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Midsummer Night's Dream Teen Troupe
Bigfoot Players

  • Midsummer Night's Dream Teen Troupe
  • Bigfoot Players
  • Non-Union Theater
  • Theater or Stage
  • Open to All
  • Edmonds, WA
  • Project Begins: May 30, 2019
  • Project Ends: Aug 19, 2019
  • Project Website

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  • Contact Person: Peter Davies
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    Prefered method of submission: Other

    Audition Location:
    Edmonds Frances Anderson Center (700 Main St. Edmonds WA, 98020) in room 115 from 4-8pm.

    Submission instructions:
    Go to

Thank you so much for auditioning for the Bigfoot Players first ever teen Shakespeare show!

Auditions will be held THURSDAY, May 30 at the Edmonds Frances Anderson Center (700 Main St. Edmonds WA, 98020) in room 115 from 4-8pm.

A 1 minute contemporary (non-Shakespeare monologue). If you want to show us some Shakespeare, bring a Shakespeare monologue IN ADDITION to your one-minute contemporary. Resume and headshot are advised but not required.

Calbacks will be held at the Frances Anderson Center in the same room (115) on SATURDAY, June 1 from 11-1. Everyone who auditions will receive an email about callbacks. If you are called back, the material will be included in the email.

The classic Shakespeare comedy will be performed in the beautiful Lynndale Park Amphitheater, with a couple of modern twists to the script. Please keep in mind that the role of Helena will be gender bent and the role of Lysander will be cast gender-blind. This means that the show has the potential to contain two same-sex relationships.
The fee to participate should you be cast is $50.
The cast will be from 15-30 people.

August 17th and 18th at 6pm at the Lynndale Park Amphitheater.

A rehearsal calendar will be created once a cast list is finalized.

When you sign up for an audition slot you will receive an email with more information, including an online audition form and a physical audition form you will need to print out and bring to your audition.

If you have any questions please email


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
LYSANDRA - (F) Hermia’s beloved. Egeus does not approve of their courtship, and although it is not known why in the original script, by changing the role of Lysander from a man to a woman, it can be interpreted to be Egeus’ distaste for same-sex relationships that causes him to try to keep Lysandra and Hermia apart. The two decide to run away to Lysandra’s aunt’s house to be married, but in the woods Lysandra is mistakenly doused in the magic flower by Puck and falls briefly in love with Helenus. Oberon has Puck fix his mistake, and Hermia and Lysandra fall back in love at the end of the play and marry. She is determined, protective, and passionate.

HERMIA - (F) Although she loves Lysandra, her father, Egeus, demands she either marry Demetrius or die. Theseus softenes this sentence, instead telling Hermia she must either obey her father’s wishes or else become a nun for the rest of her life. In the woods, she is left out of the bizarre magic-induced love triangle made up of Demetrius, Helenus, and her own Lysandra, but finds her happily ever after with her love at the end with Theseus’ blessing. She is small in stature but feisty and self-sufficient.

DEMETRIUS - (M) Wants to marry Hermia, and her father’s choice for husband. At the beginning of the play, Demetrius leaves the female Helena in favor of Hermia, feeling guilty for sleeping with Helena and then falling in love with Hermia. By changing the role of Helena from a woman to a man, it adds a layer of shame for Demetrius and an obstacle he must ultimately get over - being attracted to and having slept with a man. Not only does he reject Helenus’ love for him, but he even threats violence if he is not left alone. With the help of Oberon and the magical flower, he learns to embrace his feelings and marries Helenus. He’s fickle, confused, and competitive.

HELENUS - (M) The cruelly abused ex-lover of Demetrius. He will do anything - even betray Hermia, his childhood best friend - in order to win Demetrius’ favor. He tells the jealous Athenian of Lysandra and Hermia’s plan to flee the city in order to marry, and follows Demetrius into the woods as he tries to track them down. At the end of the play, Helenus is happily reunited with his love and married. He is insecure but very sweet and headstrong.

