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The Token
Blanket Fort films

  • The Token
  • Blanket Fort films
  • Non-Union Short Film
  • Non-Union; Other Union
  • Project Begins: Jun 7, 2019
  • Project Ends: Jun 8, 2019

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  • Contact Person: Renata Bryant
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With the help of an ancestral guardian angel, a woman carves up a space for herself in a cold/neo-liberal nonprofit workspace.
Andrea is a black woman working in a stereotypically liberal non profit who encounters various micro aggressions and feeling unheard in the work space. One day she decides to push for more authentic dialogue around the organizations inefficiency at handling the reality of violence against minorities...with a little help from a comical if not snarky guardian angel who encourages her to stand up for her self...or at the


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
-Andrea (Female/gender fluid, African-American ( or woman of color 25-35 yrs)
She is an earnest believer in driving social change in communities of color. She is frustrated with her job at a non-profit, specifically the hypocrisy behind its neo-liberal guise. Amidst the constant dismissal of her voice by her boss and colleagues, she reaches a crisis point and must decide on whether and how to stand up for herself.
Needs to be available Both days

-Guardian Angel (Female/Gender Fluid, African-American or person of color, 40-55)
A sassy guardian angel who encourages the Main Character to figure herself out in the midst of a crisis. She is outspoken, witty and opinionated.
-Need to be available both days

-Pegg (Female, White, mid 20’s-55)
The main character’s boss. She does not like to be challenged, and constantly puts down the main character and actively gives lip-service to the non-profit’s ethos.

-Todd (Male, White, 25-40)
The Main Character’s shallow, overenthusiastic co-worker. He appears to endorse the non-profit’s paper-thin values.
Half Day

-Ronald (Man of Color, 25-40)
The Main Character’s co-worker; he is similar to Todd but more actively positioned as a token with no voice within the agency.
-Half Day

-Client (Woman of color, 22-40)
A client whom the Main Character is eager to support. She complains to Andrea about violence and various social issues happening in her community.
Half day

-Extras (Male and Female, Any ethnicity, any age)
Colleagues who serve disapproving and confused looks toward the Main Character’s opinions.

Audition/Interview Dates:
May 18th 10:30am

Callbacks or second audition/interview?
May 22nd 6pm

Audition Requirements:
Cold readings from script

Sides/Script download:
Available when scheduled

Monetary compensation:
$11 an hour. Cash

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