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Fur Pajamas
Seattle Playwrights Salon

  • Fur Pajamas
  • Seattle Playwrights Salon
  • Non-Union Theater
  • Theater or Stage
  • Non-Union; Other Union
  • Georgetown, WA
  • Project Begins: Jul 14, 2019
  • Project Ends: Jul 25, 2019

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  • Contact Person: Valerie Reid
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    Prefered method of submission: Email

A single public reading of the new full-length musical “Fur Pajamas”, with book & lyrics by David Ceci and music by John Allman. Harry Turpin directs. Casting will adhere to character descriptions; if not in actual age range, actors must be able to convincingly portray age of the character. Actors must be 21+ years of age.
Type of Project: Reading
Format: Cabaret
Brief Synopsis: This original musical tells the story of Nigel, an over-the-hill English rocker whose 25-year music career has never lived up to the success of his first band, the one-hit wonder, Fur Pajamas. During theinitial meeting with his new agent, Andi, and his still-resentful ex-bandmate, Peter, Nigel decides to create a jukebox musical using the Fur Pajamas catalog for submission to a prominent New York theater festival. Unfortunately, Peter has veto power over their songs, Nigel has no experience writing a musical, and his ex-girlfriend Claudia threatens to tie the whole thing up in court…and the deadline is only a week away. Will Nigel be able to reconcile with his past and ‘make it big again?’


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
NIGEL GLADSTONE (mid-to-late 40s) – male; Caucasian, British accent.
Charismatic front man of the now-defunct rock band Fur Pajamas; former heavy drug user, emotionally and financially generous, broke; divorced.
(same actor portrays a YOUNG NIGEL at the top of the show)
Vocal Range: A3 - B-flat 5
ANDREA (ANDI) WILSON (mid-to-late 20s) – Latina; Fur Pajamas’ new agent. Smart, creative, career-focused; single. Vocal Range: G3 - E5
PETER BERTUCCI (mid-40s) – male; any race/ethnicity.
Co-founder of Fur Pajamas; Arrogant, self-centered, sexist,temperamental. (same actor portrays a YOUNG PETER at the top of the show) Vocal Range: B-flat 3 - F4.
EVA JEAN BARNES (early 40s) – female; Jamaican-English person of
color, British accent. Nigel’s first ex-wife, quietly strong, confident; single. Vocal Range: A-flat 3 - E5
ZACH POWELL (early 20s) male, any race/ethnicity; front man of the rock
band Desperate Measures; chiseled, prototypical hipster; single. Vocal Range: B-flat 3 - A-flat 4
DENISE MAXWELL (late 30s) – female; any race/ethnicity, New York
accent, Andi’s administrative assistant; over-qualified for her position - supportive, bright and savvy.
Vocal Range: F-sharp 3 - C-sharp 5
MAITRE D (any age) – Any race/ethnicity/gender identity; French accent.
Haughty, star-struck, worldly-wise.
Vocal Range: C3 - G-sharp 4
CLAUDIA RICHTER (mid-40s) – female; Caucasian, New York accent.
Nigel’s ex-girlfriend, founder of the female rock band The Pom-Poms; Exudes sexuality, talks tough; single.
Vocal Range: F-sharp 3 - E-flat 5
Note: All characters except Nigel may portray multiple smaller roles for the purposes of this reading.

Audition/Interview Dates:
June 4 & 5, 7-10pm

Audition Requirements:
Auditioners will select characters they are interested in portraying. Please select no more than two characters, but if you are interested in any role please let us know at your audition. Auditioners will be given the appropriate sides for their chosen characters to perform in the room during auditions. We are casting from these readings. It is not a requirement to be memorized, but we do ask you prepare your material in your interpretation the best way you can. Be prepared to receive some minor adjustments in the room. Sides will be sent out a week before auditions. Auditions will be grouped by character. Please treat these auditions as if you were going straight to callbacks.
To schedule auditions please email:

Sides/Script download:
Sides will be emailed out a week before auditions.

Monetary compensation:
Stipend of $50

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