OBERON - (M) The king of the fairies. The play begins with a fight between he and his wife, Titania, over custody of the Indian changeling boy she has acquired. In order to get the boy from her as well as teach her a lesson about being true to their marriage, he hatches a plan to put the flower juice in her eyes and make her fall in love with a beast. He sees Helenus desperately trying to win back Demetrius, and he feels for him, telling Puck to put the flower juice into the eyes of Demetrius so they can be in love. By the end of the play, Oberon makes sure that the lovers are all happy and that Titania is back to her normal self. He is jealous, ambitious, and fairly corrupt.

TITANIA - (F) Oberon’s estranged wife and queen of the fairies. One of her devout followers died while giving birth, and Titania agreed to raise her son, so she doesn’t want Oberon to have him. While under the influence of the flower, Titania falls in love with Nick Bottom - now transformed with an ass’ head - and is happily reunited with the Indian boy as well as her husband when Oberon releases her from the flower’s spell. She is independent, strong, and quick to hold a grudge.

PUCK - (M or F) Oberon’s jester, Puck is the one who causes all the chaos between the lovers by mistakenly putting the juice in Lysandra’s eyes instead of Demetrius’. He enjoys the hilarity that ensues, but follows Oberon’s orders to put everything right by the end of the play. He leaves the audience with the sentiment that it was all, in fact, a dream. He’s mischievous, meddling, and impudent.

NICK BOTTOM - (M) The most outgoing (and pretentious) of the theatre troupe, Bottom plays Pyramus at the end of the play. He is not only willing but argumentative about playing all the roles in the play, and such a display of making an ass of himself inspires Puck to turn his head into that of an ass. Puck steers Bottom into Titania’s path, and under the spell of the flower she falls in love with him, having her fairy servants dote on him. He is excitable, self-centered, and a buffoonish.

THESEUS - (M) Duke of Athens, who is to be married to Hippolyta at the end of the play. He tells Hermia that, although her father wishes for her to die if she does not marry Demetrius, she must either follow her father’s wishes or else become a nun. At the end of the play, he invites all the lovers to marry each other along with him and provides commentary during the performance of Pyramus and Thisbe. He’s jovial, level-headed, and encouraging.

HIPPOLYTA - (F) Queen of the Amazons and Theseus’ betrothed. The two were once enemies, but Theseus beat her in a battle and now they are to be married. She is never shy to voice her opinion, following along with Theseus’ commentary during the performance. She is strong and opinionated.

EGEUS - (M or F) Hermia’s tyrannical father. He demands that she marry Demetrius, and refers back to ancient Athenian law stating that daughters either follow their father’s wishes or die. At the end of the play, he is shocked to discover Lysandra and Hermia’s plan to flee, and insists that they both be punished. Theseus instead invites them to be married the same day of his wedding. He is closed-minded, angry, and belligerent.

PETER QUINCE - (M or F) The carpenter; he is director of the theatre troupe that is putting on Pyramus and Thisbe to entertain guests at Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding.

FRANCIS FLUTE - (M) The bellows-mender playing the role of Thisbe in the play. He is at first upset about playing the role of a woman (because he wants to let his beard grow) but ends up being the best performance of the whole play.

TOM SNOUT - (M or F) The tinker; he plays the part of the wall in Pyramus and Thisbe.

SNUG - (M or F) The joiner; plays the lion in Pyramus and Thisbe.

ROBIN STARVELING - (M or F) The tailor; he plays moonshine in Pyramus and Thisbe.

PHILOSTRATE - (M or F) Theseus’ messenger. He tries to dissuade Theseus from seeing Pyramus and Thisbe but is overruled.

MUSTARDSEED, COBWEB, MOTH, & PEASEBLOSSOM - (M or F) Titania’s fairy servants who dote on Bottom.

FAIRIES - (M or F) Fairies that dance and sing for Titania.

Audition/Interview Dates:

Callbacks or second audition/interview?
Saturday June 1

Audition Requirements:
A 1 minute contemporary (non-Shakespeare monologue). If you want to show us some Shakespeare, bring a Shakespeare monologue IN ADDITION to your one-minute contemporary. Resume and headshot are advised but not required.

Monetary compensation:
The fee to participate should you be cast is $50.

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