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Workshop - The Detention Lottery
Lia Fakhouri


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  • Workshop - The Detention Lottery
  • Lia Fakhouri
  • Other
  • Theater or Stage
  • Non-Union; Other Union
  • Seattle, WA
  • Project Begins: May 18, 2019
  • Project Ends: May 24, 2019

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  • Contact Person: Lia Fakhouri
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    Prefered method of submission: Email

The Detention Lottery by Margaret O'Donnell
Workshop/Staged Reading. Directed by Lia S Fakhouri.

Rehearsal dates (specific times to be set pending cast availability):
Saturday May 18 daytime rehearsal.
Sunday May 19 daytime rehearsal.
Wednesday May 22nd 6-10pm or Thursday May 23rd 6-10pm.

Staged Reading: Friday May 24 5:30 - 9:30pm (7pm public reading) at Fauntleroy UCC

The story:
The Detention Lottery is an immersive courtroom drama in two acts, covering one hour of the Seattle Detention Court, a door often closed to the Public.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
Detention Center Individuals:
Judge - 40-60s male identifying Caucasian. Overpowering and dominating, hard cold hand of justice.
Asylum Officer/Deportation Officer/Clerk - 30-40s female identifying Caucasian. Intelligent, distanced from emotions, follows and upholds the laws to the T.
Private Attorney 1 - late 20-40s female identifying Caucasian. Overworked, under appreciated, works in a very high stress environment.
Private Attorney 2 - late 20-40s male identifying Latino. Overworked, under appreciated, works in a very high stress environment.
DHS Attorney - 30s male or female identifying person of color. Enforcer of the law, and ultimately has to follow what is handed down to them by their supervisors despite what they may believe is right and just.
ICE Officer/Guard 1 - 20s-30s male identifying Latino. Physically built and powerful.
ICE Officer/Guard 2 - 20s-30s male identifying Caucasian. Physically built and powerful.
Guard 3 - 20s-30s male identifying Latino. Physically built and powerful.
Guard 4 - 20s-30s male identifying Latino. Physically built and powerful.

Jose Miguel - 40s male identifying Mexican. Very family oriented, the caregiver of the household. He was detained with past DUI conviction. His primary concern is his family and his youngest child with bipolar disorder.
Ana Maria - 30s female identifying Guatemalan. Confused and disoriented. Detained at the border and separated from her son. Her primary focus is getting her son back.
Chrisanto - 30s male identifying Philipino. Suffering from a mental illness that has landed him in solitary and off his medicine. Unable to communicate and entranced by his hallucinations. Has been detained for a very long time period.
Edwin - 30s male identifying Mexican. Illegally entered the US and remained, is married to a US Citizen but never filed paperwork and is detained. Focused on supporting and staying with his family. Married to Tiffany.
Misha - 20s male identifying Russian. Brash college student, detained and convicted for cocaine possession.
Ary - 40s male identifying Cambodian. Has a family and community he cares for deeply, was convicted and to be made an example off for social security fraud. Supported by Lok Nimol his religious leader.
Eun - 50-60s female identifying Korean - Convinced she is innocent and can get out. A US Greencard Holder detained for admitting to a conviction of drug trafficking; illegally obtained painkillers because of surgery, and shared those drugs with a friend.
Emma - 7 year old female identifying Honduran - Scared and lost without her mother. Was detained at the border.

Loved ones:
Tiffany - 30-40s female identifying Mexican. Wife of detainee Edwin. Convinced she can save her husband because she is a US Citizen and they don't need a lawyer.
Leader - 50s male identifying Cambodian. Monk and religious leader to Ary. He is peaceful and calm, he takes the time to communicate what he wants to say.

Please note Latinx, Asian, Pacific Island and actors of all races, ages, abilities and gender identities are encouraged to audition.

Audition/Interview Dates:
Email for appointment

Audition Requirements:
One on one meetings with short cold reading from the script.

Monetary compensation:
$25 Honorarium

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