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Oedipus the King
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  • Oedipus the King
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  • Seattle, WA
  • Project Begins: Jun 17, 2019
  • Project Ends: Jul 13, 2019

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  • Contact Person: Elyn Wolfe
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    Prefered method of submission: Email

    Audition Location:
    Email for appointment.

Written by Sophocles and first performed in 429 AD Oedipus the King (or Oedipus Rex) tell the story of a man desperately trying to escape his foretold fate only to have it confirmed every step of the way. Having been told he was destined to marry his mother and kill his father he escapes Corinth only to learn that he succumbed to his destiny unknowingly. This production will specifically focus on the relationship between government and media, benefiting InvestigateWest, a groundbreaking nonprofit news organization that believes the free flow of information is vital to democracy.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
Please Note:
All roles are open to all ethnicities and gender identities.
All roles, except Oedipus, will double as members of the chorus.
Actors with mask experience, dance and movement backgrounds, and/or who are familiar with ASL are strongly encouraged to submit.

Oedipus: M 18+ - Originally from Corinth as a young man he saves the city of Thebes and becomes King. In present time to save the city from a plague he must find out who killed the King before him, Laius.

Creon: M 18+ - Second in command, brother of Jocasta, and Oedipus’ trusted advisor.

Tiresias: F 18+ - A blind prophet who has guided the Kings of Thebes with his advice.

Jocasta: F 18+ - The Queen, was the widow of Thebes last king, Laius and when Oedipus saved the city she married him.

A Messenger from Corinth: M/F 18+ - A man bringing news of the royal family to Oedipus.

A Shepard: M/F 18+ - A herder from the nearby mountains, who once served in the house of Laius.

A Messenger: M/F 18+ - A man who comes from the palace to announce the death of the queen and the blinding of Oedipus.

Antigone and Ismene: F 18+ - Young daughters of Oedipus and Jocasta

Audition/Interview Dates:
Friday April 5th, and Saturday April 6th by appointment

Callbacks or second audition/interview?
Friday April 12th, and Sunday April 14th

Audition Requirements:
Actors should prepare a brief piece of classic text and will be asked to read sides from the script.

Monetary compensation:
All performers receive a competitive stipend.

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