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The Secret Garden
ManeStage Theatre Company

  • The Secret Garden
  • ManeStage Theatre Company
  • Non-Union Theater
  • Puyallup, WA
  • Project Begins: Oct 11, 2019
  • Project Ends: Oct 27, 2019
  • Project Website

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  • Contact Person: Evan Hildebrand
  • Primary Phone: 253-447-7645
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  • Prefered method of submission: Email

    Audition Location:
    116 W. Main
    Puyallup, WA 98371

    Submission instructions:
    Email Evan Hildebrand for appointment at:

Our 13th season opens with the musical adaption of one of the most beloved books of the 20th century, The Secret Garden. The haunting moors of England are brought back to life when Mary Lennox, orphaned at the age of eleven, comes to live with her mysterious Uncle Archibald and her sickly cousin, Colin. With the help of her charming new friend, Dickon, Mary rejuvenates the house, its inhabitants, and its neglected garden back to full health. With a lush score and Tony-Award winning book, The Secret Gardenis a hauntingly beautiful and heartfelt musical that is not to be missed!


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
Stage age: 11-12
Raised in colonial India, Mary is an orphan whose parents have died of cholera. She has no close relatives and has been sent to live with Archibald Craven, her late mother’s sister’s husband. A spoiled child, now bewildered and alone, she is initially petulant and rude, but at heart is a warm girl.  Mezzo (B-E)

Stage age: 35-45
Master of Misselthwaite Manor, Archie lost his beloved wife Lily in childbirth. He is a deeply unhappy, reclusive man who has been preoccupied with his loss for 10 years. Unable to face his son, who is sickly and bed-ridden.  
High baritone / tenor (C-Ab)

Stage age: 30-40
Archie’s younger brother, who is resentful of his position as the younger brother. A humorless, bitter man, who, as a doctor, has responsibility for Colin, Archie’s invalid son.  Baritone (C-F#)

Stage age: 18-25
Housemaid. An extremely warm, good-hearted girl, feisty and courageous. Needs a belt vocal quality as well as vocal warmth. Requires Yorkshire accent. Needs to be able to inspire Mary when she is at her lowest.  
Low mezzo (low F – D)

Stage age: 16-20
Character: Martha’s younger brother. A mystical lad, very much in tune with the forces of nature. Very sweet-natured and gentle. A music theatre vocal style. Requires a Yorkshire accent.  High baritone (C-G)

Stage age: 10-11
Character: Archie’s son who is bed-ridden and has no company other than his dour uncle and servants. Capable of being very rude and petulant, but essentially sweet-natured.  Boy soprano (A-Eb)

Stage age: 35+
Housekeeper of Misselthwaite Manor. A very competent and business-like woman who is very severe and shows little warmth. Requires Yorkshire accent.

Stage age: 45-65
Gardener at Misselthwaite. Loyal servant of many years standing who dearly loved the late Lily. Can be crotchety, but essentially very gentle. Requires Yorkshire accent.  Baritone (F-D)

Stage age: 20+
A school headmistress who believes in strong discipline. (Will double as a servant).

Stage age: 20+
An army officer who escorts the orphaned Mary to England. (Will double as a servant).

Stage age: 20+
Wife of Major Shelley. (Will double as a servant).

Stage age: 25-35
Archie’s late beloved wife, Colin’s mother, Mary’s aunt. A warm and loving woman who deeply loved Archie and died giving birth to Colin. In life a warm and loving young woman. In death a very benevolent presence watching over her unhappy husband, son and niece.  
Soprano (D-C: D optional)

Stage age: 30+
An army officer, Mary’s father. A warm and loving father.  Tenor (Bb-G)

Stage age: 30+
Mary’s mother, Lily’s sister. Beautiful, vain and spoiled. In life, lacking in maternal qualities. Can be quite petulant – rather a “princess”, but nevertheless very appealing.  Mezzo / soprano (Bb-G: optional B)

Stage age: 18+
Indian mystic / servant.  High tenor (G-B)

Stage age: 16+
Mary’s Indian nanny and main caregiver.  
Mezzo (low G-G)

Stage age: 25+
Army officer.  Tenor / baritone (Bb-F)

Stage age: 25+
Army officer.  Baritone (Bb-F)

Stage age: 25+
Army officer.  Bass (low F#-F)

Stage age: 20+
Major Holmes’ wife – a well-to-do lady.  
Soprano (A-G)

Stage age: 20+
Rose’s friend – a well-to-do lady.  Soprano (Eb-B)

Audition/Interview Dates:
August 19th from 6-9 pm

Callbacks or second audition/interview?
Invitational Callbacks August 21st

Audition Requirements:
Bring a current headshot and resume to leave with the panel. Prepare one song selection, no longer than one verse and one chorus (approximately 16-32 bars) of sheet music from the musical theatre canon. Accompanist will be provided. Accompanist will not transpose music. No taped accompaniment or singing acapella permitted.Some of those that audition will be selected to return to the callback. The callback will consist of a dance audition, and some individuals will be asked to cold-read sides and sing selections from the production.

Monetary compensation:
All cast and crew are volunteers.

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