where she is, has a soft spot for romance novels and cares greatly for the 2 main characters, Ana and Rory. --

RORY: 30 Asian (all regions) MALE.
--Loves hip hop and always seems to be in a good, loose mood. Ana's best friend and Partner. --

DAMIEN: 45, White male.
Blends in a crowd, but would be considered handsome/ good looking.
body type is open
5'10 or taller
Must be okay with a struggle/fight scene (think more real life, no martial arts) and a kiss with character ana.
This role calls for a range of emotions in 1.5 pages.
(We will have a stunt coordinator.)

Audition/Interview Dates:
Video submit

Callbacks or second audition/interview?

Audition Requirements:
Video submit 2 different takes from the sides given

Monetary compensation:
Food. Gas money. Imdb credit. Lodging if shooting calls for it.

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