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Stephen Edwards' MOON LANDING
The Museum of Flight

  • Stephen Edwards' MOON LANDING
  • The Museum of Flight
  • Non-Union Theater
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  • Non-Union; Other Union
  • Tukwila, WA
  • Project Begins: Jun 1, 2019
  • Project Ends: Jul 21, 2019
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  • Contact Person: Natalie Copeland
  • Email
  • Website
  • Mailing Address:

    9404 E Marginal Way S
    Seattle, WA 98108


    Prefered method of submission: Email

    Audition Location:
    The Museum of Flight
    (9404 E Marginal Way S, Seattle)

Stephen Edwards’ MOON LANDING is a musical drama based on the events surrounding the Apollo 11 lunar landing. This performance will be a part of the museum’s Apollo 50th Anniversary celebration, which features the Smithsonian’s traveling exhibit, “Destination Moon”, and the historic Columbia lunar module itself. Directed by Natalie Copeland with Music Direction by Michael Bennett.

Written and composed by UK-based Stephen Edwards, 'Moon Landing' premiered at The Derby Playhouse in 2007, and was nominated for a TMA Award for Best Musical Production. Seen through the eyes of Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, Edwards' dramatic musical re-telling reveals the human side to making history - from the families left behind to the men who struggled to return to Earth.

Our production is a 75-minute concert style treatment of the original 2 hour musical, with an emphasis on the events leading up to the landing, including the preparation and crew selection process. All changes are performed with the permission of Stephen Edwards.

Location: The Museum of Flight (E Marginal Way, Seattle)

Accessibility: The Museum of Flight is ADA accessible with gender-inclusive restrooms. Our rehearsal spaces/classrooms are also ADA accessible, but our performance space includes 4 steps. This is a concert-style show with no significant movement, and we are happy to accommodate performers of all abilities.

Rehearsals: 1-2 rehearsals/week from June-July, dependent on performer availability, evenings or weekends only. We’re aiming for a light, quick rehearsal schedule that will accommodate performer schedules and existing summer projects. Performers are expected to be quick studies and practice as necessary outside of rehearsal.

- July 13th (3:30pm, open to all MoF visitors)
- July 13th (7:30pm, free admission to family, friends, guests, and MoF members)
- July 19th (7:30pm, part of Destination Moon event)
- July 21st (3:30pm, open to MoF visitors)

Compensation: Each performer will receive a $300 stipend.

Auditions: To schedule an audition, please email with your headshot and resume. Please bring your audition book and prepare 16-32 bars of a dramatic song. We will also send you a music side from the show to prepare (sheet music and link to audio.)

Relevant Links:
Cast Recording on Spotify:
Cast Recording on Amazon:
(Please note that the composer has re-written parts of this show since the original production, and that the cast recording may not reflect the actual production.)


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
We’re looking for 9 strong vocalists with experience reading and singing complex rhythms and time signatures, and comprehensive range. All performers should also be strong soloists with experience portraying dramatic roles. No movement/dance experience required. All performers will experience some doubling, with the primary roles being:

Buzz Aldrin (tenor) – Pilot of the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) and second man to walk on the moon. Quick to excite and over-eager to prove himself.

Neil Armstrong (high baritone) – Commander of the Apollo 11 mission and first man to walk on the moon. Soft-spoken and not easily ruffled.

Michael Collins (tenor) – Pilot of the CM (Command Module), orbited the Moon waiting for Neil and Buzz to return. Self-described as “average”, “grumpy”, and “lucky”, perhaps the most “normal” of the crew.

Joan Aldrin (soprano) – Wife of Buzz. Playful, but not-to-be messed with. Production hints at the breakdown of her marriage.

Jan Armstrong (soprano) – Wife of Neil. Defiant, and essentially raising her sons alone. This role will be doubled with Luna, the goddess of the Moon.

Pat Collins – (soprano) Wife of Michael Collins. Patient and soulful, but packs a punch with the 11th hour song.

Deke Slayton (tenor) – First Chief of the Astronaut Office, and in charge of appointing astronauts to their missions. Grounded due to health complications.

Gus Grissom (tenor) – Mercury/Gemini/Apollo astronaut, lost in the fire on Apollo 1. Close friends with Deke.

Alan Sheppard (tenor/flexible) – First American in space, one of the “old heads”. This role will be doubled more than others.

Audition/Interview Dates:
Thursday, April 25 (6pm-9pm)

Callbacks or second audition/interview?
Saturday, April 27 (10am-1pm)

Audition Requirements:
Auditions: To schedule an audition, please email with your headshot and resume. Please bring your audition book and prepare 16-32 bars of a dramatic song. We will also send you a musical side from the show to prepare (sheet music and link to music.)

Sides/Script download:
Please email for sides.

Monetary compensation:
$300 stipend
(4 performances, short rehearsal period.)

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