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Seattle Public Theater 2019/2020 Season General Auditions
Seattle Public Theater

  • Seattle Public Theater 2019/2020 Season General Auditions
  • Seattle Public Theater
  • Combined General Auditions
  • Theater or Stage
  • Non-Union; Equity; Other Union
  • Seattle, WA
  • Project Begins: Aug , 2019
  • Project Ends: Jun , 2020
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  • Contact Person: Pilar O'Connell - AAD/Casting
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  • Prefered method of submission: Other

    Audition Location:
    TPS Studio I (June 5th)
    TPS Studio C (June 6th)

    Submission instructions:
    Sign up for an audition at this link:

Seattle Public Theater is hosting Season General Auditions for 2019/2020!

Please sign up for a 5 minute slot with the instructions included.

*Please note that 6PM-7PM on both the 5th and the 6th are reserved for AEA/EMC. When signing up for those times please have proof of union status


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
The Thanksgiving Play
By Larissa Fasthorse
October 18th - November 16th, 2019


Ah, Thanksgiving, that most American of holidays: when families gather to celebrate the warmth of home, the bounty of the harvest — and a legacy of genocide and violent colonial expansion. Good intentions collide with absurd assumptions in Larissa FastHorse’s wickedly funny satire, as a troupe of terminally “woke” teaching artists scrambles to create a pageant that somehow manages to celebrate both Turkey Day and Native American Heritage Month.


LOGAN: Female, Caucasian looking, the high school drama teacher that's always pushing the envelope in potentially inappropriate ways. Earnest about theater and proving herself.

JAXTON: Male, Caucasian looking, yoga practitioner/actor. Politically correct to a fault, a big one. He's that confident guy everyone loves, but his logical PC thinking takes weird

ALICIA: Female, brunette Caucasian looking but has looks that would have been cast as ethnic in 1950's movies. Without guile. Sexy and hot, but not bright.

CADEN: Male, Caucasian looking, the academic. Awkward elementary school history teacher with dramatic aspirations but no experience.

By Wayne Rawley
November 29th - December 24th, 2019


In this film noir-inspired holiday thriller, hard-boiled detective Nick Holiday investigates some un-holiday-like shenanigans taking place in Christmastown that sends him on a search for the truth about Big Red. Add a glamorous elf, a used-Christmas-tree salesman, a muckraking reporter, and a quick-thinking cab driver, and you have what the Seattle Times calls the “best new holiday romp of the year!”

By Joshua Harmon
January 31st - February 23rd, 2020


Admissions is a new play that explodes the ideals and contradictions of liberal white America. Sherri Rosen-Mason is head of the admissions department at a New England prep school, fighting to diversify the student body. Alongside her husband, the school's Headmaster, they've largely succeeded in bringing a stodgy institution into the twenty-first century. But when their only son sets his sights on an Ivy League university, personal ambition collides with progressive values, with convulsive results.


Sherri Rosen-Mason, early 50's, very liberal secular-Jewish woman. Head of Admissions for Hillcrest.

Bill Mason, early 50's, very liberal WASP, Sherri's husband, Head of the School at Hillcrest.

Charlie Luther Mason, 17, Bill & Sherri's son, a senior at Hillcrest.

Ginnie Peters, 50's, very liberal WASP, stay-at-home Mom, her son is Charlie's best friend.

Roberta, early 70's, White, works in development at Hillcrest.

By Dominque Morisseau
March 20th - April 12th, 2020


Nya, an inner-city public high school teacher, is committed to her students but desperate to give her only son Omari opportunities they’ll never have. When a controversial incident at his upstate private school threatens to get him expelled, Nya must confront his rage and her own choices as a parent. But will she be able to reach him before a world beyond her control pulls him away?


Nya- Black woman, mid-late 30's. Single mother. Public H.S Teacher. Trying to raise her teenage son on her own with much
difficulty. A good teacher inspiring her students in a stressed environment. A struggling parent doing her damndest. Strong but burning out. Smoker. Sometimes drinker. Holding together by a

Omari- Black man, late teens. Smart and astute. Rage without
release. Tender and honest at his core. Something profoundly sensitive amidst the anger. Wrestling with his identity between private school education and being from a so-called urban community. Nya's son.

Jasmine- Black or Latina woman, late teens. Sensitive and tough. A sharp bite, a soft smile. Profoundly aware of herself and her environment. Attends upstate private school but from a so-called urban environment. In touch with the poetry of her own language.

Xavier - Black man, mid-late 30's. Single father - struggling to connect to his own son. Marketing exec. Wounded relationship with his ex-wife. Financially stable. Emotionally impoverished. Nya's ex-
husband. Omari's father.

Laurie - White woman, 50's. Pistol of a woman. Teaches in Public High School and can hold her own against the tough students and the stressed
environment. Doesn't bite her tongue. A don't-fuck-with-me chick.

Dun- Black man, early-mid 30's. Public High School security guard. Fit and optimistic. Charismatic with women. Genuine and thoughtful and trying to be a gentleman in a stressed environment. It's not easy.

Cost of Living
By Martyna Majok
May 22nd - June 14th, 2020


What is the road that brought us here? Unemployed truck driver Eddie sits at a bar alone, recalling his final moments with wife, Ani, when a car accident turned the focus of their relationship from divorcing to caregiving. Overworked, under-qualified, and nearly homeless, Jess takes on another job to make ends meet – this time, as a personal caregiver for a wealthy and beautiful graduate student named John, who has cerebral palsy. The histories, influences, and challenges of four lives converge in the meeting of two strangers in a small, empty apartment in Bayonne, NJ.


Eddie* - Late 40's Male

Ani*- Early 40's Female

Jess - Mid-twenties Female

John - Mid-twenties Male

*Please note we are casting actors with disabilities for then roles of Eddie and Ani.

Audition/Interview Dates:
June 5th (5PM-9PM) & June 6th (5PM-8PM)

Callbacks or second audition/interview?
TBD per show

Audition Requirements:
Please prepare two contracting contemporary monologues, no longer than 4 minutes in length total.

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